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  1. Talked to the mechanic and went through all the components of the system again. Starter solenoid was on its way out. Replaced it and did several start-ups with no issues and good voltage all the way to the starter. Thank you all for the help. Cheers (and some photos of the aircraft I forgot to include initially)
  2. Thank you for the information. Those are all numbers measured while the starter was cranking. That’s why the drop across the master stuck out as either erroneous or the culprit. I’ll be going through and cleaning everything tomorrow to see if that makes a difference.
  3. Went out to troubleshoot and turned the key just for fun. Plane cranked and prop spun the first time no problem. Still went through the steps from sky tec and the numbers I got were: 12.96V on the battery 10.39V on the starter 11.43V from battery to master .02V across the master (I may have goofed that up?) 11.3 V Master to bus 10.96V from contactor to starter Electrical is not my strong point, but if anyone sees something glaring please let me know and thanks again for all the help. My A&P gets back Friday so hopefully that’ll help.
  4. Thank you for the response. I’ll go through the Sky-Tec trouble shooting today. In response to Hank, it doesn’t turn over or spin the prop at the moment.
  5. Apologies in advance because I know this is probably a dead horse but, have a new-to-me 67 C that will not crank when the ignition switch is pushed in and all the way to the right. Almost got stranded on a cross country, had a mechanic come out after hours and he got it to crank on the first try. Got the plane home and it’s back to no cranking (cold start). I can hear the buzz and the click of what I imagine is the starter solenoid? Battery is a brand new Concorde and I have checked cleaned the wires/leads from the battery to the starter solenoid/starter. Please correct me if I’m wrong but the buzz/click would indicate the ignition switch is working, but something is busted downstream of that. Any ideas on what to check next would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.