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  1. Here's an idea? Contact someone and possibly get permission to park on concrete at or near the FBO in the North 40 area then wagon over our tent and gear and camp with friends over in the north 40. Is that a possibility? Anyone know who to contact at OSH to work that out?
  2. Good info. And yes, the transition from grass to pavement is what worries me the most. You get the uneven edge and the bounce and not really a good way to judge what's going to happen there. The tentative plan is to make it a day trip out there so we'll have a good idea by the time we leave what the weather is expected to do in 4-5 hours which is our flight time and obviously the existing ground conditions given any weather that's passed through.
  3. About 8 inches of clearance from the tip to the ground...so not much...
  4. Hate resurrecting a somewhat dead thread...but I'm probably one of the newer Rocket owners on the forum (I know one of my Partner's frequents here as well). I'm considering flying our 305 Rocket to OSH this year and this topic has been on my mind for sure. I like the "HEAVY" option and I'm also considering an "Mooney unable...low prop clearance need a taxiway..." if requested by ATC to divert off the runway and into the grass after landing. At that point - just shut it down if I see anything that gives me pause (hopefully being able to taxi behind someone). Perhaps even asking to slot
  5. Thanks. A local pilot friend and Mooney driver pointed me to the caravan. Definitely considering it.
  6. Great thread. Thinking about flying our Rocket to OSH this year. After watching arrival videos what worried me the most was tower getting planes to veer into the grass right off the runway. I guess you could do an 'unable...need a taxiway'... But depending on the taxi length to the tie down area and potential mud conditions...lots to think about...
  7. Do you have his username? Not finding anything...
  8. Curious if anyone has flown a Rocket into OSH and what their experience was with regards to taxiing and prop clearance? Looking to do it this year but that makes me nervous... particularly where I'm watching arrival videos on YouTube and tower has planes veering into the grass off the runway when able. With barely 8" to clear...makes me nervous.
  9. yes, with gdt 59 oat probe. We installed 2 x 275s and we're able to replace the entire six pack. We left the altimeter and airspeed indicator in just because... Side benefit is that we now get winds aloft info displayed on the map screen of the 430w. We have a century 31 AP. The 275s send attitude info to the AP where the g5s do not.
  10. If it's on their list, it'll work. Docs are here - including autopilot compat: https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?partNumber=010-GI275-00&tab=manuals
  11. Yup - inner and outer dial. Pretty standard. Outer dial sets heading. There is no course course dial like the old HSI's. If you watch the video you can see the 430 screen in the background a little. When the next leg is activated you'll see the course automatically change on the 275. No limitations on the 275. We're using a probably 30 year old Century 31 AP. Thanks to Garmin for making a unit this awesome and sending the attitude info to the AP so we could still use it. Again, if you had a GFC500 hooked up the 275 you'd be in heaven. Altitude pre-select...the works.
  12. Correct. The 275 ADI gives you the ability to set an aural alert for altitude and also for minimums but it doesn't communicate with the AP. So, have to press the ALT button on the AP to actually get it to stay there. Obviously, if you were using these with a GFC500 for example, you'd have all those extra bells and whistles. It's another ~$25k to go that route (so ~40k total for the GFC and dual 275's) and we weren't quite ready for that yet so that was one of the primary drivers for the 275 as it can sent the attitude info to legacy AP's where the G5 cannot.
  13. Yeah, a little suprised they didn't do that knowing full well that many of their customers are buying these for precisely that reason (using the AI to send attitude info to a legacy AP). Our installer felt like it could be a relatively simple fix - just depends on if they decide to do it. I've got a friend that works for Garmin Aviation in Olathe...I've reached out to him and he confirmed that is the current capability - no word on if they'll do anything. It is possible of course to use NAV mode on the autopilot and it'll be fine for enroute...just wont do the turns and holds like GPSS wou
  14. You're welcome. We bought these a bit in the blind as there's not many folks that have had them installed yet and we couldn't find or talk to anyone that had a similar setup to see how they liked it. Our shop was great and although it took a little longer than even they anticipated (it was their first install of these...), couldn't be happier with the results. Flying them is pretty straightforward - just nice to have the peace of mind now that there's no vacuum pump to fail and that we don't have to get these things refurb'd every few years. Our AI died a month and a half or so ago...r
  15. Install cost was $18k - included both units. Labor will run 40-50 hours, so your price may vary. Central Texas Avionics out of KGTU (Georgetown, TX) did ours and they did a fantastic job. They had some issues late in the install - mostly omissions in the Garmin provided install docs - so they were on the phone with Garmin quite a bit sorting some things out and delayed delivery. But, couldn't be happier with the end result. These are unbelievably capable for their size. The primary ADI will fail to the secondary and you can also just make both of them ADI's if you want. As I mention
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