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  1. thanks for that , yes I have reliable ground transportation 2019 Mercedes Cargo van , and plane is just a toy like my RED cameras and my Hasselblad. See I shoot with a camera that takes a $3000 memory card , just want to up my game with a plane
  2. lol , too much money , may be down the road not now. I found your youtube , I subscribed as well
  3. I can't afford a $1.5 mil for a nice power house yet, I am hoping for the best with $60-$80k investment
  4. Air travel is only for selected weddings and it is a show off rather
  5. I live is Fresno CA , I am not planing to fly to every wedding we have 170 weddings to go to a year , my plan is to fly to selected few , only for high end clients. most of my competitor shoot a wedding with $2000 camera and I have 3 cameras worth $45000 each I take out for selective brides. my plane is going to be the same thing
  6. that pressure is always there , I have a team of 8 persons , Advance team can handle small delays.. rest of the crew always travel by road.
  7. I did not mean to do that , I have been feeling the same way about my instructor. Mostly I just go up in the air and do stall and s turns and land few times. I don't know any other schools in my area and I wanted to finish my Traning in 40 hours but it seems I am stuck.
  8. I did not go that far , weight and balance topic is still pending , so far I had radio, for nav , stalls etc. and 50 landings done . Sorry for being to dum.
  9. This is helpful, I took my discovery flight in Cessna 172 and I am Traning with a piper tomahawk , I can manage the weight down to 200 LBs. Any idea on the insurance cost paying about $65000 for the plane ?
  10. bummer , so they count dry weight only , how much can I carry with full tank of gas?
  11. I am thinking about 800 LBs total with crew and luggage , I believe this plane can carry 1050 Lb