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  1. I will make sure that I have an IO and not an O before I order another filter adapter. Thanks for the help you guys! Aircraft ownership can be very frustrating at times! Somehow my parking brake got stuck on and I just ruined two brand new mains this weekend as well. Nice landing followed by a little braking which turned into locking up both mains on the runway and a tow off the runway until I could get the brakes to unlock. It was embarrassing and expensive!
  2. I have removed and replaced with a new one already, couple weeks ago
  3. Carusoam, Sorry I didn't see this reply until today. I am located in Carlsbad, NM, my plane is in Hobbs, NM an hour away from me, I fly to Tucson, AZ as much as possible because that is where my wife is currently living. I have found a mechanic in Arizona so I am in the process of finding the leak or why its burning oil. I still have an oil screen, so that needs to be changed out as well, and finding time to get this looked at is nearly impossible for me. I work in the gas and oil business and work 70-80 hours a week. trying to study for my IFR rating at the same time and then trying to get this issue resolved has been a daunting task!!! thanks for the advice though. Now that I have put about 100 hours on the engine since I have had it, It doesn't seem to leak as much as it did before but it does still leak some.
  4. Has anyone used this oil filter adapter kit from Aircraft Spruce yet? I have not seen any posts recommending it or even that anyone has used it yet. I have a 1962 M20C and already found that the B&C champion oil filter adapter will not work with my IO-360A1D. I need an adapter that puts the oil filter straight back towards the firewall. That is the only room that I have for it in the engine compartment. I see that some people have used the Donaldson Air Maze, one and that is the one I will use if I don't get any answers on this post I guess, but I was just wondering if this one is better in anyway or recommended by anyone. I wish the aircraft spruce website was more user friendly and has better descriptions and pictures of the items being sold but that's just my rant for the day!!!
  5. Yeah I don't speak its language very well yet but I do know something is amiss. I haven't pulled the plugs yet. It was flown but not a lot before me according to the previous owner. I have put 30 hours on it in 6 weeks, so I am flying it relatively regularly. The belly of the cowling was coated pretty well, but like someone said earlier in this post, It looked like a murder scene, and it was sprayed all over the place, so no real clue there. I cleaned it up before the last time I flew, but came back to home airport very late at night and just didn't have the energy to investigate it further that night. My hangar is over an hour away from my place and I work 70-80 hours a week. Hell, I'm at work right now even!!
  6. First off, I'm a brand new airplane owner, 10 weeks now, 6 of those weeks my 62 M20C was down for a broken tach cable. I have a similar leak somewhere in my IO-360-A1D. The only mechanic on the field looked at it twice already and keeps telling me its venting out of the breather tube. I don't know exactly where I need to fill it up to before it wont blow out yet, but I've heard that if you fill it to 8 quarts you will dump at least two of them. I have tried 6 quarts, lost a quart on a three hour flight, tried starting at five quarts, lost about a half quart on a 2 hour flight. Then, to make things worse, the only mechanic on the field has moved out of state. Now I need to find another mechanic, hopefully he knows more about Mooney's and find this leak. I don't think its venting out a whole quart out of the breather tube, or am I wrong?