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  1. I can relate to your points. I understand that driving a 5 speed manual car you have more control of engine and somewhat fuel economy., but also burn more fuel if you drive a 5sp incorrectly. The FADEC system is tuned different for each engine of course. For work load and safety of new pilots its takes a lot of stress out of them. The FADEC engine is like flying for dummies engine management wise. Imagined all we have are stick shift cars? There would probably be a lot less drivers on the road and more accidents with new drivers popping their clutch and rear ending others. If GA is to grow the FADEC system would need to become the norm like automatic transmission in the automobile. I would trust the europeans on this.. North Americans are too slow at times. Remember how Porn was such a taboo topics? well the Europeans had SEKA as a household name and look at us now. Some parents even consider their daughters to have a career in Porn. Remember Weed was such bad drug and you would go to jail just mentioning it, the Dutch was selling it at corner stores. I wondered what percentage of cars in Europe are diesel?
  2. This FADEC engine looks good too. 200hp.
  3. Lol, I am sure a few people have thought of doing the same thing. Just reassembled it and turn the vertical stabilizer around and log it as 51% of the work.
  4. Got this from the Continental rep. what I asked if the engine is available for purchased. quote Unfortunately no. Any installation of this engine we want to control very carefully and not offer it for people to try and adapt various installations on different aircraft.
  5. This Continental looks awesome. Gonna check out some pricing any AME wanna shoot me a ball park figure on its installation. Clarence!
  6. Mark, let me know if find out anything about it. I have been in the market for a Mooney for a while now and I know that any Mooney I end buying I would have to do the avionic overhual and and engine overhual as well since I was looking something on the lower $ at its 2000hr mark. I have a chance to get an F with electric gear with no engine. Also I would assumed the law might a little different in Canada then States, If anyone from Canada can chime in I would appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the respond guys, gonna kill another night reading up on those links. I still don't get the toilet paper thing yet..maybe it's because we have one of those $5000 Toto toilet that does everything for us. After I installed and tried the toilet out now I know why europeans are always much happier people.
  8. Just wondering if anyone has taken the mooney J/F and went experimental with it? what would be the best fit engine you would use? I really wanted to see the mooney going with the RR500.
  9. Looks like it's gonna be made in China now. GA is gonna take off in Asia with more and more countries approving airspace for GA crafts. And they don't care about the having to sell with back to Americans yet because of the trade war with Trump. I heard that Mooney's past failures are due to bad marketing and I totally agree. You can have one of the best product out there but if it's not marketed properly you'll lose market share.... I still think mooney should have signed a deal with RR for their engines.
  10. putting in an offer for plane with 1975smoh and having heard about discussion regarding pilot might experience an engine out at one time in their lifetime...if the io390 will reduce this risk then it might be in a consideration to just get a new one from Lycoming.. what would a 390 reduced the risk of an engine out considering all is treated equal ?
  11. Just wondering if anyone has done this upgrade on in their 20F or J. Putting an io390 which is STC by lycoming I believe. If so, would love to hear about the comparison in climb cruise...
  12. I'll google them up and give them a call tomorrow. Thx
  13. Yes, I meant PPI, kept on thinking about Pre Delivery Inspection..
  14. Can someine recommend a PPI in Forth Worth, TX? Thx