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  1. I am prepared for this result but, I would like to make sure there is not something that is holding this temp up and/or keeping the plane in good shape. I do appreciate your sharing your experience with it.
  2. Yes! I forgot to add this to the Original post. The seat was resurfaced, and installed. This was before the JPI Oil T prob was installed so Im not sure of the benefit. However, the position was reported to not have been seated correctly before this was done.
  3. Will do this! I also, will work on the YouTube video posted to look for these air-leaks using a bright light under the dog house and see where light emits. I will grab the JPI EM data and share. Or at least log in flight.
  4. Hi Ragsf15e, Thanks for your suggestions and inquiries. See Below for the current best responses: how are the CHTs at cruise? I will pull the JPI data and provide this How are you leaning? Rich of peak lean of peak, peak? ROP, I am leaning to 1350 EGT's And how much rop or lop? I haven't spent enough time in flight yet to log this but, your giving me reasons! ;-) Do you have the metal “heat shield” on top of the lines to the oil cooler? Yes, please see the picture and tell me what you think. If you have an E model, is yours similar? What abou
  5. All I just want to say thank you for your help, questions & suggestions. I will work to gather this information and get it back to you all over the next week. I will go up and log the information. I also can try to sort out how to log the information from the EM JPI 730 and share my settings.
  6. preface - I am a new mooney Pilot/owner, I may miss some details here but, I can elaborate to my best. I am really hoping to resolve this. I have read several threads on this and I’m not sure if the next steps. Hoping someone may have a similar situation that has been resolved. back ground, I purchased the plane a little over a month ago. Flew the plane and noticed high oil temps on the OEM gauge. I made it up to 10,500 and cruised it back home from AZ to CA. I did notice the gauge was at the top of the oil temp green range most of the flight and added it to my Squawk List to have my
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