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  1. In asking around I spoke to a guy who owned and operated an F type out of the field in question for 11-years without incident and without having to land out in other airports except upon IFR arrival conditions so it seems it can be done with the right pilot and decision making skills.
  2. This has been a fantastic thread folks! Thank you. It seems like the E type is doable but with more weight and wind limitations than a 182 which would translate into fewer flying days or having to fly to a different airport to load and gas up...which would probably cost more time that what I gain in speed for all but a max-range trip. 155kts and 10-gph sure is tempting though! Especially as compared to 135kts @ 13gph. Plus Mooneys look good. i have some thinking to do.
  3. Thx for all the replies and information! I should add a few things regarding mission and conditions to continue the assessment. First, I had a typo..field is 2400’ (ok, not much better but accurate) Most of the time I will be solo doing a work related trip. During the times my family is with me, we would almost always be taking off in the morning with density altitude below 2000’ or going somewhere within 200 miles and not requiring full fuel. Our current combined weight without luggage is under 310lbs. there are two Mooney based at this field now but both are much newer than what I can afford so the comparison may not be fair. More importantly both are flown by pilots with lots of total time and likely 1000+ Hours in type. I am sure the airplane can do it when weight and DA are managed but I’m trying to assess how wise it is from my low-time stand point and if it is something I should do rather than something that is technically possible. I’m capable of precision flying and train easily but I’m no fool and do not mix up the difference between aptitude and experience. it sounds like precision is the name of the game on a Mooney and that you can’t be precise most of the time but rather 100% of the time or bad things can happen. in simple terms and to compare with what is on the field, do the older Mooney’s with 200hp perform same, better or worse than the later ones in short field work?
  4. I am on a journey that continues to take me round in circles trying to settle on a plane that fits the mission as close as possible as well as the budget (which is the harder part). i have posted some things on other forums about the 182 and Debonairs and somewhere along the way the Mooney M20C was suggested. At first glance it looks like it could work, then I learned about the E&F which I like more on paper but may be getting outside of my budget. I have previously determined that a 182 fits my mission which is to have a family plane for 4-small people, have an IFR trainer, operate safely out of 2300’ grass strips at 500’ MSL with summer density altitudes of 3000’ worst case.I had not previously considered a Complex plane since I am a low-time pilot and wasn’t sure if I could get insurance, what it would cost and how lengthy are the training requirements to be insured...in a 182 those are all non issues.My current budget criteria are: $75k max spend excluding pre-buy, ferry, etc. for $75k I want A mid-time motor (or newer) on a plane that hasn’t been sitting around idle for years and I want basic, functioning IFR panel so I can use this plane to get my IFR rating. I don’t care too much about paint or interior as long as the plane has been hangared, maintained and is in good shape. What I don’t want is a $65k plane that obviously needs a new motor / prop or has inop IFR systems.Is this a reasonable expectation for certain Mooney M20 models? Which ones and which should I stay away from? Can I assume that the lower aspect ration wings on the older birds will be Beneficial for short field work? How bad is my insurance going to be and after how many hours will it drop down to a “normal” rate? Are maintenance costs really that bad compared to fixed gear planes? also, at first glance it seems many Mooney’s are listed through brokers...what is the reason for doing so with such a low price Point aircraft? thx for any help in advance!