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  1. I’ve taken up cooking. Well, more of it. I now have a 20’ commute instead of 45-60 minutes. So I can make better looking, healthier, and cheaper meals than the average takeout that we did more often when both of us had long commutes and 2 hungry kids after school. I’m also flying more too. Which is a huge win. I guess those don’t count quite like shirt making or something cool. But I love the shirt!
  2. I’m glad you enjoyed that route. It really is a beautiful trip up the skyline. At first I looked at the pick of your plane on the ramp and I couldn’t recognize any of those hangars as being PWK. Then I realized you flew to Waukegan instead. I assume you had flight following or filed IFR? What did you think of Approach when you were along the lakefront? They are usually pretty good.
  3. Little late to the party but everyone has already given good advice. As exm20k said, VFR along the lakefront is good for the views and nerves should you be under the Bravo and the spinning thingy stops. In fact, that’s what I’d do too, fly along from TOL towards GYY, and on flight following, tell Chicago approach you want the VFR lakefront to the north. They will have you drop down under the Bravo but it’s a great view. Pick up the ATIS for PWK Soldier Field, and plan your west turn there after you see the Baha’i Temple. Or, you can just pick up the 120 radial off the OBK VOR if you want
  4. This was Saturday for me. Pretty weird hearing Potomac vectoring an SWA 737 10 degrees left for a “much slower moving aircraft” during our climb out. It’s not fun at all.
  5. So did you pick up any visible icing or did it all fall off on descent to land?
  6. Glad you are feeling better. My next door neighbor had it early spring last year, came over to tell me..... we didn’t get it. But 35 at our church did (baptism and people travelled in for that) and my MIL had several of her clients get it, as well as 5-6 of her cousins, wife’s uncle got it, and we (wife and I) personally knew9 people who died from it (and I’m sure we know others that weren’t publicized as COVID) including an elderly husband and wife who basically were alone except helping on the family farm where he contracted it first. We wear masks but there were a lot of people where we
  7. 178 Seconds to Land - A Parody I couldn’t get this video to embed on my phone but I thought it was funny.
  8. Ok, I was looking at using the connector body, which this part, in cross referencing is using the connector body he is looking at. I would agree I don’t care for Dorman parts but that is far cheaper than his other options found so far. But if it has the piece he needs....
  9. Whiskeytango, you may see that as a problem, but we will never see or read about gear up landings in a piston Cirrus and complain about that triggering increased insurance expenses. Yes, some chute deployments may factor, but so do dead people. And fewer fatalities gives us lower premiums and less of a bad rap with non-flyers.
  10. I tend to agree with you. Most people buying them aren’t dumb. And if they were do you want them flying in close proximity to your airspace? Bottom line, they figured out marketing, manufacturing, and identified some safety features that most will never use but there are times where they save lives. Is it a perfect airplane for everyone? No. Just like there isn’t one perfect car manufacturer for everyone (but it would be Mercedes if there were, just kidding). They’ve got to be doing something right if they are selling 8000 of them in how long?!?! And those 8000 planes are helping to ke
  11. Brent I answered your post on Beechtalk. I am out and about right now but gave you a part number that should work to take the connector off of.
  12. Let me dig through my records. There is a certain amount of time that must pass and then you can call OKC and “express interest” in your application. Once you do that x number of times your file gets flagged and pushed for a manual review. Unfortunately others can do this too but it’s like a Disney FastPass. Better than nothing.
  13. I thought it was Modena, like the famous town in Italy that is home to Ferrari, the greatest car company in the world (insert Luigi and Guido excitement from “Cars” movie)
  14. You know you can attend those every night of the year here in Chicago! If you drive a decent car (like a Camry or nicer, bonus points for a 90’s Impala) you may be able to give it up to some young kids/teenagers and see just how nice our Uber/Lyft coverage is too (just don’t be too surprised if they get carjacked on the ride before yours too).
  15. In addition to Dr Breda that chimed in above, I would recommend Dr Bruce Chien as well, even if for no more than a consult. I used him for my SI and I couldn’t have done it without his guidance/services. You can Google him, or go to his website: aeromedicaldoc.com. Good luck, my flight school owner has a T1D son who is/has been working on his Class 1 with hopes of becoming an airline pilot. It’s been a long road.
  16. I once had a girl I was seeing accuse me of being at a “Gentleman’s establishment” one night because her friend saw my car parked there. Unfortunately I drove a silver Mercedes and they made more than a couple of those. And my car was at my shop because I drove a customer’s car home to put miles on for QC (his idea). Imagine how much less frustrating that call would have been if we had “CarAware” and not just FlightAware. Though that could be equally incriminating....... thankfully the car was around for A LOT longer than that mistake. Poor Jonny, everybody here knows he made it
  17. If you are interested in Russians, my neighbor still has a pair. They have had no luck rehoming them via Book of faces. However I am in the west Chicago burbs and that’s a long way from Kerrville. Let me know.
  18. You sure you don’t want a pair of Russians? They’d probably be happy with riding in a cold Mooney over an Antonov.
  19. Yes, Yes, No. but I look at this statistic for me with many different views. Replace airplanes with cars, boats, motorcycles, cancer, and the results don’t change much. I’ve written this before but my wife’s dad died when she was 18 months old in a semi crash. Her mom was pregnant with my brother in law. 4 years later, she remarried and had two more sons, my now brothers in law as well. When my wife was 16, he died in a stall spin while crop dusting. And I know another family friend to survive two plane crashes, both crop dusting, one a brake failure on landing and resulting ground loop
  20. I had (very) brief dreams of sailing but Lake Michigan is my local big water and not really suitable for a small dinghy. So I decided on something cheaper and started flying. Not much to add, but a family friend filmed his trip around the world in a sailboat and it’s definitely worth the watch on YouTube. Look up Chasing Bubbles.
  21. I had a similar experience in flight training, my run up was good, but when I was cleared for takeoff I flipped all the lights on and took to the runway. As I was spooling up on roll out, I could hear the strobes popping in my headset. I aborted and advised tower who asked if it was an emergency, and I declined since I was still on the ground. Advised I had an electrical issue and needed to shed some loads, the told me to just taxi to the end of the runway where my hangar was and they said they would not use the runway until I was clear and do whatever I needed to do.
  22. I hate to do this, but as a Mooney community we should all know. The pilot was Earl Kirkpatrick who was on his first flight in a Sonex he built over the last 7 years. It seems he developed engine trouble and did not make the runway on his return. I read the Kathryn’s Report and saw the M20J that he owned N17NS, which was a beautiful plane. I’m not linking that as I found the crash scene photos inappropriate. From: WFAA in DFW“One person is dead, and another is injured following a small plane crash in Johnson County, officials say.Around 2:30 p.m., emergency crews responded after a s
  23. I’m not going to lie. That looks delicious. I’ve put on a few pounds this fall and have been pretty strict with portion control and what I’m eating, making progress but I’d gladly help with that reindeer disposal. I’ve been thinking about ORI (one reindeer inoperative) procedures. Santa needs a quick drop mechanism like used on military drop tanks.
  24. Does Santa need a multi rating to fly 8 reindeer?
  25. North Pole Approach Chart I couldn’t figure out how to just attach the PDF file.
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