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  1. Another new owner question. I have a cotter pin keeping the seats from rolling off the track at the aft end. The parts catalog doesn't show a fantastic picture. Are the pins the only requirement, or should there be something a little more substantial? Thanks 1968C
  2. My mechanic installed it last year, had to adjust the preload once it was in.
  3. Thanks. I went with AOPA last year as a broker and went with Starr. I now have 65 hours in the plane, owned outright. Global was the cheaper option this year with hull at $50k, $0 deductible moving and not. What is it everybody says, one million smooth.
  4. Global or Starr? I just got a quote, about $150 difference between the two. Thanks
  5. Air bubble on the left? I had one on the right, ball was off to the left. My mechanic had me take the turn coordinator out and tilt to remove the bubble. Looks brand new now.
  6. Sorry, can’t figure out how to rotate....
  7. All done! Had a traveling mechanic observe my work, very happy!
  8. I've been flying for almost 30 years. It actually broke at an intermediate stop. I'm comfortable with flying by ear, no issues there. I just should've said nothing and flown it to my mechanic. Going to check with my mechanic today. Thanks for all the advice.
  9. So, is using a portable tach legal?
  10. Yeah, the city took over U42 also.