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  1. What kind of visors are those? Think they would fit in a 62C?
  2. Steingar - so which armrest did you have installed? The jeager interiors peak my interest but they are indeed twice the cost of the airtex interiors.
  3. Looking at redoing the interior of the 62C this winter. It currently does not have an armrest on either side of the cockpit. I have noticed that the other 62’s I have seen do not have one either. Does anyone know if the side panel kits from the various online sources will allow me to add on an armrest with the bolt on side panels? Or possibly I can have one made if I have a local auto shop do the interior? The one I spoke to had concerns about what to anchor it to and thus I figured the Pre manufactured kits online would be my best option. Has anyone ran into this before? Also I have been looking for a new or refurbished fuel selector for the floor board but can only find the ones that are for the later models, not the 62. The ones I find appear to be slightly different than the one currently installed. Thoughts? Thanks! JA
  4. Thank you guys for the responses! Cody has been a big help in this process and is actually the guy that I’m working with. I’ve been more than pleased with his assistance. I was just looking to hear other opinions but it sounds like his is the only one that matters. thanks for the responses guys!
  5. Hey all! I’ve seen some talk in various places about 3 blade props not doing that well on O-360 engines. Specifically, I have been told about some vibration. Has anyone else found this to be the case? If you had the choice to put a 3 blade or a 2 blade on your 4 cylinder Mooney, which would you chose? Location will be southern part of the country, Arkansas in particular. Possible flights out west at some point but I will not be frequenting the Rockies every month or anything. Most areas I will be flying in are pretty normal terrain. Thanks for the help! J
  6. Alan - have any adsb transponders available?
  7. I know this is badly off topic but can we see some more pictures of your bird? That’s paint job looks sweet! Let’s see more of it! For what its worth, my gear doors on a 62 C appear to hang mostly straight down and leaning in toward each other a little bit.
  8. As a residential mortgage lender I do see your logic and like the idea. This.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys! I am into some real estate stuff on the side and like to have extra cash to play with for those projects. Don’t need to finance the plane but considering that option so that I have other opportunities with the funds. I will reach out to AOPA as well as the various institutions listed on your comments. Much appreciated! JA
  10. Hey gang! Still looking into buying the C from the Colonel. Because it’s a C, the price is very reasonable. I have planned to not finance the purchase but right now I am looking into financing a portion of the plane to hold onto some cash for the unknown items that will pop up. I am a finance guy so I do understand most of the pros and cons of getting a loan on the plane. My question is this - are there certain companies that will finance planes built in 1962? My initial search found large companies that won’t finance older than 1970. Also - I know it depends on a few factors, but what are going interest rates for aviation loans? As with most plane buyers I am sure, I am a strong buyer. But I wonder what rates and terms look like on these loans? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If you have the name of a lender that will do 62 models I would love to hear them! -JA
  11. I am a local to SUZ and have a C there in a hanger. Mike Williamson at SUZ has some Mooney time and has helped ferry Mooney planes all over the country. He would be where I would start here locally. Mike helps run the club and is the lead instructor. He isn’t a Mooney expert per say but has a ton of experience and can at least help you get current and get the plane back home safely for additional training. Please feel free to contact me anytime as I live in bryant and would be happy to help anywhere I can. 501-326-2700 Jake
  12. Very cool planes guys! All of the birds look amazing in the air and I like all of the panel mods! Thanks for sharing! I feel that my wish list has grown since Saturday when I made this post! - JA
  13. That is interesting! The C that I have my hands on right now is a 62 as well. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Sounds very nice! I’m glad to hear she is still flying and well cared for!