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  1. i am an A&P but like I said not a Mooney Mechanic. However, if you ever need help in SOW please look me up, we are in hangar #2 & #3 at the airport. Usually a helicopter sitting in front of the hangar door. I do know some A&P's in the area who can help if we can not figure it out.
  2. Thanks for the advise and input everyone. We ran it up today and changed oil no problems, everything worked great. We were just to rich for alt. engine monitor is first on my wish list. Russ I think we have twin 1966 M20E here in Arizona.
  3. Good morning, I have been reading Mooney space for months and find the information very helpful. My son and I just purchased a 1966 M20E last month with my wife's blessing. He is IFR rated pilot with 200 hours and I am an A&P but not a Mooney A&P. (Big Difference). The reason for buying is to get my son through his commercial training. After that I would like to get current again and use it for trips with my wife. He has 23 hours since we purchased so I had him bring it from PHX Deer Valley airport about 1200 ft to Show Low AZ 6500 ft for an oil change and to let me look everything over. This is where the story gets long but bear with me I want to make sure you have all of the information. When he was flying up yesterday SOW airport had a NOTAM that the runways where closed for maintenance and they would open again at 7pm. I had him land at Snowflake airport 10 miles away so we could bring the aircraft to SOW when it reopened at 7. The flight from PHX to Snowflake was good with no problems. However when we went to get the aircraft at 6:30 last night to ferry to SOW, about a 6 min flight, upon landing the engine died when we exited the run way. We tried a hot start procedure and it did not start so we did a flooded start and it fired back up but was running a little rough for a few seconds but then seemed to clean itself out and run smooth. The aircraft does not have any engine monitoring system just the standard gauges. Per the POH/Owner Manual the landing procedure is Mixture full rich and boost pump on, we left the aircraft in this configuration until we exited runway. This is where I need your opinions, at 6500 ft is there another setting for fuel mixture? I think the engine was flooded but not sure if it is something we did wrong or a problem with engine? We are going in today to run it up and change oil but wanted any opinion on what else we might look for. Thanks