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  1. OK, here she is. Based at KPTW.
  2. In case anyone is interested, I ended up buying a B55 Baron with non-FIKI deice. After re-evaluating, I decided I wanted that second engine for night and low ceiling ops. The extra operating and maintenance costs are worth it to me. Thanks to all who offered help to me here. You have a great group.
  3. Exactly. I didn't mind the sports car seating more the vis issues along with the other things. It's just personal preference. Mooneys are great airplanes.
  4. I don't know. I was close to buying one without ever flying one. Once I did, I found I didn't like it. That's it.
  5. In a nutshell, personal preference. I have several thousand hours in GA aircraft, many types, trainers through MU-2s, but had never sat in a Mooney. I realize many folks love their Mooneys and that is great. For me I didn't like the way I sat in it, the forward visibility, the handling, and the way it took off and landed. Probably some of the exact things people on this forum like about their planes. I could have made it work but I want to really enjoy flying my airplane and for me the Mooney didn't do it. So, it is important to try an airplane on for size to be sure it is a good fit (literaly and figuratively) before getting too far into the buying process. All the good specs, maintenance history, etc. don't really matter if you won't be happy flying it (if one cares about that). Don't mean to step on anybody's toes here, you've all been great. Good luck with your purchase.
  6. Yep, bonanzas and debonairs are still in the running. Since I'm not getting a Mooney, the FIKI is likely going away.
  7. Actually I was interested in that one before I discovered I'm not a Mooney person. I knew of a great mechanic right on the field where the airplane is located and was considering scheduling a prebuy. Then the broker began the high pressure techniques (must sign a 10-day limit purchase agreement, brought up their carrying charges, etc). That sales technique doesn't work with me so I moved on. BTW that experience was the opposite of the service and consult I've received from a broker who specializes in Bonanzas, Neal Schwartz. He's on BT and has sold a Mooney or two along the way. I didn't buy an airplane through him only because what I wanted wasn't available at the time.
  8. Both but mostly figuratively.
  9. Yeah a 210 is worth looking at. Thanks.
  10. Nothing yet. I now have to continue to learn about and look for other airplanes. Might end up in the homebuilt area.
  11. Thank you to all who responded. Hate to say it but I have discovered that a Mooney is not in the cards for me after flying in one. Just not my cup of tea, not a good fit. I wanted it to work, FIKI and all, but no dice. So I will continue my search for an airplane that will be a better fit for me. From this experience I will offer one piece of advice to others who may be considering buying an airplane of a type that you haven't flown before: go fly it or one like it before getting too far into the buying process. Could save you time and money. Thanks again.