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  1. Does anyone have an extra probe like the one in the photo that they would be willing to part with? Thanks
  2. Can someone tell me if the square metal part of the hanger is supposed to be loose and floating or does the metal block mount rigidly to the firewall? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the great information. I’ll definitely try that out
  4. Does anyone have tech data or know the procedure for gapping the points on a shower of sparks system for a 67F model. That part of my maintenance manual is missing. Thanks
  5. Where did you end up finding the lifters? I haven’t seen any metal in mine yet but the gentleman I bought my (300 SMOH) F model from was only putting around 30 hours annually on it. Always feeling that spalling is looming. Sounds like you have a good plan for your overhaul Robert
  6. I would love to have it. I’ve been trying to piece together an affordable autopilot for a while. Let me know ho much you will need. I am in Macon GA. 31204 zipcode Thanks Robert Vaughn
  7. Nice looking bird!!! Does anyone know where to buy the SB kit#20-217 for the spar splice doubler? Thanks Robert 67M20F
  8. Thanks. For troubleshooting the PC system, thePC service manual states “If desired, an external vacuum pump may be utilized if the vacuum source is attached to the engine side of the aircraft relief valve.” I’m wondering what kind of portable vacuum pump I can attach to the system. Thanks Again. Robert
  9. Thanks for all the help. Where can you purchase a portable electric vacuum pump that pulls 10 inches? I want to run the PC system while bypassing the aircrafts vacuum pump. Thanks Robert
  10. Great article. Can anyone tell me what kind of vacuum pump to use to test the system when the aircraft is on jacks. Thanks
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