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  1. Something has really changed at Corona Air Paint in the last year or so, all of the other comments are over a year old.
  2. Got my airplane back from them the other day and at first glance it looked OK. Once I got it back to my hangar I realized they painted the tail stripes wrong, the trim was in the full nose down position when they painted them and the GPS antennae was damaged. When I called them about it they tried to play it off as I may be the one wrong so I brought the airplane back to them a few days later to prove it to them. They finally agreed to repaint them but I would have to wait for several weeks before they could get to it. After a few more flights I found that both inner gear d
  3. My numbers are from the STC and what they don't show you can be found at the FAA, certification letters showing that you could get over 220HP from over boosting. I bought a Turbo Bullet a while ago and being an A&P/IA I had plenty of questions myself so I started digging. Both systems work great if used correctly.
  4. The TN maintains HP to altitude to give you a better TAS, maintains Sea Level Performance to Altitude hence "Turbo Normalizer".. The M20 STC states to use the manufactures performance numbers for reference. The M20 STC also tells you to change the timing from 25BTC to 22BTC which helps in protecting it from detonation and reduces HP a bit. The M20 STC limits the takeoff power to 3 minutes to protect the engine from overboots, 30in mp 2700rpm. If you are limited to 257RPM than you have the older version, "Turbo Bullet", 33in mp 2575rpm.
  5. Did you ever find the inner gear door you were looking for, PN 550060-001?

    If so I need one, please let me know where you found it.


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