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  1. I did...thanks again. I am looking at an Ovation but it needs painted. I am trying to figure out some of the costs of getting the airplane to where I would like it. Thanks again! Sam
  2. Thanks! It looks great. Thanks for the info. Sam
  3. aviatoreb I was searching the posts to see if I could find a post that would answer this question: how much should I expect to pay to have a long body (95 Ovation) painted. I just saw your airplane. First of all, bad ass paint job. Love it! So I have to ask, about how much? I am new on here, I hope this is an appropriate question! Feel free to private message me. Sam 614-348-6403
  4. I steer away from ice like my life depends on it. Freezing rain is a no go, of course. They did not say what the system would handle, or I read over it. The reason for me to have the ice "protection" is to escape inadvertent icing. And....the light ice that has been reported in that 1000-2000 foot layer that I am descending through.
  5. Does anyone know if you have an airplane with TKS for flight into inadvertent icing, can that be upgraded to FIKI TKS system? Process? Cost? The reason I ask, I am looking at a couple of Ovations that have the former and I am curious if I can upgrade to FIKI if I get one of these airplanes. Thanks in advance. Sam
  6. Thanks for the reply. I have not flown one yet. I have made that a prerequisite to purchase. Sam
  7. I am looking at Mooney's right now. Doing a prebuy on an '95 Ovation. Can I ask specifically what "drove" you away? Just trying to do my homework.
  8. Hi, I am brand new to this forum. I am having a pre buy on a 1995 Ovation as we speak. Speaking of fuel bladders: the Ovation had 1 of the fuel bladders repaired a few years ago. How common is having just one fuel bladder repaired/ resealed? Should this be a red flag? How costly is having the bladder repaired? I hope jumping on to this thread is appropriate. Similar topic? Sam