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  1. Okay, that helps significantly. Thank you. So now I win the powerball and just have to have the latest garmin whatever because the icons are prettier and it converts airframe ice into hot fudge sundaes. Now I’m really going to demonstrate my ignorance- Couldn’t I upgrade it via field approval, 337, or worst case have “experimental” painted on the side and have the FAA come by to deem it airworthy as a “homebuilt”? I agree the ROI is significantly against me regardless, but what I’m trying to figure out is if ten years down the road I’ll be stuck with 8 track style avionics and the associated hit to potential resale etc. I’m not looking to upgrade it, just trying to figure out if doing so is even an option. At this point the answer seems to be “not yet”. Is that correct?
  2. Hey all, I’m absolutely confused by this whole discussion. I’ve never owned a plane, just been flying them for a while, and I’m definitely not an A&P. I found an ‘08 type S acclaim which seems to have real potential. G1000 WAAS/SVT panel which is obviously very capable but also getting kind of long in the tooth. I’m not looking to upgrade from the G1000 at this time, but right now I can’t even figure out if doing so is a legal option. I’ve searched and read about Mooney owning the STC, abandoning the G1000 planes, etc. Is an upgrade to the G1000 even possible, does all the hassle come from the GX airplanes or does it apply to everything that rolled off the line with a G1000 panel? Should I stay away from everything G1000?? I’d like to plan on keeping this plane for several years going forward, does a G1000 lock me in to last gen technology forever? Any meaningful input or help would be appreciated, dumb it down for me and I’ll do my best to keep up. Thanks.