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  1. I decided to keep it open for now. I did try with temporary iPad mount there but the angle is so far off that it makes it useless
  2. Went for $100 burger. Flew perfect and engine gauges no issues. Very happy with it.
  3. I have few hundred hours in this Mooney already so insurance wise I’m good. As far as CO2 monitor I still have and use the Foreflight’s Sentry with crazy loud audible alarm and works very well, plan on continuing to use just for that. More pics to come soon, Did about 6-7 touch n go’s and 3 high speed taxi’s done, on last taxi I got a bit too excited and ended up taking off. Just stayed in pattern in case something went wrong. Very pleased!
  4. Well I’m happy to report she’s all done. Paperwork in logbook and test flights went perfect, no squawks and no adjustments! Was perfect!
  5. Yeah it;s nice to have the TAS computed on the fly and displayed along with airspeed. Important not to use yellow/red colors as they trigger alarms. They hooked it up to the GNS 430 for gps data and engine monitor also sends fuel data to 430 for it's own trip fuel planning. As far as OAT I believe the error is in the calculation factor from raw data as its not off by certain degrees but rather multiplied as it increases. will worry about that one later tho not a biggie.I didn't get a chance to see wheels go up on the screen, but I really hope they do was nervous with the plane on jacks when t
  6. The way I like it....with primary instruments as req. Still don't know how the landing gear warning will work till I fly it. Did a run up last night, all perfect except couple small squawks on the audio panel and I think my OAT is not computing correctly, shows high. Hoping my guy doesn't cancel on friday for static/pitot.
  7. I have to add to make it known, I am beyond pleased with Electronics International's support on this. I've had my share of dealing with other avionics companies and they should take some lessons from E.I. on how to support their customers. It felt like Dave from E.I. was literally in the hangar and knew exactly what we needed. Looking at the pictures of the panel now and it's just sinking in how awesome this new setup is, not to even mention added safety! Love it! Thanks again E.I. and Dave!
  8. Installation of everything as of yesterday is all done and everything worked as it should. Paid Electronics International their 300 bucks and got my file, worked first try. Fuel calibration was pain in the rear. Next Friday we have static/pitot/transponder checks schedule and test flight that weekend. Plane will unfortunately just sit finished for 4 days since it’s not legal without certs but I need few nights off to myself too, been at the hangar every night since we started. Tomorrow they will do one more run-up and install interior panels and cowls. Panel paint looks way better in person, l
  9. Not to toot my own horn but TOOOOOT!!! Came out beautiful! As far as tie wraps - will remove, have another spot to put it at.
  10. I looked at the other Mooney and their doghouse looks different than mine, I think somebody in the past has re-made the entire doghouse thus it being mounted different. As far as the tie wraps I am 50-50 on it, it's extremely low weight item but if it's an issue I could take them off, just didn't want the wire flopping around. Hoping for it to be all done this week!
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