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  1. @jetdriven the FAA came out with an SAIB covering Bonanza, Baron, and Debonair series airplanes. The reason corrosion is occuring is due to the high carbon steel hinge pin beech switched to. The TKS doesn't corrode the pin itself, but TKS fluid will wash away any lubrication/oils/ect. that are on the pin. Previous versions of the aircraft with the stainless steel pins are not being effected to our knowledge.
  2. @carusoam I am the current Repair Station Manager/Tech Support for CAV Ice Protection in the US.
  3. @Northern Mooniac If you have an issue with a TKS leak feel free to send me some pictures and/or give me a call 913 738 5397.
  4. The TKS system is relatively maintenance free. It is important to run your system according to the POH (even in the summer) and send the pumps in for overhaul when required. We run into problems when owners/operators let their systems sit dormant for 3-4 months in the summer. Pumps seize up, filters get dirty, etc. The porous panels should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the holes getting contaminated with bugs and such.