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  1. Saw it on at the movies, first movie I actually went to in almost 10 years. I enjoyed every minute of it. Yes like the first of you’re a aviation geek and pilot there are a lot of inaccuracies. But to sit back and escape the real world for a brief time with loud jets, a wink to memoirs and a P-51 flying in the sunset. Count me in
  2. Thank you , we’ll take luck over being good anytime
  3. I’m with race 28 Jet and race 24 Sport , smoke hasn’t been too bad early in the day until the winds pick up. hopefully it will stay clear enough, each race is determined by a pre race briefing and the pilots will make the call if it’s safe . the air races are unlike anything you have experienced, be sure to buy a pit pass, the crews and spectators are the best. Be mindful of “Section 3” Have fun !
  4. Very sad news indeed , Sherman was testing a new engine in Czech Mate when he lost oil pressure and power . He was the favorite in the Unlimited class this year . A very nice guy and an exceptional pilot. Tail winds Sherman
  5. Two years ago America was energy independent, The very day After the 2020 election oil prices stated to rise .
  6. Just a few years ago, America was energy independent for the first time in 70+ years. American manufacturing was returning unemployment across all demographics were at there lowest point favorable trade deals that benefited America Russia and China were in check oil is now over $100 per barrel. It cost more to produce and bring goods to market
  7. It’s for listening to a game on AM radio
  8. Just because you could , doesn’t mean you should . We have a friend that wants antes to learn to fly at 60, he went and bought a new Cirrus because he like the idea of a BRS. He insisted on his primary training in HIS airplane. Another friend is a CFI stated training him, he was always behind the aircraft and hasn’t soloed in 25 hours of dual. we suggested he lease a 172 for training , he did and his learning curve increased quickly , slower speeds, more forgiving , he is still in training and progressing well , he will. “One can not fly into flying until one learns to crawl, walk and run” Hammer out some time in a trainer and process to complex aircraft.
  9. You walked away, the best outcome. Well done sir and thank you for sharing.
  10. I grew up there, had to visit for a wedding last week. I use DPA as it’s out west of the city, safe area. If you have to visit the city you can take the Metra commuter train downtown much safer then the “El” I didn’t venture into the city, I have friends in the CPD that warned me it’s very unsafe everywhere, many of the higher end restaurants and shops are now bordered up In Michigan ave. MDW is your closest, stay off the el trains, hire a car or rent one if you are going downtown and watch your surroundings.
  11. I only know “meow” as a call out to the start of good cat fight “ the gypsy girl fight in “From Russia with love” is some of the best 12 mins ever filmed
  12. Guard should always be clear and have full availability for actual emergencies Save “let’s go Brandon” for 122.75 and weekly college football games, MLB, NASCAR and just about any place with a crowd.
  13. America was energy independent for the first time in 70 years just over a year ago. I wonder what happened ?
  14. Maybe that’s what he meant by “build back better” ?
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