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  1. Looking forward to seeing it. My only concern is that most of the Bravo's or Ovations I have seen advertised are G1000 non WAAS units which I am leery of. Coming from a GNS-530W which is just a stable workhorse which when needed fly's me down to LPV minimums, not sure I want to venture down the path of never to have WAAS on the G1000.
  2. Hi Dan, thanks so much, if you could message me at (941) 232-5491 would love to get with you and set up a time. Dave
  3. Thanks hypertech will take you up on that. Can you message me at (941) 232-5491 and can arrange a time to fly down. Would like to take a look.
  4. All, Looking for someone with either a Bravo or Ovation near Carroll County KDMW who I could take a quick peek. Thinking of letting go of my Saratoga II TC for a number of reasons but have no experience with the long body Mooney's so wanted to see if I really really wanted to give up my spacious six seats. Would appreciate the chance to take a look. Captdav1