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  1. Hes in PA but never asked him if he was that mobile.
  2. Idk if a mr. Clean magic eraser would work or change the panel cover. But try it in a corner first
  3. Gotcha. The "Lately I've been considering buying one of these planes and leaving it in the hangar while I finish in the 172 rental. " made me think it'll sit for 6 months before you fly it
  4. Idk if he would go that far, but @orionflt might be able to help you but again idk. I talked to him about a purchase and he seems like a wealth of info
  5. If you're gonna leave it in a hangar while u fly something else, what is the rush to buy? What state are you in?
  6. Because you have an endorsement in your logbook to fly solo. You're not solo when your with an instructor........... and I think ur instructor used this loophole below in ur logging. You were "acting" as PIC but the instructor was the legal PIC Under U.S. FAA FAR 14 CFR 61.51,[6] logging flight time as a PIC is different and distinct from acting as the legal PIC for a flight. In general, the PIC of a given flight may always log his or her flying time as such, while other crew members may or may not be authorized to log their time on that flight as PIC time, depending on the specific circumstances and the controlling jurisdiction.
  7. If you don't have the endorsement, you cant PIC. And those require endorsements.
  8. For people that have followed this and want a good laugh.
  9. I've always heard this as a CFI. It is whoever is PIC is at fault, but CFIs can also be at fault due to training level. But that's only hearsay that I've heard. Never seen the actual outcomes of accidents and blame
  10. As far as the GS discussion, I'd want my GS in Knots. Helps with easy calculations on the sectional/ time/distance/fuel calculations. Everything in the world of flying is in Nautical miles when charted. When flying the plane for speeds, use MPH since POH has those in mph. In short I like the GS in Knots and indicated and true in MPH
  11. I am im agreement with you. There is still more to the story tho. He was trying to discourage me from taking it to the place we both finally agreed upon. Saying the place is too expensive. The deal was I pay for the annual, and they had the option to repair or back out ( no refund) they also wanted a 5k deposit incase I stiffed the mechanic they chose (talked them down to 2.5k) Seller is apparently a millionaire (according to his buddy) making 5k a day, but doesnt want to get an annual and insurance..... just way too many things that just don't make sence. Plus I would be owning this plane for 5 years until I would move up top an f or j. So selling might be difficult too with all these things.