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  1. I always liked the RV 8 , I was thinking also about and RV4 for fun. Never been in one and don’t think I’d fit. I’m 6’2” and 225 with a 50 inch chest, I suspect a no go ?
  2. May the blessings of the season bestow upon you and yours! Merry Christmas
  3. Well, uh, it’s kind of like , uh scratch that I was thinking about girl in Amsterdam , never mind
  4. I was fortunate to spend some time with Bob Hoover throughout the years. Not only was he the best stick ( in my opinion) he was the classic example of a gentlemen, eloquent, engaging, and humble. One of the nicest people I have ever met. General Yeager was rough as cob and the classic bad ass fighter pilot. He knew he never had to prove anything to anyone and knew he was the best at what he did. He mellowed out like most over the years. The photo above was last year em route to France where he would visit one of the areas where he was downed during the war. One of the great honors of my
  5. First time I met the General was on the flight line early one morning . I walked up and said “Good morning General” , he looked me up and down and replied. “ get the fuck out of my way you side of beef before I kick your ass sideways “. Scared the hell out of me . Yeager was legendary and shall be missed by many. Chase that Ol demon out of the sky sir
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Fly Safe and enjoy the holiday!
  7. Guys, thank you for your reponses, as mentioned NOT pushing a sales pitch, just wanted insights about some resources to guys stepping to a light jet. Always good to keep a connection to new market opportunities. Listed below is a third party write up if you have interest. Thanks again. https://simpleflying.com/active-winglets/?utm_source=Bibblio
  8. Gentlemen, Just curious if a brief outline on a comparison of acquisition costs and performance comparisons between a new (single pilot approved) and a pre owned air frame would be something useful to you? I work for a company that has developed and installed innovative winglets greatly enhancing performance, safety and reduces fuel burn by as much as 33%.for lite jets. We are looking at offering some data to pilots that my wish to move to a single pilot jet. Thank you for any feedback, if this is against the rules, please delete post and my apologies. Than
  9. How to you overhaul a flight attendant? stuff in a ham and then pull out the bone I’ll be leaving now
  10. Hey did you find out what is rotten over there?
  11. “ come on Eileen”. Dexy’s Midnight Runners?
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