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  1. Thanks for all the help! Didn't need to rebuild the slave cylinder, but did follow the procedure for bleeding the system.
  2. Old and new. Nice 4 hour project.
  3. Thanks! Don’t have the one piece belly. Access panels look easy.
  4. Thanks! I have the parts manual, assume I just have to take off the belly panel to get to it.
  5. Is there an easy way to get to this? I can't find any pictures. My mechanic and I got the flap pump out and sent to Dan at LASAR. My flaps were stuck in the down position. When we bled the lines, we found brass in the fluid. Is the slave just O rings do replace? Thanks 1968 M20C
  6. Thanks! Winter is almost here in Utah!
  7. Quick question. I have a 68C and replaced the scat tubes to the windshield defroster recently, original from what I can tell. Anybody know the diameter of the scat tube from the NACA duct intake to the air mixer? I didn’t want to take off the original and measure, looked like it was going to turn to dust as soon as I touched it and I have a few flights scheduled this week. Thanks!
  8. Had an issue like this. I was losing 1/2 gallon a day when selected to the left tank. Got the fuel selector overhaul kit from LASAR. Took my mechanic and myself an hour to clean the selector and replace all the O rings. Problem solved. No leaks for 2 weeks.
  9. 68C. 1585 empty, 42.18 empty, 990 useful load. I do have a 3 blade prop and Concorde 35AXC up front. Have a new Skytec starter on my shelf to replace the heavy one up front.
  10. I fly with many FO's who haven't flown GA since coming to the airlines. Me, I missed it and bought a C. VFR only for me, no autopilot.
  11. I also have Millenium's on my 68C. They were installed on a top OH before I bought the plane. They were added in 2006. The plane sat a lot til I bought it last year. As of my annual in June, all compressions 78 or 79. Almost 400 hours on the cylinders at this time.
  12. I'd also look at replacing the rod end on the throttle. The one on there now is obsolete. LASAR has the replacement. I did mine the last annual.
  13. Yep, switched. Thanks for the link!
  14. I don't. Forgot to take a pic. I think my mechanic switched in and out.
  15. Anyone have a pic of the backside of a RCAllen DG? Thanks
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