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  1. I'm taking it to the shop on the field, Mangon Aircraft. One of their A&P's used to work at LASAR. He seems to know his way around a Mooney and he also did the flap spar SB on mine. That being said, I am a 30 minute flight to LASAR and to Top Gun. However, I've been hearing mixed reviews about the local MSC's from a couple local owners. I also hear mixed reviews about the shop on the field, but they did well last year except that someone forgot to tighten a nut on the left cowl flap, which caused some really loud vibrations during run-up. So, damned if I do, damned if I don't. I use a Sentry ADSB receiver that has a CO detector. They also tested the exhaust for leaks last year and didn't find any... hopefully the receiver will detect the CO if any leaks have sprung up.
  2. @47U Got to thank you again for those. I went by the hangar and checked out the carb. Loose bolts, leaking gasket, no stamp on the plate to indicate the new float. I went to the shop with this information and they agreed it was the issue. New one on order, should be here Wednesday and hopefully back in the air by the end of the week. @M20Doc They will be replacing that line with a new and correct one when they install the new carb. I agree it is odd. The plane will be in for annual at the end of July and I'll make sure to have them take a look at it. In the mean time I like your idea of pressurizing the exhaust.
  3. @M20Doc It seems like a usual thing for these planes to not have that heat shield? My hangar neighbor with an F didn't have them when I checked out his engine today. Anyways, definitely worth looking into, thanks! Also, I was happily wrong about the cylinder crack idea. I guess because the way our air flows through the engine compartment, exhaust deposits can find their way up through the cooling fins and on the spark plug wires on the #3 cylinder. The hangar neighbor has the same thing happen. I took a picture anyways. @47U Thanks for those! Yes, It looks like there is fuel staining. Also noticed when I turned the fuel pump on, I have a leak out of the fuel pressure sender line. Picture attached where it is leaking. I think you can also see the staining?
  4. @M20Doc No... I will be going by the hangar in a bit to try and get some better pictures. Thanks everyone for your input!
  5. The leaking wasn't continuous, just noticed a lot of fuel when I went to push my plane in. It has been dry since. Unfortunately I do not have an engine monitor, just, what looks likes, a single probe EGT/CHT gauge. If not a cracked cylinder, what else could cause an exhaust mark like that? And I have a few more pictures that I look immediately afterwards and showed the A&P... he didn't even raise an eyebrow to them, although, in my opinion, it doesn't look good. I also noticed the air intake ducting wasn't secured. But it looks to me like the gasket for the carb has a leak? Also the oil on the muffler is disconcerting.
  6. Hi everyone, just wanted to share an experience I had yesterday while on an IFR training flight. We departed out of Petaluma and we were flying to Livermore. The flight went well until touchdown at Livermore, then the engine died on me. I had enough speed to be able to make a taxiway and got off the runway, but I was stuck on the taxiway. So I switched tanks and we were able to restart the engine using the flooded technique, but it was running really rough. The instructor and I thought maybe it was fouled plugs, so we hobbled over to the run-up area and ran the engine at a high RPM and leaned the mixture. We did this a couple times and seemed like the engine was running normally again. We took off out of Livermore and climbed to our altitude while circling near the airport out of precaution. When I reduced power to start my descent into Petaluma, the engine started to run really rough again, to the point to where it felt like it was about to die on us. We were able to maintain 2000' until we were close enough to make the airport in case of a complete engine failure. The instructor was periodically adding power to keep the engine going, otherwise it felt like it was going to quit, while I was flying it down. We made the runway, and once on the ground it sputtered even more, but if we advanced the throttle it would kick back to life for a few moments. We were able to make it back to my hangar, then when I tried to shut down the engine, it wouldn't shut down. The throttle and mixture were both back all the way and it was just sputtering. It finally stopped when I turned the mags to "off". Getting out of the plane I noticed the front tire covered in fuel. A little later I took off the cowling to look for anything obvious. I noticed exhausted deposits on the bottom of the top cowling, then saw what looks like exhaust deposits on the spark plug wire on cylinder #3, picture attached. It seemed like the engine was happy at higher RPMs, and only started to get rough at a lower RPM. During descent, adjusting the mixture didn’t seem to help, carb heat was on, fuel pump was on, switching tanks did nothing. We checked the mags on the ground in Livermore and they were within limits. I wish we checked them in the air just to say that we tried, but the instructor is pretty sure it’s not a mag issue. I also checked the fuel sumps and gascolator sump and it was all clean 100LL. Oil level didn’t show any abnormal loss. I did some searching on here and noticed some others that had similar issues, I don’t recall them posting what solved the issue, but it seemed like they were induction or ignition issues. My instructor thinks the problem is coming from the carb. I’m worried #3 cylinder is cracked, but would a cracked cylinder have these symptoms? The shop in Petaluma said they could take a look at it this coming week and I’ll update this thread when I find out more, but any ideas from the community are welcome! But really just wanted to share my first true nerve-shaking experience.
  7. Carusoam, looks like I need to make better use of that search tool! I'll be talking to him first thing tomorrow and see where that goes. Not sure why I took so long to post. Probably because of the timing of getting the airplane, then it being down for such a long time for the repair, then with the school semester starting and not being so active on here. And thanks for the welcoming!
  8. That's what I was thinking; to tell him to stop all work on the second seat. I don't want to give him a chance to make it right for two reasons: the airplane has been down for such a long time already and I don't want it grounded any longer because I'm getting my instrument rating in it, second is that I just don't trust his work anymore. Thanks for your advice and the welcoming! And Marauder, thanks for those images, they will be nice to use as a properly re-upholstered seat!
  9. Hi everyone! I've been a member for sometime now, but just now posting. I bought my first airplane, a 1964 M20C, at the end of August and I love it. I picked it up in Florida and flew it back to California and I'm doing my instrument training in it. The flight school wanted to inspect it since they have their instructors in it, and fortunately/unfortunately they have a mechanic that used to work at LASAR and the first thing he inspected was the flap spar, and sure enough, there were some tiny cracks there. I guess that's what I get for not getting a pre-buy done by a Mooney specific shop. However, that's not really the rant. I took advantage of the down time to get the front seats re-upholstered by someone who claims to specialize in aircraft interiors. When I dropped them off, he said it would take about two weeks, and estimated around $1500. I just wanted new foam and new covers since the old foam had no support left, and the covers had rips in them. So, fast forward 5 weeks, I send him a message on a Monday asking for an update, he said he has all the sewing done, just needs to paint one more frame(I told him I didn't want the frames repainted when I dropped them off, but since he said he already had one done, I didn't mention it), then he just needs to assemble them. So, Friday comes around, the seats aren't finished. Next Tuesday the shop calls me telling me the plane is finished, and they need a seat to do a run-up before putting the cowling back on. So I contact the upholsterer asking him to assemble the one that is ready, he says he will try. I don't hear from him at all, and one of the mechanics at the shop sends me a message telling me to call him the next morning about the seat. In my mind I'm thinking that we need to figure out what to do about getting a front seat so they can finish the job. Nope. Called the next morning to find out the upholsterer dropped off the seat and the mechanic just says, "The guy did a horrible job on this seat"(pictures below). Now I'm in a bind, he still has my other seat, I haven't paid anything yet, but I can't pay for this workmanship. Hoping maybe I can get some opinions on how to go about this, I've heard everything from not paying for it, to paying for materials but not labor, to writing a check then initiating a stop check payment, then dealing with it in court (I'm not planning on doing this btw).