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  1. I might be interested in the KX155. Mine still is doing fine, just need a spare.
  2. Thanks for all the advice. I'm going to do this job with my IA.
  3. At my place of employment, we get paid the historical credit of the city pair, or actual time, whichever is greater. On some pairs the difference can be 15 minutes. Most of the time it's less than 5.
  4. I have old cork gaskets that are seeping. Already have new silicone replacements. Do I need an A and P to sign them off, or is it considered preventive maintenance so I can change them myself? Thanks.
  5. Had a GTX335 installed for ADSB out. When they did the pitot static test, found the airspeed indicator line had a hole rubbed in the line. Replaced the line. Ran test again and found all pitot static instruments were leaking around the case. 3AMU's to overhaul instruments, including labor to install. Should be flying again Friday. It's been a long 4 weeks.
  6. I'm getting mine done starting Monday. Booked for 2 months!
  7. Easier to follow I-80 and stay north. If you go south, stop at MTJ.
  8. Hello all, brand new 1968 M20C flyer. Was wondering about a LED drop in replacement from Whelen. Which one to order?