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  1. I had mine overhauled. Did the pitot static test and it leaked.
  2. Yeah, when I was a CFI 25 years ago, I always simulated an engine failure right after finishing a ground reference maneuver. No time for the checklist.
  3. I have a Donaldson. No complaints so far.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I checked all other plugs, they were torqued to spec.
  5. So I have an EGT probe on each exhaust stack. Rotating through them, number 1 was significantly different than the others, much lower than the others. In January I replaced all spark plugs and added a Power Flow exhaust. I mentioned this to my mechanic last week when we upgraded the ELT. We checked the cylinder and found the top spark plug not even finger tight. I've never seen this before. Any ideas as to what would cause the plug to vibrate loose? Thanks
  6. The extra hardware is for an initial install of plane power.
  7. The average weight for airlines are now 190 in the summer, 195 in winter. But it includes your carry on.
  8. I have an exhaust, removed from my 68C and replaced with a power flow. P/N K630060MA, less than 300 hours.
  9. Beeswax makes a fantastic lubricant for seat tracks also.
  10. Also, the airport manager sent out letters to all tenants last month. All aircraft have to be airworthy and in annual to be kept at the airport. Things are changing in SLC.
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