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  1. Is it a pencil mod or actual changes to a/c?
  2. What does the ecore conversion add?
  3. There's a shop at vero next to piper and flight safety. Prices are reasonable.
  4. I'm 56. I get in the damn airplane. I taught through the beginning of this. State shut us down. Got a call last week. Owner wants to start up again. Wanted to know if I was cool with it. Hell yes. If you're older, vulnerable, then wait it out.
  5. Did they remove and re-install the prop gov? Did they test run before return to service? If its me and my plane come back with an oil leak like that it goes back. Not sayin it aint owners responsibility but i want a&p eyes on it. I'd also want a good explanation for why something they removed and re-installed is now broken. Might be reasonable, who knows...
  6. The filter removes the oils. Freshly ground beans, percolator. Had to order it, cant buy one any more:) only thing worse than drip is a keurig...yuck! Not crazy about presses. Leaves sediment on the toungue.
  7. Goes without saying, but dont start the plane over a puddle of fuel. Saw a c model catch fire at the gas pump in williston, fl a few years back. I bet that carpet will come loose just by removing the plastic screws.
  8. No warrenty service from the iran or install shops? I'd start there.
  9. Maybe I misunderstand but using a positve moment forward of datum will only, incorrectly, increase the moment aft of datum. If i hang a 1000lb weight from the spinner with datum at the firewall and use a positive moment then my result will be a calculated cg well aft of datum. If the datum is forward of the added weight, ie datum at spinner, then i would use a positive number. In the original w&b posted the added prop and spinner should have a negative arm leading to a negative moment. Removing the weight forward of datum results in a positive moment. Feel free to correct me if my thinking is backwards:)
  10. Did you hear the tower clear him to land on the parrallel runway?
  11. You do it like a wheel landing in a tail dragger or a soft field. You dont full stall it but fly it on leaving some energy left for elevator authority. Tends to be a bit flatter and faster than a full stall landing.
  12. 2 failures below 500 ft and a partial at about 1500 ft in 1400 hours. It's not if, but when. All landed back at airport successfully.
  13. I don't know man, you're being awfully defensive when people offer suggestions for handling it better. I'm not buying "the sudden gust" caused my main gear to hit so hard " i thought i blew a tire" deal. That takes a high rate of decent. You were too high when you dropped out would be my guess. Possibly from an unnoticed climb when you added power? I also dont buy the "How could i have known" thing. What was the rwy hdg and actual winds? No automated wx there? What about nearbye? Did you check the windsock? Or did you simply rely on the forecast? Your result is definative proof there's more to it than just a gust did it. But, hey, if you want to go with "a sudden gust did it", nothing to see here, fine with me. I'll play along.
  14. I see a guy that damaged an airplane and is making excuses, redirecting, rationalizing ect. rather than engaging in an honest self evaluation. Didn't want to come out and just say it. Figured some discussion would bring you along. Apparently not.
  15. 10 to 15 gusts...thats not a wind forecast..10G15? what wind direction/rwy hdg? What did automated wx say? How could you have known? Seriously? 5 feet is too high. All xwind landings done right are one wheel first. Dropping out from 5 feet on one bueno... You scared the ground crew. Had they not seen anyone else land that day in similiar conditions? Did anyone else damage an airplane that day? I've flown in much worse than you describe...3500 or more landings in light airplanes..never damaged an airplane. Was in 25kt shear last week with a student. So you posted to warn us all of the dangers of unforecast winds? Or, maybe some advise about what you could have done differently? You seem like a reasonable guy. I'm assuming the latter.