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  1. Can anybody chime in on how to paint this aluminum instrument panel? I don’t want it to look like Joe painted it in his garage
  2. Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel proving more difficult than planned, old wiring harness was a spaghetti bowl! Old Flightcom 403 was wired wrong big time, it was using ground for all mics and headphone audio, stealing power from Garmin 430 while patching in ALL mics to one... new panel wants to be completely isolated from ground, having to re-wire jacks completely. Hello soldering iron...
  3. @carusoamLOL! Elbows deep was two weeks ago, now it’s up to my neck! @bonal Glad it worked out well!
  4. It was a clear choice for me, I've put on about 400 hours of flying planes with MVP-50P and no joke I read the installation manual 6 times on both MVP and JPI, been saving for and hunting it for a year. Love it for what it does and what it can do. Caution lights and warnings tip the scales, I just wanted safety and reliability, not saying JPI doesn't have it but for me it was a clear choice. Are you talking about the pins that came loose? Mine are crazy tight I don't see it popping out any time soon.
  5. Definitely turning into politics which is what I was really trying to avoid. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the red tapes here from all 3 sides with what can and cannot be done, not trying to throw anybody under the bus but getting this close to the finish line, saving money for 2 years to do it, staying up til 2AM every day for the past month while working full time, not flying for a month and then being told "no you can't" really pushes your button. 300 bucks at this point is just small change, I am not THAT cheap, I hope the previous reply I posted explains my frustration. All I want is to know we can proceed with finishing up everything and not having to spend thousands to undo our work. I don't do well with "no you can't"s I wont break rules or ask anybody to either. E.I. did offer to reprogram which is what we need and want, just pray and hope we provide all requirements in one go and not waste anyone's time. As of now we will complete the install over the next few days as planned then sit down with E.I. on phone as they kindly offered and provide them with correct mapping we want, pay them and be done. Didn't meant to vent but I did anyway, gotta love FAA red tapes! On a good note the Garmin GTX 345 GPS transponder is 99.875% done! Took about 4 hours for him to program everything in it as we did not do remote install so it had to be done thru the unit itself. 2 things left are static/pitot/transpoder checks and automatic power on with avionics. We pinned out wire 59 but not 38. Maybe my understanding is wrong but on panel mounts you need the 38 to be grounded and 59 does nothing...? Also anybody doing this transponder install save yourself time and get Garmin's altitude encoder! It was such a breeze to do, 3 wires straight onto the transponder and simple enable on screen and you done!
  6. Spoke to E.I. again and explained it again, they understood and I understood. I am happy to pay the $300 to reprogram it and as matter of fact that is WAY cheaper option than paying 3 guys to sit there and do changes here for hours so that isn't even an issue. Issue is where we literaly tried changing just the tail number last night and it won't allow that either. I will email the config file tonight to E.I. to program everything and pay the fee but IA has installed at least 10-15 of these so it isn't like he is just pushing buttons and guessing stuff. Husky sitting right next to my plane, we go in to do fuel calibration as a test where it shouldn't even be an option (Huskys are sight gauges) and sure thing it lets us right in, on mine no sir wants level 2 password. I am happy to pay the $300 to get this mapped right I just don't want to get 98% done and something not working. @oregon87 I am NOT expecting the fee waived, nobody gonna sit there do work for free and I don't expect them to, my beef is with the fact 3 highly qualified guys aren't even allowed to change a simple thing like word "L. Fuel" to "Left Tank" or tail number. To clarify, I DON'T want my guys wasting billable time to reprogram this, I WANT E.I. to re-map but I DON'T want them to be locked out when it's all done and 1 simple thing is wrong thus I want to finish entire install permanent (egt gauges wired temporary till doghouse is repaired etc) then sit down with IA and make the request on every single map for E.I. to do a one time re-program.
  7. Spoke to E.I. this morning and they won’t provide level 2 password to my I.A. They want drawings for modifications we need to do and $300 for changes every time. Can’t even change the tail number on my own without password and this is with two A&Ps, Avionics specialist and an IA. I feel this going south quick if this is the case I am considering stopping all work ripping everything out and buying JPI. @oregon87
  8. Yes just did thanks, wasn’t able to do a whole lot without password, not even color change. Will call tomorrow. Just programmed the transponder and worked perfect! One thing checked off the list.
  9. 15 hour day. Got powered up. Config tomorrow. Exhausted. Will definitely need help from E.I. and level 2 password, installer knows the rest.
  10. HAHA no plans on empty space! I left it for "future expansion", possibly Aera 796 or GPSMAP 496, I have both but now I'm not sure if I want either. Guys got the harness in the plane last couple days, amount of wires is rather intimidating. They hoping to power up tomorrow to start programming the transponder and the MVP. Apparently the MVP isn't programmed for fuel so I will have to reach out to E.I. and hope they help me enable it along with VI-221 for landing gear safe/unsafe option or just give us the password. @oregon87 Still waiting for Aircraft Spruce to send me the VI-221 resistor wires to hook into landing gear lights and hope they help me enable it, if not I will have to put back the old ancient fuel gauges and that would look like an anus. Bummed I can't powder coat the panel, researching tough paints now. Decided to countersink all screws.
  11. Yeah I am very happy how it turned out! So my original plan for this was to be flat black powder coated then silkscreen the info but now it's a no go as I spoke to a shop and they say it would go up to 400F in cooking up the powder coat and looking at the 6061 T-6 aluminum data sheet that would actually soften and weaken the panel. Now the plan is to etch prime and paint, hopefully comes out good.
  12. It was a perfect fit! If you guys need help with CNC-ing your stuff his name is Hector Franco in California, his email is jrframer1@gmail.com He was really helpful extremely reasonable with price and time.
  13. Yes it does, got those boots to put on once they wire it up. @m20doc you were right about the vent on the heating scat hose, it is supposed to go down to be vented out, I am not sure why the last guy just capped it off but there is a butterfly valve inside the box that vents the heat out so I ordered 4 feet of 1 1/4 scat hose to route down towards exhaust to get the airflow back thru it once the heat is shut off inside the cabin. Thanks for this!