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  1. I’ve been looking at J’s and I’m wondering if I should put my search on hold until this factory situation unfolds? For the sake of the employees and Mooney owners I sure hope this works out. But considering this won’t be the first time Mooney has been faced with this it makes me question if this brand is the best long term purchase? Unquestionably these airplanes are the best bang for the buck and their following is second to none, but I’d hate for such a large investment becoming obsolete in 10 years because of lack of parts? Shoot away..
  2. Ok thanks. Sounds like it’ll be a fight none the less. I’ll dig deeper and see what the actual increased costs will be? Thanks for the tip. Ken
  3. Thanks for the reply and I’ll check it out. Is there a Cliff Note version of what it says? I’d gather it’s gonna be expensive tax wise to buy in CA?
  4. What are the tax implications of buying a used airplane in, let’s say, California vs. Texas even though you don’t live in either state?
  5. I’m hoping to base the airplane at Glendale (KGEU).
  6. I’m in the early stages of looking for a Mooney to buy, M20J to be specific, and I live in the Phoenix, AZ area. Based on my research if you want to fly a Mooney it best be near some experienced Mooney MX folks. Anyone here in the PHX area care to chime in on maintaining a Mooney here in the valley? Thx.
  7. I’ve noticed the majority of 201’s on the used market (at least it seems to be the case) are 1977 models. I’m pretty sure that was the first year of the “J” but are there any major gotchas over a ‘77 than say a ‘78 or after?
  8. Thanks Andy, emailed Peggy and like you said she got right back to me. Guess they’re changing banks and the link to pay will be down for a while. She took my info over the phone and I’m good to go. Thx!
  9. Was trying to join MAPA on their website and the link to pay the yearly subscription wasn’t working. Is the site/association still active. Thanks for the replies.
  10. Thanks for all the replies, really helps! And thank you Parker for running the numbers.
  11. Hello everyone, this is my first post and I appreciate the time everyone puts into this site and this post. I’m in the very early stages of “considering” the purchase of an airplane and in my research I always seem to come to the “201” as the best option for what I want to do with an airplane. There was a recent thread that was talking about insurance rates going up 20% recently (though some replied their rates went down or stayed the same), but I’m curious what people are actually paying in total for the year. Again, I’d be looking at rates for a M20J. I realize many variables apply but I’m trying to get a general idea. A little about me, I just got back into G/A after about 15-20 years off and have been renting a C172 and I am having a blast doing it. I am a 50yr old 11,000/hr airline pilot who’s prior background was G/A and Pt.135 flying. Zero accident/incidents though basically zero Mooney time. (I flew with a friend in his 231 a few times years ago) Thanks again for everyone’s time.