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  1. I sent mine to LASAR to be overhauled. My issue was they wouldn’t retract. They found a broken spring inside the pump.
  2. I have a Donaldson. I'm pretty sure they have to be replaced every 5 years or 500 hours.
  3. Pulling the fire handle will close fuel, hydraulic, and bleed Shut Off Valves. I assume it's residual burning. The video clip I saw was only a few seconds. I had an engine failure 15 years ago. A guide vane came off a turbine wheel and shot everything out the back of the engine. The fire warning never came on in the cockpit. Once on the ground, all we could see was a little smoke. Yes, we ran the emergency checklist for severe damage/fire, it's the exact same. It was weird pressing a fire button that never lit like it does in the SIM.
  4. As flight crew, I don't wear a mask in the cockpit. Just when in view of the public and with the door open. Pretty sure every airline operates this way.
  5. I got a new cable from SWTA. No issues and they had it on the shelf.
  6. Found the answer. MS part replacement.
  7. Any chance you have this chart for a 68C? Just did a lot of work on the engine and my temp gauge pegs to full hot. We looked at the original probe and it looks like it was fixed with silicone. Just want to do things right. Thanks
  8. 34 year old motor mounts. Needed to be replaced about 25 years ago.
  9. I have the 3 blade, love it! But I'm based in SLC and prefer the increased climb performance. Installing the powerflow exhaust tomorrow.
  10. CheckMate has a M20C that I use. Emergency is on the back.
  11. I stare at glass all day for work. I just want the classic look.
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