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  1. It is annual time, and the brake pads are fine, but the pads are something to have in stock.
  2. I am buying consumable items and hardware to have on hand against sudden need. The list includes a set of 66-10500 brake pads. I notice that Rapco pads are just over half the cost of Cleveland pads. Does the cost difference reflect a quality/longevity difference? What says the group?
  3. Are the seats interchangeable between the right and left sides?
  4. Based on the time it took to R&R the number 3 cylinder on a friends 172 (under appropriate supervision), I would say 4 hours.
  5. Don, thank you for getting so much Mooney history gathered together in one place. Back in mid-2019 I looked at N43PG and N87PM. Both were at Placerville, CA. They were offered by Skywagons LLC. The pictures of those two Mooneys the article look like they were taken at Placerville. Last August I saw N43PG at the MSC at VGT; the nose gear had broken off and the propeller was bent. http://www.kathrynsreport.com/search?q=N43PG
  6. I am doing my annual. I intend to replace the landing and taxi lights with LED bulbs. My 1983 201 has two taxi-lights in the right wing (I do not know how that happened; the Mooney parts manual does not show a wing mounted light for my serial number) and a landing light in the cowl. I would appreciate it if @LANCECASPER would contact me privately to consult. The lights to be replaced are GE Q4509 (x2) and GE4522.
  7. I have taken a 1965 C Model to more than 17,500 and was able to trueOut at 140 knots TAS on about 6 gallons per hour hour.
  8. Another thought, why wasn’t this discovered and addressed during the pre-buy?
  9. I made a fuel dipstick for my 1965 C Model with 26 gallons usable per side. I started by running a tank dry. Then I added five gallons and marked my dowel. In order to ensure repeatability of the measurement, I inserted the dowel in the outermost of he three lug positions in the fuel opening. Using a five-gallon interval gave me solid numbers and interpolating between the five-gallon marks turned out to be accurate and consistent. I dealt with the fuel climbing up the stick by only dipping for a second or less, and then ignoring any runners climbing the fuel stick. I used a knife to carve
  10. When I bought my 1965 M20C in 1992, the pre-buy revealed vertical cracks where the flap brackets attached to the spar. The cracks has been stop drilled. Over 20 years and 2000 hours, the cracks did not grow. The plane is still flying out of New Jersey. I suspect the repair might have been done before Mooney issued the SB. I was careful to avoid flaps down at speeds in excess of Vfe. I think I only did it once or twice.
  11. While watching the video, I was thinking this might be a time to file a NASA report.
  12. I am flying my 2nd Mooney. I did all of the work for my annual inspections on the first one for about 20 years, and the IA did the inspection. The PPI for my 201 was done by a MSC, and I rolled that into an annual. I was disappointed with the quality of their work. I suspect that good A&P technicians and apprentices are more and more difficult to find; it requires a great deal of knowledge, and licensing that is both difficult and expensive. The MSC did not note that the HSI did not consistently show the correct heading when slaved and precessed when not slaved. They also failed to
  13. I hope it is all right to resurrect this old thread. It is a great thread even for those of us whose calculus ability has evaporated into the mists of time. This thread motivated me to look for a copy of John T. Lowry’s “Performance of Light Aircraft.” It seems to be almost unobtainium. Does anyone have a source for the book? I have checked Amazon and Abe Books, but $80 seems a bit steep; it offends my thrifty nature (some of us are thought to be CB, but I prefer “thrifty”).
  14. I have been away, or I would have responded sooner. That is the article. I suspect @Blueontop is correct and the 330 mph claim was a typo.
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