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  1. Alan,

    Do you happen to have the fuselage mounted step for a 75 M20F model?

    1. Alan Fox

      Alan Fox

      I have the one from the c , which is the same 

    2. mhamilton31


      Is it the non-retractable round tubing instead of the square retractable tubing seen on Mooneys? Mine is the round tubing...

    3. Alan Fox

      Alan Fox

      Round fixed step


  2. Thx for all the replies guys! I definitely have some more choices to look at. Just for every bodies info... I called ArticAir and they said their 12 volt dual fan unit draws 7.5 amps (not 10 amps). I imagine if one was to space out starting the dual fan from starting the water pump, a 10amp circuit breaker shouldn't trip on the starting current from the unit?? Mark Mark
  3. With the dual blower, is the 10 amp draw a lil bit much for the 10 amp circuit breaker supplying the ignition/cig lighter?? (I realize it would need to be off while starting the engine...)
  4. Wow..this heat is killing me and I'm deciding to drop the Money for an Artic Airconditioner. Since size does matter, what size works best for our beloved Mooney? 38 qt or the 52qt? ( I have a 1975 M20F Model). Thx for any and all replies! Mark