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  1. So by now everyone I'm sure has seen the cell phone video of the evacuation of the plane taken by Scott Reis and the comments he makes on the video. What's really interesting is the fact he is Dr. J. Scott Reis, ER doc at Laughlin Memorial Hospital in Greeneville, TN. He even comments about it being a private jet and "they just pulled a baby out of there" and "someones on the ground over there". He films for 4 minutes. Way to step up and help doc! Pretty disgusting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdygidFrLEE
  2. So what about that G3X Touch announcement today...I haven't seen the approved aircraft list yet though. https://www.garmin.com/en-US/blog/aviation/garmin-g3x-touch-certified-for-single-engine-piston-aircraft/
  3. Anyone have experience with the Best Tug B5? I know they can't get pretty expensive if you start adding on accessories. I think a base tug is around $2500 to $3000. https://www.besttugs.com/pages/b5-info
  4. Thanks for all the great responses. Based on the great advice both through the forum and PMs I've decided against the non-WAAS G1000. I agree that having WAAS and being able to do LPV significantly increases the safety margin. The path to converting a non-WAAS G1000 to WAAS is too expensive plus newer panels (Avidyne Evolution or Garmin 500NXI) outperform the older G1000s. It seems to me the best option is a non-G1000 equipped AC for the right price and slowly upgrade to either a Aspen or Garmin 500NXI with either Avidyne IFD 540/440 or Garmin GTN 650/550.
  5. Regarding non-WAAS capable G1000s...I understand you can't fly LPV approaches but as far as meeting ADSB requirements why can't you utilize the GDL88 with internal WAAS with the G1000? The Garmin site says they're compatible I think they run around $5K. I reached out to Mooney regarding the non-WAAS G1000s to see what the gospel is these days. I saw a message from Don Maxwell back in June 2018 where he spoke with Mooney and they confirmed Garmin is no longer making GIA63W. Heck they're as bad as Apple when it comes to having to upgrade to new products!! Anyway, I'm not necessarily concerned about LPV approaches. If I can use the GDL88 with a non-WAAS G1000 to have ADSB in/out then I think I'd be ok with a non-WAAS G1000. I know my limitations and I probably wouldn't put myself in a situation where I be so close to minimums I needed LPV precision. Plus unless I strike it super rich this will probably be my first and last AC purchase! Who knows maybe as tech improves I can replace the G1000 down the road without costing an arm and leg!
  6. My first choice was N527W. It seemed to have everything I am looking for. Inquired and it was under contract. https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/31037417/2000-mooney-m20r-ovation2 My second choice was N1011R. It too is under contract. https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/29307755/2000-mooney-m20r-ovation2 My third choice was N194DJ. This is the one that listed minor damage. When I investigated further it was a gear up landing on a snow covered grass runway and prop strike by the previous owner. The repairs to the airframe are not well documented. The prop overhaul was documented well. I've included the entry in the airframe log that was hand written regarding the minor skin repair then the 2-2019 annual that shows they had to replace belly formers. Maybe it is still a good deal especially if they come down on the price but as a new buyer I'm apprehensive about the extent of the initial airframe repairs and then having to replace the belly forms in February. I'm completely open minded. I know there many extremely qualified members that could probably give some advise regarding 194DJ. https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/30933927/2000-mooney-m20r-ovation2 Air Frame Log 2
  7. Do I need a turbo. Short answer no. I've been looking for around a 2000 Ovation 2 or 3 but never can find one. That's caused me to expand my search to a M20M or M20K. I wouldn't eliminate a turbo that's priced well. I'm starting think I may need to also consider a M20J.
  8. I'm working on clarification with the seller, but I highly suspect it's non-WAAS. I appreciate all the advice and will 100% be avoiding a non-WAAS G1000. I was really looking for somewhere around a 2000 Ovation 2 or Ovation 3 that wouldn't need an overhaul anytime soon. I figure if the price is right I can always upgrade with Aspens or even G500TXI. I inquired on two listed on Controller and Trade-a-Plane and both seem to be under contract already. There is also a low time 2000 for sale by Aircraft Sales Inc but the ad says "very minor incident 1-15-06 at Tach Time 182.0" When I reviewed maintenance logs I saw it was a result of a gear up landing and prop strike. The airframe logs have about 2 hand written nearly illegible lines that say minor skin repair and the prop log does show it was overhauled. However, the latest annual in 2-19 shows they had to replace 3 belly formers. Leads me to believe it wasn't properly repaired back in 2006. Maybe I'm wrong but at the listed price and just don't get a warm and fuzzy to the point that I would even want to have a pre-buy. Why not just say in the add gear up landing. I've read throughout the forum that just because it's had a gear up or prop strike not to necessarily rule it out providing it was repaired correctly, maintenance logs document the repairs, and maintenance history since repairs shows no issues. I still would think the price should reflect. I guess I'll have to be patient and keep looking!
  9. I'm looking to make my first aircraft purchase. I was originally in the market for a M20R Ovation. However, it seems every M20R on Controller and other sites that fit my budget are always under contract when I contact the seller. If I did find a M20R most likely I would be upgrading to the Ovation 3 STC and want to upgrade the avionics. That puts me at the asking price of a 2005 M20M GX Bravo with low hours for sale. It's outside my budget slightly but since it already has a G1000 and STEC 55X I wouldn't need to upgrade any of the avionics. I may want to upgrade to the STEC 3100 down the road to try to match the performance of a GFC700. It has a fresh annual but of course I'll need to do a pre-buy. My plan was to use Don Maxwell in Texas but since this plane is in Florida I am now looking at LPC Aviation (Listed on Mooney Support as a MSC) in Punta Gorda. Does anyone have experience with LPC? I read many threads on the forums regarding the M20M Bravo. I know many say go with Ovation and many are fans of the Bravo. I understand I'm looking at more expensive overhauls when the time comes and slightly increased fuel consumption. It doesn't have TKS which I'm surprised for a turbo. The only thing I may do to it is get an Artic Air True AC since it's uncomfortably hot on the ground in Arkansas. You're usually soaking wet in the Summer months by the time you make it to a cooler altitude. So I'm looking for anyone with experience at LPC and I guess if there is any reason why I should cross Bravos off my list.