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  1. Alangj


    Nope. Replaced a failed Bendix, which failed at worst possible time (plane at small airfield, without MX or FBO). Now has a new Sky-Tec. Works fine.
  2. Alangj


    Thanks everyone. Sorry about the dramatic title. We got it covered. JD from Western Oregon Flying Services just happened to have the correct Sky-Tec starter and flew down from Rosenberg to Cottage Grove and installed it today (Saturday). Absolutely incredible customer service!
  3. Alangj


    Advanced didn’t have the part, plus they’re 2 hrs away by car. Western Oregon Flying Services, in Roseberg, not only has the part, but they’re will to fly down to Cottage Grove and do the install! Super nice!
  4. Alangj


    Not yet. Still looking. My partner is not mechanically inclined and she’s up there on business, so not much leisure time.
  5. Alangj


    Does anybody know of an A&P in the Eugene, Ore area that can replace our M20J starter motor? My partner is stranded at Cottage Grove (61S) unable to get the plane back to SQL.