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  1. Would you mind sharing your Fltplan user name? I would be very grateful for this data.
  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. That may be the best I can do for now, although there doesn't seem to be a C model default profile online. If there was, I would probably have been satisfied to start with that.
  3. Unfortunately, the generic profile that I see in the drop-down menu is for a 200HP M20E. I was hoping to fly a few legs and compare the estimates from other profiles to the resultant true air speeds, times, and burns that occur during real flights. I thought it would be easier to begin "tightening" the profile if I started from a C model rather than the available E model data.
  4. Hello again, For those of you using or FltplanGo, would you care to share your username and tail number? I'm seeking different profiles to find something accurate for my friend's new airplane. If you have a profile, please also indicate any specifics regarding how you use it, ie: assumed taxi time, airspeed used in climb, cruise mixture strategy, and descent airspeeds/power settings. Thank you in advance to any and all who are willing to share your their numbers. -JN
  5. Thank you all for your informative replies. I appreciate it. Still working on tracking down a '66 M20C manual, but this is all good info.
  6. Thank you for your prompt reply. I have neither document, I'm afraid. A friend recently acquired a Mark 21, and is interested in finishing his instrument rating. I'm doing a little research to that end. I've downloaded several of the different model-year information manuals from MooneySpace, but haven't bit the bullet and joined MAPA.
  7. Hi there, I'm seeking Vspeeds (VS0, VS1, VX, VY, VLMAX...ETC) for a mid-60s M20C equipped with the old school Johnson-bar landing gear, Additionally, I'm interested in finding out what configurations and speeds are working for you fine folks in this make and model during both precision and non-precision approaches. Last—does anyone have a document reflected Mooney vetted emergency procedures specific to the C model? I was looking in the downloadable content, but maybe I missed something. Will look again. Thank you in advance. Gratefully, JN