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  1. Trying to put a used market value on my 201. I'm thinking around $160k. Am I way off? Here are the specs... 1983 Mooney M20J - Turn key IFR ready Engine: IO-360-A3B6D TTSF REMAN: 617 Airframe TT: 2090 Garmin G600 (GAD 43/GDC 74A/GDL 69A/GRS 77) Garmin GNS-430W Garmin GTX-345 Garmin G5 EI MVP-50P Garmin GMA-347 King KFC 150 King KY-197 TSO King KNS-80 King KR-87 TSO Annual completed: 8/2021 FAR 91.413 inspection: 8/2021 FAR 91.411 inspection: 8/2021 500hr magneto inspection completed: 7/2020 Interior & paint: Very good
  2. The whole "event" lasted 20-25 seconds. I was on short final at the time, so the FF going low a minute later is the actual landing.
  3. Maybe "stomp" was a bad choice of words. I should have said "I applied full and sustained left rudder". The fuel flow issue didn't actually happen until I stopped the slip and was re-established on a standard approach. Here is some interesting data from the EI engine monitor. The fuel pressure dropped from 20 to 14 at the moment the engine felt like it was quitting. As you can see, the pressure drop lasted about 30 seconds.
  4. So, just though I’d share something that happened today in my 1983 M20J. I was really high on an approach to landing and decided to side slip to reduce altitude quickly. I stomped on the left pedal for a good 30 seconds to get down to the glide slope and then resumed a normal approach. As soon as I pulled my foot off the rudder, the engine started running really rough and felt like it was about to quit on me (man that grabs your attention quickly!). I was on glide slope at about 300 AGL, so even if it quit, I had the runway made. I gave it a little more throttle, no change. I then switched tanks and after a couple of seconds it smoothed out. During the pre-landing checks I noted I had about 15 gals total, 8 on the right and 7 on the left (the tank I was on). After landing I did a run-up check. No issues. Several more trips in the pattern. No issues. I even went up to altitude and attempted to recreate the same landing approach with extended side slip. No issues. Driving home I remembered that small quote from the POH... “Prolonged slideslips, steep descents, or takeoff maneuvers may cause loss of power if the selected fuel tank contains less than 48 lbs. (21.7 kg) (8 gallons - 30.3 liters - 6.6 Imp. Gal.) of fuel“... Bingo! Moral of the story... re-read your POH and don’t do extended slips in your Mooney if your on a tank with less than 8 gallons unless you want to soil your shorts.
  5. Just purchased a 1983 M20J. The radio master switch died (sticking & sparking) and the pitot heat switch feels crusty. Plane has the E-T-A rocker switches. Where can I get replacement switches without paying $500+ to Lazar which seems to be the only source I can find? I don’t need the original switches and I’m happy to get a generic compatible and label it myself as long as it’s a legal replacement. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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