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  1. Saweeet! We are doing repairs to my old girl right now i am hoping to have her together by feb!
  2. HA! thank you. I am glad I found this fourum Ill be updating reglarly to ask for advice and maybe one day soon see if anyone might like to do a fly in sometime.
  3. Okay, into the annual! looking at a new front landing gear gonna run me about 1900 hoses and tubing 200.00 reastat-? alternator belt tightening-100.00 and annual 1500.00 looking around 5000.00 For everything trying to get it up and running before Febuaury. She needs a lot of work but itll be worth it is a bit. also doing tanks at the overhaul in 600 hours. Its a lot to take in but I am commited to my mooney.
  4. Carusoam! I am always looking for ideas and suggestions. I do have some training lined up! I am doing a rotor transition to fixed wing in my Mooney. Going to put a lot of hours in her this year hoping to fly around 200. Doing my Instr endorsement first!
  5. Hey thanks for posting everyone, So half the annual is done and here is the damage. Front landing gear needs to be replaced- looking to be about $1900.00 Needs new lines and hoses- $400.00 New Alternator belt- $250.00 No Electrical problems found, comms work great no bugs found looks to be electrically sound. Has a very minor weep in fuel tank left side. Said to wait till overhaul- got about 600 hours till overhaul. So looking around 45-5000 this year in expenses and I will be saving up to recondition the tanks next year. I was told this is a very clean and good Aircraft and I should never sell it. So not to bad for it first annual.
  6. Okay so a little about my mooney. She is a 1961 M20b She just had an interior done two years ago and is a pretty well documented aircraft. I bought it from a friend who bought it last year and got his flight time with it and is now flying with the regional airlines and didnt have time for it anymore. We got it and it had to have an ifr inspection andt a pitotstatic test done when we got it. We flew it to to its hanger had an electrical failure. its annual is due in december and so far is kinda having problems. i need to get into comm reserch and lern this thing inside out before i fly it.
  7. Hey everyone! I am new to mooneyspace, and I wanted to get to know the other m20b owners to here there experiences. I was also wondering if anyone had a service manual for it id like to read up about my systems?