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  1. McFarlane Aviation Products sells stuff for Mooneys and other older airplanes (to keep 'em flying). They posted a photo of a Diamond DA50 RG on their Facebook wall. Lots of rumors swirling around about Diamonds being sold in the US (Diamond claimed lots of orders for the DA50 at KOSH this year). Hard to manufacture airplanes in Austria to deliver to the U.S. I heard the DA50 is getting its FAA certification soon. Is there a Diamond in Kerrville's future? https://www.facebook.com/groups/2226961823/permalink/10158469350116824/
  2. We changed out the starter switch in the cockpit with a new one. The problem still exists. Checked all wires and connections... Now we are back looking at the solenoid that was installed in July 2021 (2 mos ago).
  3. This might happen... Mooney building Diamonds. Think about that.
  4. Here’s an update on my 1964 M20C “starter won’t engage” problem. I jumped the starter by holding a wire from the red terminal on the battery to the outbound lead on the solenoid that has the wire to the starter connected. Bypassed the solenoid because we noticed a 3 volt drop (12.5 in v to 9.4 v out ) from the solenoid. Solenoid is new. After starting, buttoned it up and flew it 2.3 hours home. After landing I shutdown normally. Then figured I’d see if the problem persisted. It cranked back up normally. Btw, I did all of this with the help of the Mt pleasant airport manager. He’s a great guy!! Now looking at either lose wire on starter switch, bad starter switch, or bad solenoid (that is brand new). I suspect switch wiring. The starter is fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I don't even know the brand I am so frustrated. It's a Sky Tec that is correct for the plane (it does, after all, work when it works). The little gear that comes out of the starter and connects with the flywheel is called bendix, correct? I can turn it with my index finger and douse it with WD40 when I'm stuck. It provides little comfort. I am sorry I am not an A&P. Just a CFII. lol
  6. I am in the same situation as the OP right now. '64 M20C O360 A1A. I started having starter problems exactly as described in March 2021. I replaced the starter relay. The problem went away for 8 hours of flight time or so and reappeared. So, I replaced the starter with a bad ass Star-Tec. The problem went away for a few hours and then came back with a vengeance. I got stuck at the first hop out of Oshkosh. Removed the cowl, traced all the wires, tapped on the starter. Finally, a guy on the caravan said it was a stuck bendix (on a brand new starter!) Doused it with WD40 (because that's all I could find at BFE Wisconsin). Got the starter to turn sorta. Kept dousing it. Finally starter started. Took it back to the A&P who applied spray-on grease on the bendix. Seemed to fix the problem. Now we are about 10 hours of flight time after the grease of applied and I'm stuck here in east Texas with the starter once again doing the same thing. I doused it with WD40 again. Still no turn. The symptoms are when you turn the starter switch right and push it to start, you can hear the ignition field energizing but the starter does not engage and the prop does not turn. I am sick of this GD Mooney.
  7. ZuluZulu-- move to West Texas. We're still sane here. The big cities in Texas? Little LAs. All of them.
  8. I'm KSJT based with a Mooney. Step 1 needs to be to get on the T-Hangar list at City of San Angelo -- $205/mo. for single pistons. There's a 6-month waiting list. Otherwise, Ranger Aviation FBO can store your plane in their community hangar for $300/mo. The Ranger deal is also a concierge service. Call them and your plane is outside the FBO within 30 minutes gassed up if requested. After landing, they tow it back in the hangar for you. Ranger also discounts your fuel $0.10 per gallon, but both FBOs there are high on gas at $5.40 or so... For hops to DFW, fly to Arlington Muni GKY. $10 per night outside parking. Gas is sub-$4/gal. An Uber to DFW airport is ~$30. For AUS trips, Georgetown GBU has the best self-serve price and it's right in the middle of most of the wokeness Austin has become. It's about 1:10 to GBU from SJT. Ranger used to be a Mooney dealer. The owner owns a '64 M20C. I do too. My panel is worth more than the damned plane! But it has a 500-600 mile easy radius with 54 gallons. You can fly to Utah on that range!
  9. Amos in Mena, AR. 479-234-1549 (I know it's a Piper, but I am about to get my C done there too). The pic is $12500 paint job. Complete strip and paint.
  10. That post was actually done on Instagram Jan 16. The photo (or post) was tagged with a location of Salt Lake City, UT. Is Mooney going to the Latter Day Saints? And who is Kevin X. Casillas?
  11. When I was a USAF pilot, at AETC bases (T-38s, T-1s, etc), we had a special category called "Inflight Precautionary." You'd declare that if you suspected an electrical fire may happen. If you smelled smoke indicating something burned, however, I'd just go ahead and call that an "Inflight Emergency" and accept all the traffic priority and fire trucks chasing you down the runway that entails. Sure, you performed a precautionary landing (wasn't forced), but I would declare an inflight emergency in this case regardless.
  12. I found a C for under $45k in 2019. It has great exterior paint, good leather interior, full IFR, old GPS & no ADS-B. That last annual will cost me around 12 amus as I am overhauling the prop and re-rigged the gear (manual gear), replaced engine mounts, and re-rigged and replaced the two elevator bushings in the tail. Next, a new panel will cost me 20 amus. And I'll probably put in an overhauled O360 engine at the end of 2020. By the time I'm done, $102.5k baby! And it will still be worth $50k. It's a sickness. But I can go places at 143 KTAS at 10 gph.
  13. Sept. 11, there was some bragging about Mooney sales: And...
  14. Keep an eye on the WARN notices from the Texas Workforce Commission for layoff announcements if there are any coming. "Under certain circumstances, the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act requires you to provide notice 60 days in advance of plant closures or mass layoffs. The WARN Act is intended to offer protection to workers, their families and communities. "The U.S. Department of Labor provides compliance assistance materials to help employers and workers understand their rights and responsibilities under the provisions of WARN, including everything you need to know about requirements for a WARN notice," according to the TWC website. So far, no WARN has been issued for Kerr County, Texas. Here's the link: https://twc.texas.gov/businesses/worker-adjustment-and-retraining-notification-warn-notices#warnNotices
  15. The 'ol Archer had significant (hidden) hail damage so all-in around $15k.
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