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  1. Any thoughts on the 800 MAX? The grounding of them? Auto Trim issue? pilot training? Always easy to Arm Chair quarter back, but US and European pilots didn't seem to have an issue. The crashes were India and Ethiopian (FO with 200 hours). Rumor has it that there is a lot of dependency on automation in counties outside the US and Western Europe.
  2. Congrats!!! nothing like breaking out on top in a stable air mass at sunset.
  3. Helluva deal! can't add much to the great advise you received already. Buy the Col. a good bottle of High West Whiskey. Best of luck to you
  4. Hey Saul, not sure if it helps, there is a large Army/Navy surplus store on the fox river in south Elgin. maybe worth a ride to see what they have or can access for you. I second Gibson and Barnes. I have a few Nomex suits over the years, not sure what level of protection but better than nothing for the situation I was in at the time. I have had one tailored years back as I had a 50 inch chest and a 36 waist so I needed to have the middle adjusted so I wasn't moving around in a large green bag. The last one I bought is a size 48 long and with the Velcro hip adjustments it fits great. The helmet, check out evil bay, the G suit seems hard to come by. Best of luck
  5. A wise man once told me "If you have to ask the cost, you can't afford it" I'm in a similar position, I want to buy a Mooney, I looked at a few but chicken out when I think about the cost of ownership,, I'd like a 25 year super model girlfriend too, but that would be astronomical in cost, ( wife said get the plane it will be cheaper whatever it is). I'm lucky to have froneds with some cool planes that me fly them and renting if I need too. At some point I will pull the trigger on a M20C. Best of luck with your training.
  6. If you see the guy, let him know I'd be happy to take his dusty airplane off his hands for practically nothing Just kidding hope he can fly it again soon
  7. The King video will help you get some sleep (just kidding). I did this almost 30 years ago, the basics of their videos are pretty good and I suspect even better now. helped me with my written. I suggest you find a great CFI-II that you can spend time with, best to fly 3 times per week with him if you can. Best of luck to you
  8. OSH is a must, as mentioned aviation heaven, first time I went 30+ years ago, I was a freshly minted pilot, (about a month), did the Fisk arrival in a rented Warrior. The tower was belting out instructions "Orange and White Low Wing Rock your wings for OSH Gosh, follow the xxxx on downwind etc. Land on Red Dot, taxi off into the grass ASAP" . You couldn't pull a greased string out of my butt with a 40 mule team, but what a great time! Last year, I cancelled IFR over Fond Du Lac and descended south of OSH, they tower had me orbit over Warbird Island for about 15 mins and cleared me to 36. STILL a GREAT TIME ! Hotels aren't cheap and book up a year out, airbnb has some decent offerings, camping is cool but better when I was younger, LOL
  9. I grew up in Chicago, the night the city reported they were closing the airport I had the bright idea to fly down and be the last guy to take off before she officially closed, (me and a hundred other guys). Beautiful summer night, flew the VFR corridor down to Meigs, the tower was great provided me clearance for a low pass to a downwind for 18. Landed and taxied over to the ramp, aircraft kept coming in. As it got later some aldermen and press were on site arguing for both the airfield and closing the airfield. They were telling us we had to leave by midnight or risk having our aircraft impounded and trucked off the field. We all refused, then they offered a "lottery" to see who would be last off the field. Just about 12:05 I called tower and requested take off clearance, taxied out and asked for one more low pass, granted. I took off on 18, turned out over the lake and turned base over Navy Pier, pushed the nose over and screamed down the runway pulling up in a left turn and north up the Chicago lake front past the ORD Class B to the north and back west to my home base at DPA. I thanked the tower and wished them the best. The next day the press reported that the FAA issued an injunction to the city on closing the airport. The airport remained open for a few more months until that scumbag criminal Daly sent heavy equipment onto the field in the middle of the night and gouged up the RWY with big X's. (great if someone needed to declare an emergency in the middle of the night the over lake). What my sources told me about the closing: Unadvertised but scheduled, United Express DID have a scheduled flight out of Meigs to Springfield IL. the B1900 service was negotiated by a Republican lawmaker with United (headquartered in Chicago at the time). The lawmakers would fly back and forth between Chicago and the capital. Daly and his brother purchased and owned a lot of land on the cites far south side, they planned on building another airport there (they also tried letting MDW atrophy so they could close it), in addition Daly was trying to get riverboat gambling on the lakefront and both projects were deep sixed by the republican lawmakers. As part of his revenge he closed Meigs (even though he did take federal money and agreed to a bond to keep it open for at least another decade). I don't know why he wasn't held accountable for his actions. But then again it's Chicago, best politicians money can buy.
  10. Ms Knight performed an outstanding rendition of our National Anthem Sunday evening. It was the best part of the Superbowl, the flight of F-16's timed their fly over perfectly. It was nice that the LA Rams didn't have to make that decision to visit the White House after all .
  11. Thank you David, whenever you are ready to sell it, please send me some pics and info.
  12. I should fit right in, thanks all
  13. What is everyone's preferred style of mambo, the canarzi or the Weehawken style?
  14. Thank you all for the welcome, I will try an keep stupid questions to a minimum. Boilermaker has a point, its nice having friends with airplanes. Always thought about that statement "Having friends with boats" when I was tied up the gas pump in my Formula Thunderbird watching the gage ring away. Funny how some guys love turning money into noise, my curse, my wife says still cheaper than having girlfriends.
  15. Good evening all, Lurked around the site for a bit and thought I would make myself official. Very impressed with the wealth of knowledge and a willingness to help newbies on this site. You meet the best people at small airports I hold a commercial license, single engine and instrument rating. I have never flown a Mooney but always loved them, Total time around 400 hours, I have over 100 hours in an Arrow, similar time in a V-35, Citabria and a few in a Turbine Evolution and Citation 3 (thanks to a good friend). I have looked a few C models (budget under $60k ) Haven't had the guts to pull the trigger yet on any of them, the fantasy may be better for now, but stuff happens. Fly safe and thanks for a great site.