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  1. Thank you. Bill Wheat would know....CO, eh? Low key, but positive venting of the floor, eh? No, I am not actually Canadian, but I coulda been. ... I just knew it. Al Mooney had his mind around EVERYTHING. I spoke to one of his designer/draftsmen (from back in the '50's), who told me about how sharp and decisive he was about all aspects (yes, even the curtains, before stick-on vinyl sunshading). I still just love that wing. (#62 Laminar-flow, sailplane wing (-clipped). Mine is in the works.
  2. A sharp tug is right, EVERY TIME you extend the gear. The gear down LOCK is literally in your hand. (The green/red light is just an "indication", and the microswitch is right above your fingers at that point.) Mooney service information (1994) is that the light should turn to green 1/8" BEFORE fully seating the Jbar and snap lock. SO, IT IS POSSIBLE that your light will change before actual lock, so it may be on, and still, the gear J-bar may not be truly latched and pop back out of the hole when your nose gear takes pressure. Disaster. A partner demonstrated that clearly and now we no longer have that beautiful aircraft.All are Sad..Sniff!!
  3. Cody, have you been following this? What is your impression? Any sage advice would be much appreciated.
  4. Yo! Pstone! You may be just the person I need to commune with! I found an old AD, dated 1970 which said, in certain circumstances, to change the hub from the 2D34C53 to the B2D34C53. (the prefix B denotes that the dowel 'clock position' is 60 degrees advanced, perhaps among other things). I also have paperwork from an M20A which is sporting a B2D34C53 which replaced the 2D**C14, that one is papered with a 337 and Field approval, but we find that in that case, the Flight Manual produced at that time was specific to the M20A s/n it was singularly applied to. What I've learned that I seem to be lacking is just the generic Flight Manual Supplement (SA77CE, dated May 24, 1968) where it applies with that hub to an M20C or D. If you have such a document in your stuff, I would love to have an image of it for reference documentation. It is probably a McCauley document from that era. My email address is wfors.21@gmail.com. I have been very impressed with the low number of AD's, and such, of the McCauley prop and want to keep it flying on the M20C as long as possible. I can't afford a new prop, I'd have to refinance the homestead...
  5. Hi. I think I do have a couple pics of the doors. I am new to the site. I will round them up and post them tomorrow. Am now proud owner of 1.5 ea. M20A Mooney. I owned this one back in the 80's, begrudgingly sold it in 1990, I loved the way it flew, it had no trouble getting me away from a Cessna I owned. Now, I just found it again and bought it back. It has gone through a couple changes. One of which is the gear doors. Just prior to selling it in 1990, I had to remove damaged fiberglass "scoop" doors and install the "overlappers" I got from LASAR, because at the time that is what I could obtain. The interim owners then had an incident in a small central Utah town and the mechanics had found some original 'glass scoop" doors=, but installed them backward so the scoops faced rearward (because they looked "better" or more proper that way?). they had guessed on the bridge attach points. Of course, "wrong way" there is an interference with the wheel suspension when retracted, so they cut out a small section and glassed in a bulge there. I can't stand it, I turned them back around and they fit just fine now. Adjusted, swung the gear, all good. But I just gotta know---what is up with that effective scoop they create when retracted? It has to have a purpose. I have an idea it scavenges out any vapors under the floor and maybe slightly pressurizes the cabin, but I think that would have the negative of keeping the floor pretty cold at altitude as well. Any Ideas or input from Mooney Engineering historians? PLease, I am all ears.
  6. About 10 years ago the 2D34C53 hub on my McCauley prop developed a leak due to a crack. I located an acceptable used hub in Texas, checked with, and had it sent to the prop shop I know. The tech there did it all correctly, fit my blades, balanced it, did the modifications etc., etc. I noticed the difference of the dowel clock position, but was assured by phone it was okay, even recommended for the aircraft. That tech is no longer available for comment. Upshot is that after flying it for 10 years and appreciating its function and relative immunity to prop AD's, there is a question in paperwork as to whether that hub should be on my M20C at all. Anyone out there have a McCauley B2D34C53-hub on their M20C or M20D that can help familiarize me with the appropriate paperwork? I am getting mixed answers from my immediate neighbors (who own neither).
  7. Yes, that is quite likely. But fear not, the oring is readily available and easy to replace. I owned a M20 C with the earliest PC setup. From 1991, I kept the valve out of the horn inside the door over the Breakers on the right side of the panel unless I wanted the PC or auto pilot to engage. Every so often I rubbed the tiniest amount of lip balm on the oring. In nearly 30 years it remained easy to pull and or replace.
  8. What was Al Mooney thinking when he designed the scoop like nose gear doors on the the M20, M20A? Pressurizing the cabin? I know enough about Al Mooney to believe he never did anything frivolously without specific purpose. But this has me wondering. I would sure like to know. Later the M20B and C had closed clamshell type doors and have a Blocked "tear drop" portal at the rear of the wheel house. So curious about this. I first owned an M20A in 1985, sold it in 1990. Bought a M20C in 1991, just sold it this year. I just recently bought back my first M20A and fixing it up with parts from another "retired" M20 A. "Love that wood wing-original design"!!