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  1. Omar, would you share what your plans are aviation-wise? You got a pretty raw deal with 711PP, but I hope you are moving into another plane.
  2. There’s an RC field near our house with a nicely paved runway that is every bit of 500’. Usually twice a year they have a Jets and Giants get together where huge RVs with race car hauler style trailers meet up for a week or so. Some of those birds rival a late model Mooney in value and they are huge. It’s absolutely amazing that people can follow and control something in the air at or below 400’ that is flying 400mph. So cool. They even make turbine RC helicopters and boats too. If I’m not mistaken, you can build a turbo prop like a PT6 too. Yep, just checked. JetCat makes them. So @Yooper Rocketman could build an RC scale IVPT to go with his full size plane.
  3. I don’t know if this would be ideal for what you want but I have flown in a very old 172 that had audio connections for a PTT on a mic as well and used this inline with the mic on my headset. Found it at Aircraft Spruce for $20 PTT switch
  4. I had a pretty rough day today flying. Since I’m still a student I’m renting. Preflight this morning went ok except the last renter left the key in the ignition (off thankfully). Got the weather and taxi clearance to the runway, and started my run up. After the run up, I turned on the lights to enter the runway and heard a popping noise through the headset. Ammeter showed negative charge too. Well that wasn’t going to work. Tower told me to taxi back via the runway all the way to the hangar. CFI booked another plane on the way back. By the time I was taxiing out with the new plane, they had the cowling off and were troubleshooting. I took off and we decided to just do some short and soft field take offs and landings for a little bit. First trip around the pattern and dropped flaps, soft field So full flaps. It was a nice landing, and on roll out, pull flaps up, full throttle, started my climb, hit 1700, and smoke in the cockpit. Not a lot, but enough. And a popped breaker for Comm 2. So my next landing was a full stop. Got back to the hangar and the tach time was 666.4. I called it a day.
  5. Poor little guy doesn’t have QT Halos yet..... just kidding. Congratulations! Perhaps a cabin class TP is in your future. You know, for the inevitable potty break.
  6. This was the first manned launch I got to watch with my kids. They weren’t even a thought when the shuttle fleet was retired. So awesome. And so spacious in the crew capsule. I’m totally jazzed.
  7. How long of trips are you planning or expecting? The 33/35 series Bonanza would probably be a good fit. I wouldn't discount a Comanche 250 or something like that either. However, if you decide you want a Mooney, there are many good examples around. I wish you luck in your search, if you find an E might work for you, the best example out there, an Oshkosh attention-getter is on the market, and would be under your budget. If you want/need more room, I know there are some (cough) Cirrus rentals at DPA. Those offer some more room, albeit at a higher fuel burn.
  8. Kujo, looking at your profile, you live near KDPA. I know there are at least two K models there because I’ve seen them in the hangars on the northwest corner. I know there is an Ovation and an Acclaim based there as well, however I don’t know if any of the owners are here on MS. I don’t know of any on leaseback or rentals locally but if you have a PPL or are close to it, you could probably negotiate ride alongs for a nominal fee of contributing to gas or burger funds if anyone offers up to get the feel of the aircraft platforms for yourself. I find these Mooney folks to be very nice down to earth and strong ambassadors to the brand so far. I would pose these questions first for you to help decide what fits you. What is your flight experience? IR and retract experience? If not, there are Mooney specialists that can help with both as well as insurance pros on here too. What is your typical mission, distance, crew and passenger load? You won’t likely fit full fuel and full seats, so UL is a good idea to consider (hint, my wife could fill a PC-12 for a weekend trip to Indy so any aircraft is a compromise to her). Are you looking to buy as sole owner or partnership on a plane? Budget dictates airframe age and avionics (which should be considered if you have or are planning IR). Lastly, plan for specialized transition training and attending MAPA and Mooney Summit events.
  9. My wife says I have a morbid curiosity, because I study accident reports, read about people’s close calls, and just “over-plan”. My father told me the same thing, though I can’t remember if it was regarding farming or flying. Are you sure it wasn’t just because it was a Cherokee? I joke because Dad had one too. As for the taxi instructions, that happened to me after a short Covid break at my home airport. Face palm....
  10. That is a very expensive A&P. Some would say priceless. But make sure you keep her on your good side!
  11. I think I’ve got it. We have an old Laister sailplane at my Dad’s house. I “think” that that wrench head was used to tighten or a fix wings together in the fuselage for assembly. It looks like this one is modified to wrap around a leading edge a little, maybe for a one person assembly job. I’m probably wrong but I swear I saw that kind of tool in the tool kit that is in the trailer.
  12. Flip it around and get a couple pictures of the wrench head, one from this side and one from the other. I know I’ve seen that somewhere before but I have no idea why it’s U shaped.
  13. There are some flight schools up here in Chicagoland that use SR20s. Purdue university has a fleet as well that have been converted to fixed pitch props. They cycle out at 5 years I believe. There isn’t really a dimensional difference between the 20 and 22, save for slight changes between generations that got different longer landing gears later on. I don’t feel it’s a “bad” trainer, it’s just a different way of learning from what I gather. Still very sad as the pilot didn’t survive. The doorbell video was hard to watch.