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  1. Congrats MB! The old girls are a lot of fun, been a LONG time since I had my hands on one, all these years and still have this damn stash.
  2. I'm not qualified to judge any ones flying skills or intentions, from reading your post I would question the pilots judgment, "just because you could , doesn't mean you should". The V Tail is a cool airplane, solid and slippery, not to mention it can have tendency to want to get very snarly in an un coordinated stall ( know this from experience and had to toss a relatively un soiled pair of Fruit of the Looms upon landing). The nickname "Fork Tail Dr. Killer" was because pilots trained in relatively docile aircraft would get behind the airplane, when the airplane would hit the yellow or red arc pretty fast they would pull back and tear the tail off. Natural selection usually takes care of things evident by the phrase "hold my beer", I hope the pilot in question spends time with a very good Bonanza instructor and becomes disciplined enough to fly it by the numbers. I had a guy that owned a V-35 ask me to fly to OSH with him because he was nervous (only a throw over yoke) and in the same conversation he said "I wonder if you would feel anything if you slammed into one of these mountains in solid IFR?' I never got in an aircraft with him .
  3. KMDW is closest to downtown and you have a White Castle across the street on the approach for 31 . Recommend Uber downtown, the Orange line "El "train was easy but appears some of the nice folks residing in some of the neighborhoods are jumping on the train and robbing riders. I used to live close to Dupage KDPA, a great airfield, easy to get in and out of and under the ORD class Bravo. "Pheasant Run" resort is on the filed, golf, pools, and a decent lodge, close by in St Charles and Geneva has some great restaurants. You can take a train "Metra" commuter train downtown from Geneva or West Chicago (about an hour ride and safe). If you haven't been, Wrigley is a must for baseball fans, last of the old stadiums and basically an outdoor party, bleachers are the best spot and the field is ringed with great saloons (Cubby Bear, Murphys, and more. Like most large cities Chicago has exceptional dining and classic spots. Have fun , fly safe
  4. California is a beautiful state, with beautiful people and beautiful weather, PLEASE stay in California, you would hate it if you moved out.
  5. The LAST "Doolittle Raider" has gone west, last night Lt Col, Richard "Dick" Cole passed away at his home in San Antonio TX at age 103. Lt Col Cole flew as co pilot with mission Commander Jimmy Doolittle on April 18, 1942, this first strike at the Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor. All of the Raiders volunteered for the "suicide mission", they trained extensively to fly the North American B-25 bombers off the pitching deck of the USS Hornet (roughly a 400 ft take off run). An amazing accomplishment by exceptionally brave and skilled aviators, the world owes the "greatest generation" a debt that can never be re paid. God Speed Col Cole, tail winds and smooth skies, thank you.
  6. Home field is 5600 ft, still cold for a few more weeks, light singles early morning or evening before dark.
  7. Best of luck getting your PPL and getting that bird back in the air!
  8. I grew up in Chicago, granddad was a member of Mayor Daly's "Irish Mafia" back in the day. The city is, an always has been a den of corruption, I posted earlier about the Meigs last night open,, I flew down with the idea of being the last flight out of Meigs (along with another 100 other pilots). Daly Jr. had the field destroyed in the middle of the night and should have been charged for that, as well as taking the funding for keeping it open for another 10 years and still closing it. From what I hear about the new mayor, I wouldn't look forward to landing a Meigs anytime soon, word has it she is all about "eat the rich" and higher taxes and redistribution of wealth, the standard leftist agenda etc. As far as FBO's, MDW is the closest to downtown Chicago, best to take an Uber as the "Orange Line" train while very convenient has experienced some problems with modern day train robberies (the perps will jump on at one stop, rob the passengers at gun point and jump off at the next stop). Gary is located in a rotten area and getting downtown is expensive. KDPA "DuPage" is an awesome air field, as someone mentioned earlier you can get in under the ORD class bravo, the on field services are great, you can get a room at the Pheasant Run resort adjacent to the field, golf, pools etc. also some great restaurants close by. Its about 55 miles west of the city, but you can take a Metra train downtown from Geneva or West Chicago in about an hour. (much safer than the "EL trains". Limo or Uber will be $65 to $85.
  9. I like the way she thinks You can always tell her that aircraft with two engines, you always have ONE good engine to take you to the crash site .
  10. As an FNG here, I can only say that posting photos of 400+ lb women in scanty clothing... make me HOT!!! pass the flour
  11. Do you think he would take $20k?
  12. Any thoughts on the 800 MAX? The grounding of them? Auto Trim issue? pilot training? Always easy to Arm Chair quarter back, but US and European pilots didn't seem to have an issue. The crashes were India and Ethiopian (FO with 200 hours). Rumor has it that there is a lot of dependency on automation in counties outside the US and Western Europe.
  13. Congrats!!! nothing like breaking out on top in a stable air mass at sunset.
  14. Helluva deal! can't add much to the great advise you received already. Buy the Col. a good bottle of High West Whiskey. Best of luck to you
  15. Hey Saul, not sure if it helps, there is a large Army/Navy surplus store on the fox river in south Elgin. maybe worth a ride to see what they have or can access for you. I second Gibson and Barnes. I have a few Nomex suits over the years, not sure what level of protection but better than nothing for the situation I was in at the time. I have had one tailored years back as I had a 50 inch chest and a 36 waist so I needed to have the middle adjusted so I wasn't moving around in a large green bag. The last one I bought is a size 48 long and with the Velcro hip adjustments it fits great. The helmet, check out evil bay, the G suit seems hard to come by. Best of luck