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  1. It was kind of the family business for me. My dad flew HU-16s, SH-34s, and SH-3s for the Navy. I was born while he was a T-34 instructor in Pensacola. I started elementary school on Midway Island watching the single engine fighters refuel on their way to Viet Nam in 65 and 66. I never really considered that I would do anything else. I did initially go into Navy ROTC until I realized I didn't like 6 months of water at a pop. So, I switched to Army ROTC… I liked helicopters better anyway. I flew UH-1s, CH-47Ds, and AH-64As for 24 years. The Commercial/Multi/Instrument fixed wing ratings
  2. Good Morning. Please see the picture below. I’m planning a panel upgrade on my 20E and the engine monitor is as good a start as any. I have not flown with EDM or EI units before so I am a clean slate looking for opinions from those of you who have. Please give me pros/cons of my two possibilities. I could replace my existing tach and MP gauges with a CGR-30 P and C replacing all engine instruments. Removing the existing 6 cluster would leave room for an autopilot later. That would be a really clean swap. Or, I could put an EDM 900 vertically in the tach spot, plug the MP hole, and sti
  3. No, it is the original style. Might be the original one. i cant find a reference to it being replaced.
  4. Yes, engine was running. All lights and electrical systems were on...take off configuration...xpndr to ALT...the works. Engine is at 1800 or so during the run up with a known heading. During run up, I generally check vacuum then verify the DG matches the compass and make sure both agree with my actual heading (taxi way line, 90 degrees to the runway, etc). Only thing not on at that particular time is the boost pump...but that isn't on in flight either, so that shouldn't be the culprit. All that was fine at GPM on flight 1 and at SJT on the return flight. From SJT to GPM the w
  5. I recently had my compass swung and made my first flight this weekend since the work was done. It appears to be reading accurately on the ground with all radios, lights, electronics powered up. I flew from Grand Prairie to San Angelo (west southwesterly) and it appeared to be reasonably accurate in flight. On the return trip later the same day the compass indicated about 30-35 degrees all the way home. That should have been 74 degrees minus a few for the northerly winds...say 65 degrees for discussion. Any idea what's happening here? I’m assuming some sort of magnetized airframe maybe, b
  6. Right hand flap available? Thanks.
  7. I’d be happy to be 3rd in line for a 65E panel with a 6 pack configuration.
  8. Don’t have a picture yet, sorry. Just got it set up last weekend. My 20E still has the original glove compartment on the right side. MGF makes a nice (yet pricey) solution that mounts there. I used that system along with the cooling dock to mount my new mini there. I like it because it mounts tight against that empty section of panel. It does not interfere with full motion of the yoke, blocks zero square inches of window or windscreen, blocks no instruments, does not extend above the top of the panel, and can be angled toward me and slightly down to fight glare. For my flying it seems t
  9. A previous owner fabricated (for lack of a better word) a screen that goes over the vents of my 20E. A few tight wraps of fine safety wire holds them in place very securely. I have no doubt it keeps the insects out. The only downside I can see would be it would be easier to ice up. That is not a big consideration for me so I chose to leave them even though I was pretty sure this wasn’t a factory solution even before I read this thread. Does anyone seen any obvious danger to leaving them in place other than the increased chance of icing?
  10. Was it converted to the standard 6 pack on a flat panel or did it still have the bend across the middle of the panel?
  11. Does anyone have pictures of dual G5’s installed in an older style (65 M20E) panel? Specifically, I am wondering if it is possible to mount them over/under as Att Ind/HSI with one on the upper angle and one on the lower angle without having to replace the entire panel with a completely flat one?
  12. Tough to find much. Redbird had some a year ago when I was looking at around $400 I think.
  13. For those still following along...the consensus seems to be that the exhaust pushrod tip failed first. This could be because the valve stuck. When this happened the chamber could not be emptied and was highly pressurized. The intake valve is designed to open into an empty cylinder not push against a high pressure. When the intake tried to open the weakest link failed and the intake pushrod bent. The failed mag may or may not have played into the failure sequence. The next step is to check each cylinder to ensure good oil flow by hooking up a tube where the oil return line goes
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