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  1. yes, with gdt 59 oat probe. We installed 2 x 275s and we're able to replace the entire six pack. We left the altimeter and airspeed indicator in just because... Side benefit is that we now get winds aloft info displayed on the map screen of the 430w. We have a century 31 AP. The 275s send attitude info to the AP where the g5s do not.
  2. If it's on their list, it'll work. Docs are here - including autopilot compat:
  3. Yup - inner and outer dial. Pretty standard. Outer dial sets heading. There is no course course dial like the old HSI's. If you watch the video you can see the 430 screen in the background a little. When the next leg is activated you'll see the course automatically change on the 275. No limitations on the 275. We're using a probably 30 year old Century 31 AP. Thanks to Garmin for making a unit this awesome and sending the attitude info to the AP so we could still use it. Again, if you had a GFC500 hooked up the 275 you'd be in heaven. Altitude pre-select...the works.
  4. Correct. The 275 ADI gives you the ability to set an aural alert for altitude and also for minimums but it doesn't communicate with the AP. So, have to press the ALT button on the AP to actually get it to stay there. Obviously, if you were using these with a GFC500 for example, you'd have all those extra bells and whistles. It's another ~$25k to go that route (so ~40k total for the GFC and dual 275's) and we weren't quite ready for that yet so that was one of the primary drivers for the 275 as it can sent the attitude info to legacy AP's where the G5 cannot.
  5. Yeah, a little suprised they didn't do that knowing full well that many of their customers are buying these for precisely that reason (using the AI to send attitude info to a legacy AP). Our installer felt like it could be a relatively simple fix - just depends on if they decide to do it. I've got a friend that works for Garmin Aviation in Olathe...I've reached out to him and he confirmed that is the current capability - no word on if they'll do anything. It is possible of course to use NAV mode on the autopilot and it'll be fine for enroute...just wont do the turns and holds like GPSS would do. The only other kindof annoying them for me is that the dials are on the left side of the instruments. We all fly left handed so it's a bit awkward to have to reach across the insturment to make the changes. Would seem like it would make more sense to default the knobs on the right hand side with possibly an option to put them on either depending on how the customer wants them.
  6. You're welcome. We bought these a bit in the blind as there's not many folks that have had them installed yet and we couldn't find or talk to anyone that had a similar setup to see how they liked it. Our shop was great and although it took a little longer than even they anticipated (it was their first install of these...), couldn't be happier with the results. Flying them is pretty straightforward - just nice to have the peace of mind now that there's no vacuum pump to fail and that we don't have to get these things refurb'd every few years. Our AI died a month and a half or so ago...right before I was going to head out to take the plane to finish my IFR. We just decided to not throw good money after bad and we'd been talking about an upgrade anyway so the purchase and install cost / 4 Partner's was in our budget. We priced out the GFC500 - but that added another ~$25k to the install so we decided against that. Our shop had a 210 in that was getting G5's and a GFC500 and it's some major surgery. It was there before we got there and when I picked our up it was still there with a birds nest still sticking out of the panel.
  7. Install cost was $18k - included both units. Labor will run 40-50 hours, so your price may vary. Central Texas Avionics out of KGTU (Georgetown, TX) did ours and they did a fantastic job. They had some issues late in the install - mostly omissions in the Garmin provided install docs - so they were on the phone with Garmin quite a bit sorting some things out and delayed delivery. But, couldn't be happier with the end result. These are unbelievably capable for their size. The primary ADI will fail to the secondary and you can also just make both of them ADI's if you want. As I mention in the beginning of the video - there's a manual failover switch as well that you could use if for some reason the primary fails but doesn't failover. The weirdest part for me was adjusting to no VSI. I've flown about 500 hours in airplanes with no glass and a traditional VSI. So, moving to this setup the VSI is a tiny box next to the altitude tape. I'll get used to it. Another 'nice to have' would be the ability to quickly switch from GPSS to HDG mode without having to get into the menus. Our installers asked Garmin if there was a pin they could use to run a push button switch to the panel for a quick switch - but there wasn't. It's all software so perhaps they come up with that at some point if enough people ask for it, but I'm not holding my breath. Also would be nice since we have the OAT probe that provides TAS to show that on the display as well.
  8. Brought my GoPro out to record the first flight in our 305 Rocket with a brand spankin' new pair of Garmin GI-275's. Videos of these things in the wild seem to be pretty tough to come by and I know a lot of folks are interested in these, so I thought I'd make one and share. Pretty impressed with these things...the screen is incredible! Perhaps the GFC500 AP is on the list at some point, but to be honest this thing works great with the stock Century 31. The 275's have a GPSS HDG emulation mode that works really well. I was able to fly coupled ILS and LPV approaches without a hitch. As a newly minted IFR pilot dumping the vacuum system and moving to glass sure gives me piece of mind. Well worth the upgrade. I recorded in 2.7k HD. I'm no editing pro - so apologies in advance.
  9. Yes, I have. With the Rocket especially, you can get yourself into big trouble pretty quickly...pull the gear up with the trim up and it wants to go vertical.
  10. Thanks! I did do transition training with 2 different CFI's - both are probably on here and one of them flew a M20K around the world. So, feel pretty good about that. I guess the big talking point is dealing with the landing configuration with a nose heavy airplane. I know I tend to use a significant amount of trim up when landing - makes for a much smoother flare/landing vs a neutral trim and man handling the controls. As mentioned, Rocket didn't do anything with the 'tail feathers' so perhaps there's something to that. Again, just knowing that I'll walk into a checkride with a W&B printout that shows the airplane far forward CG for the duration of the flight makes me a bit nervous and want to be sure I'm covering all the bases - especially from those who also fly Rockets. Thanks guys.
  11. I notice this as well - our autopilot trims down a decent amount as well even with 2 adults up front and 60 gallons. I thought that was interesting given the almost severe forward CG but just figured that was a Mooney thing.
  12. We do have the weights back there...but not the composite prop...on the list.
  13. I've been flying a 305 Rocket for about 6 months now and looking forward to taking it to an accelerated IFR training and checkride next month. i'm just curious if you K drivers have the same wacky forward CG that the Rocket has? I know it won't be AS significant as the big 6 cylinder engine/turbo stuff is probably another 150ish lbs...but wonder if you guys are in a situation where pretty much no matter what your load out is - you're way forward CG? We're due to weigh the airplane, but we're looking at around 900lbs or so useful. With 60 gallons and me (200lbs) I'm so far forward CG that even burning the fuel down doesn't get me back into the box. As for the Rocket, and obviously knew this going into the airplane to begin with is that it's a wife and me and a few bags kinda plane. I could also do myself and my 3 boys and a few bags or my Dad and I and golf bags. Again, all scenario's - even with people in the back seats the W&B shows far forward CG outside the 'box'. How do you guys talk through these kinds of scenario's with a DPE on a checkride? Obviously way better to be forward CG than aft and as long as you know it you can 'compensate' for it.