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  1. Hi all. I am not completely sure what is happening. Oscar reached out to our tech support earlier so I will digress to what they say. Just a quick glance at the picture a few questions. 1.) you have GPS2 selected and its is not valid (red line) was your GPS1 valid for position. Would question if GPS2 did not have position source, GPS1 may not either. 2.) does this happen all of the time? Did it center up when you started moving down the runway? 3.)as mentioned, it may have to do with database cycles. 4.) location is key. sometimes certain airports are within a GPS blackout area that has been known to cause these effects. What did tech support say? They are more knowledgeable on these abnormalities than I am.
  2. This recent rebooting failure has not occurred before. I was referencing that back in 2015-2016 timeframe we has an issue with a particular in the component in the RSM. This happens a lot within the industry.... more now that everything is going digital and is so dependent on software. There are several instances where a software change fixes something and then causes a problem somewhere else. I am speaking in generalities here. Just look at the history of SW revisions on a unit and you can get an idea of I mean.
  3. Good morning, As a lot of other users can attest, our Aspen system provides the best bang for your buck. The system is truly designed to protect you as a pilot in the investment of your aircraft. Start with one screen, then a second and maybe a third over the years. Its not an all or nothing approach. I would consider Aspen Avionics a true "retrofit company" as opposed to a "forward fit company". Aspen products interface with your existing avionics, no panel modifications (major) are needed, and our willingness to work with other manufacturers and have an open architecture allows you not paint yourself into a corner in regards to your upgrades. As far as a addressing the "systemic" issues. All manufacturers have the some hiccups from time. Although the failures may seem systemic, they are rarely the SAME failures over an over. Once an issue is identified we can resolve in a fairly quick timetable. I know that things and processes are always changing in regards to the factory and manufacturing to ensure the failures are as few and far between as possible. I would be happy to discuss if our system is a good fit for you based on the type of flying you do, your existing equipment, and your future plans. To be honest, after a good conversation our system is just not what you need. I much rather have a happy customer that bought our product knowing it was a solid fit from them rather than a customer that was "sold" a system and is unhappy.
  4. Currently there is rebooting issues that are happening. There is no one single trend that we have identified but working to find the culprit. We are aware of the EA100 issue and this is why reaching out to your dealer is the first and most important step. Thank you for being a Aspen customer. Hope I can be of some help here. Looking forward to being part of the community.
  5. Good Evening All, I want to introduce myself. My name is Andy Smith and I am with Aspen Avionics. I am here to help with any problems or questions that you have. I am sure that I have spoken to some of you over the years. Hoping I can shed some light on some issues. Below is a company statement regarding the reported MAX issues. As more information becomes available I will be sure to share. I can also address any questions if you have them."We are aware of some reports of intermittent issues with a small number of new Evolution MAX displays. We are closely working with the individual’s that have experienced the issue. We are also actively looking into the root cause and are doing an analysis of the issue and will institute a fix as soon as possible. We will communicate to ensure all are aware of any potential next steps. If you have questions or concerns, we respectfully ask you contact your dealer directly, or contact Aspen Avionics directly at Please be assured this is a company priority and we are working quickly to resolve the issue."