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  1. Rick, I’d like to make KGKT one of our routine vacation destinations with a plane. I didn’t know you could get a lot to build there. That’s awesome! I want to hear some basic details about that too. I’d also like to hear thoughts on flying in and out of there. We are currently living 40 miles west of Chicago and we usually drive down there every summer. Flying with two kids would be a much better/shorter trip.
  2. I just tried last night to link Mooney Summit to my Amazon account and could not find it. Is it still available or did I have an operator error malfunction here?
  3. The O2 comment was my maybe not so subtle reference to another new member here who felt supplemental O2 wasn’t necessary for himself.
  4. Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment. I’m new here but have been reading Mooneyspace long enough to put faces to the names. Bob has clearly put on O2 when he needs it to earn this accomplishment. I love the Wright beard as well!
  5. New here, been lurking for a long time and joined not long ago while in market for a long body and transition training to go with it. While I agree that having a CFI familiar with the type to work with for the transition, I am most concerned with the individuals involved right now. They have both been through a traumatic event and I can only assume they are either not active on this site or are keeping completely hush about it pending whatever litigation or subrogation is about to ensue in this ridiculous society we live in. I personally hope they are doing ok first and foremost, and are not struggling with blame at this point. I’ve been in a service industry (automotive) for most of my life and in the business this sucks to have happen (and it does). Bent sheet metal, however expensive is still WAY cheaper than loss of life and much easier to get over. My $.02 only.