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  1. There’s a three page post on BeechTalk in the classics section on this plane when it went on the block last year. It can’t be good when there’s no interest in the plane on that site. Some over there were familiar with the plane and said $10k would be over value of it.
  2. One way to save on annual hangar costs would be move to an airpark..... If you have one, sell it to the significant other by telling them it’s a house upgrade for them, and a free hangar for you. That’s why I’m trying anyways.
  3. I had seen those. I thought it was pretty cool. If I remember correctly, there was a conversation between the DC3 and a United plane, the other pilot asked what their plane type was and the response was “Right on!” when the UAL pilot heard it.
  4. I totally skipped over KKNB. I’ll look into that one too. For Bryce Canyon, I guess I didn’t mention the elevation along, but I agree with being very cautious. Another cool site in the area is the Hurricane Mesa airfield up above Hurricane and Virgin. It’s closed but there is a rail system there that they test ejection seats on sleds. You can see it on satellite views.
  5. No personal GA experience flying that area, but been looking at potential retirement locations and I love that area. For convenience, KSGU is the sure bet, in fact I’d almost venture to say they have more GA operations than commercial there. The runway is 7500 feet or so and brand new. Bryce Canyon is a nice runway but it’s kind of on the edge of an RV park so there’s transients there. Not much else there convenience wise. Cedar City is pretty nice too but I don’t know much about the FBO there. If you need a car, go to KSGU. Vegas is a couple-three hour drive if that’s more your speed. I forgot, I spent the month of August out there for work a couple years ago. It’s hot, so pick an airport you are comfortable with the density altitude of.
  6. Guilty Zulu! My wife, a CPA is even getting a headache studying Illinois tax code for aircraft. The more I read, I believe an LLC may be the desired option here, but still figuring out the taxation.
  7. I’ve been a career car guy (though now trucks) and have seen/heard about this before. In fact, there are numerous complaints, investigations, and even court cases regarding this. However, these usually happened shortly after production and there was likely a stress point in the glass when it was made. Since your SUV is as old as it is, yours was likely a tiny bit of debris hitting it in just the right place to cause the fracture. Tigers, yours may have been a chip that ruptured when the rear defroster was activated (thermal changes as you mentioned).
  8. Tom, I feel that is a truly amazing gift to receive. I hope you look at it and remember the good times that were had with Steve every time you do.
  9. I’ll add my goals as a(n) older fledgling pilot. Take two local VFR trips with my wife and kids (both under 100 miles for a start) to get them comfortable with private air travel, maybe to visit family for a day trip and perhaps a weekend trip to a local resort that has a paved strip in Lake Geneva Begin my instrument training Obtain additional endorsements: tail wheel, HP, and complex Attend Mooney Summit 2020 Have fun with my new ratings and continue learning the whole time.
  10. Ok, please tell me where you got that comparison chart. I need/want to create something like this. You and I have looked at a couple of the same aircraft too!
  11. And when I saw the original picture, I figured it was “because you were inverted” or some crazy story like that. I really had to think about what would be flying at that level. FL51 is crazy. That’s awesome!!!
  12. I’m not an industry expert but have read and spoken to a lot of people regarding this Garmin feature. It was first introduced in the Piper M600 and will soon be ready (if not already at this point) for the SF50. There was a really interesting podcast from Aviation News Talk about it and there are demos of it on YouTube. I’m intrigued by it, seriously actually. It will select the best airport and runway based off conditions, and can land in 0/0 conditions because it is GPS based. Supposedly it will squawk for you, initiate the decent, continue an auto-broadcast of the emergency to ATC including changing channels as needed when moving through airspace. It even initiated an engine shutdown after auto-braking the plane. I found this Avweb article too. I do believe the hardware is something like $140k right now so a retrofit to a smaller plane isn’t likely, but maybe installations into future product will occur.
  13. I’m still a(n older) student pilot. Very boring 172.
  14. Love it! Congratulations! The red, white, and blue is very nice!
  15. Wasn’t in a Mooney today but I just got back from practicing landings for a couple hours. It really was nice out today. Little overcast over Chicago now but not bad. Lots of activity at KDPA today.