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  1. Tempting, but everyone tells me to just go all the way to the 900 the first time because its cheaper when its all done.
  2. Thats not a g5 hsi next to the DG and the audio panels in the first picture is it ?
  3. Gns430 non waas. 14v? Looking for a super good deal and maybe an audio panel. I don't want my panel to be worth more than my plane, but I need an upgrade from the klx135a I currently have.
  4. Vegas FSDO used to assign the CFI dpe. As of a few months ago the FSDO changed policy to have the pilot contact the DPE to schedule the checkride. They also got more expensive
  5. well the DPE made the decision for me. He does not want to do it in a plane without dual brakes, so I am renting the 172
  6. I have been bringing a safety pilot with me to be my "brakeman" I am just going to practice more until I have the landings down perfect.
  7. Ok. Thanks for the help everyone. I think I just need more pattern work in the right seat to get the landings perfect.
  8. I have had my plane for about a month now and put almost 50 hours in her. 1974 C model. I just got my commercial in December and I am working on my CFI now. All of my training previous to the mooney was in a 172 and a 152. Needless to say I am in a much different airplane. I am going over the PTS for my CFI checkride that is scheduled about two weeks from now and I am thinking it might be better to rent a 172 for the checkride because of the performance take off and landing differences the airplanes have. First of all I cannot really find checklists for any the performance take offs and landing. Do they exist? I know everyone has a different method on mooneyspace forums I might not even be required to do the power off 180 and the short field, but its up to the DPE. I am still getting used to how much this plane floats, and I know I can't just push down the nose like the 172 to hit my spot. I am fine with all the maneuvers in the air and I actually prefer the stall characteristics of the mooney when compared to the cessna. Also 8s on pylons do not require as much work when I am using the mooney with the constant speed prop. Chandelles are much better in the Mooney as well. Pretty much my plane is spectacular when it comes to maneuvers. It is just hard to gauge precise landings with 50 hours in the plane. Maybe the only way to do it is with hours of traffic patterns and short approaches... What do you guys think?
  9. I am around, I have daddy day care on Saturday, but I am off on Sunday. The plane is at VGT. I would love to hear about how it was at annual, it might save me some suprises for the one I have coming up. email me page0100@gmail.com
  10. Yes it is Tahoe. Flew over it then went to Calaveras for fuel ($3.93), the airport is similar to Sedona and Catalina so it was a bit of a tricky landing.
  11. Got it done today. New handle is on. Thanks for the help with the pin.
  12. Half of the threads are broken off the original. The white handle is threaded and comes off the new one. The original switch only has half of the threads to screw it on though. The one I bought only cost me 60.
  13. So the handle for my gear switch is broken and looks like this and I Bought a replacement. I have no idea if the switch is correct, but I just want to swap the handle. Is it possible to do without removing the whole panel? Anyone have experience with this?
  14. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Stratus-2S/323641415563?epid=630013898&hash=item4b5a88178b:g:bOEAAOSw5EpcNXM4:rk:1:pf:0 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Stratus-2S-GPS-ADS-B-AHRS-Aviation-Receiver/123599170586?hash=item1cc715ac1a:g:Y58AAOSw7MNcQIDF:rk:2:pf:0 400 was a fair price, I do not think it was a steal. I am really looking for a 1S. So the search continues