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  1. Thanks Chris. Do you have a Mooney?
  2. May just do that. Unfortunately out of town for a couple of days. Still interested to learn about more Mooney mechanics\shops in the area that forum members use and like.
  3. As soon as it can be worked out.
  4. Hello everyone, I new to Mooney’s and recently started a thread WTB TKS Ovation or Bravo. I have found a Bravo near me (Philly area) and am ready for a pre-buy inspection. I prefer not to take it to Weber’s in Lancaster because it has been there for annuals in the past. Air Mods in Trenton, NJ has been suggested, but I really am shooting in the dark here. Any recommendations or other guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. b2002

    WTB TKS Ovation or Bravo

    Thank you.
  6. b2002

    WTB TKS Ovation or Bravo

    OK I’m back and appreciate all the info everyone has provided. It’s a shame there aren’t more of these airplanes in existence in my price range. Seems like a TN 300hp 550 with a FIKI Bravo airframe and an STC gw increase would be unbeatable. But I digress... Your input and my research has moved the needle toward a Bravo but still need to look at the Encore option. I failed to mention that another plane I was looking at was the Glasair III. But then practicality set in as usual.
  7. b2002

    WTB TKS Ovation or Bravo

    Thanks for all the replies today. I have to sign off for a while, just got called in to work.
  8. b2002

    WTB TKS Ovation or Bravo

    I might take you up on that. Thank you.
  9. b2002

    WTB TKS Ovation or Bravo

    Thanks Brian
  10. b2002

    WTB TKS Ovation or Bravo

    Not a cheap hobby...but my wife is all on board so green lights ahead! Thanks for the insights, very valuable to me, hope to pay it forward someday.
  11. b2002

    WTB TKS Ovation or Bravo

    Thank you. I think I'd be happy with either one, and the 310hp sounds fun. Whatever I end up with, I plan on hangaring at KPTW.
  12. b2002

    WTB TKS Ovation or Bravo

    Thank you, great advice. I have read that the Bravo OH cost is in the 55-60k range. Does that seem right? What other engine maintenance issues/costs are there that stand out? How much turbo system maintenance is required? The big bore TCM engines seem to need new cylinders mid-TBO sometimes. What are the weaknesses of the Lycoming engines in the Bravos? I may be joining your ranks fairly soon...