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  1. Happens to me 3 or 4 times a week. Controllers are fallible. We all make mistakes. Try not to get emotional. Unable would have been the safer choice. If you go around and the jet has to go around right after you theres no way to maintain good seperation. That puts everyone in a box with no lid:) The controller knows he screwed the pooch, as do we when we screw up. Save the phone calls to address on going issues not one off mistakes.
  2. Anyone have any recommendation for corrosion proofing treatment? Corrosion x, boeshield, ect?
  3. Where is Brian / Orian located? I need to set up a pre buy in nj.
  4. I'll ferry it for ya. Where is it and where are you?
  5. Hi guys. One of my students is buying a 231 with an mb engine. Could someone send me an ops manual and or a 252 poh? Pete
  6. The cowls on the 64 and 65 (with eyelets) were narrower than later short bodies. The front cylinders and exaust often had clearance issues but the presented less frontal area. 170Ktas? Stock? I'm not so sure but it's certainly possible. Hot cam, the old hotter ig timing, massaged cylinders, inner gear doors and what not. Sure would like to know what he did.
  7. I had a 64 E that would do 162.75 ktas on 4 way gps runs. Did one run at about 8500ft 23" 2550rpm and another at 10500ft 21" 2550rpm. Both runs averaged 162.75ktas. It had a recently oh'd engine, new cam, new lyc cylinders, new paint and new prop. Ailerons were set at 0 and flaps were set to be out of the breeze. Only mods were flap gap seals. If I did it again i would have sent the cylinders to lycon for a port and polish. Oh, I did have the k&n flilter (challenger?) That airplane was only good for about 146 when I bought it.
  8. The engine quit at bueno...see a&p. Goes without saying...don't fly it.
  9. They were made in several variations and flap configurations as the original tc was modified. The 90hp variant was an early option and without flaps like the j3. Relatively few were produced. Super cubs are generally expected to have flaps and o320's in them but i imagine you could find an old variant if you looked hard enough.
  10. The original mooney mite...21 or 25hp?
  11. I know i shouldnt...but....super cubs 150/160....j3's are 90 or 65 depending...sorry...:)
  12. 1.3 x vso? Between 75 and 80. Its been awhile but thats how i remember doing it. Only time i ever had a problem with float was when my idle was a bit high. At 72mph there didnt seem to be much energy left to flare. This was in an e though. But thats not the point. Point is 2300 is plenty long enough.
  13. I would fly 80 mph down the pipe and pull power over the fence. 2200Ft is not short:) well, unless you have trees at the end:)
  14. You can pick up a false glide slope above. Try to intercept from below.