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  1. I'll google them up and give them a call tomorrow. Thx
  2. Yes, I meant PPI, kept on thinking about Pre Delivery Inspection..
  3. Can someine recommend a PPI in Forth Worth, TX? Thx
  4. I think it's best that you buy your own craft. Your partner mind as well hand over the 50% of the money to you. This deal sounds like it was written by Trump.
  5. ESPN168


    Are there any different from a factory Mooney with TKS vs retro fitting TKS? Other then costs involved.
  6. Ohdub, that would be great. I've messaged you.
  7. MS, reason so keyed on TCI is that my sister just purchased land in middle Turks for me to GC to build her dream vacation home there. And it's probably where I plan to retired, I just hate taking commercial and going to big airports etc. I would gladly spend a little more time and money and perhaps find myself a good co and spend our leisure time in Mooney then taking commercial.
  8. Has anyone from NE flown to TCI before? Can a 20J do this trip comfortable with multiple stop overs. I am from Toronto and deciding between a 20J or 20K(252) I've given up on the F I was inquiring about. What would be a typical flyplan for you guys? From say CNC3 to MBPV. In J and also in K.
  9. Caru, this would be a forever plane.
  10. Thanks, I like taking weight of the plane. Maybe upgrading avionics and getting rid of the old wires at the same time might reduced a lot as well.
  11. Mainly for looks:) I was hoping it wouldn't shaved any Vxy.
  12. Looking to buy a Mooney that has no prop and engine. A 1967 20F. What is the best new Lycoming 360 engine for this model and year. Looking for a 3 blade prop. I know the original is a IO 360 A1A? Since I am looking to put a new engine and prop, glass cockpit what are my options for best engine/3 blade prop combo performance? Thx.
  13. Thx for all fne respond. Removing door won't have an effect on speed? To what extend?