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  1. The transponder is the Avidyne AXP340. Below that is the Dynon knob panel. Basically, a dedicated knob each for heading, Baro and altitude.
  2. That all depends on how your new Nav radio splits the VLOC and G/S frequencies. Many modern Nav/Coms diplex internally, in which case you would need a signal splitter to send the full signal to both radios, then a diplexer to separate them for the 430. The unit you picture is, in my experience, the most common because many planes have 2 Nav radios, but only 1 with glideslope. I have never seen it done as your picture shows. That looks like an old computer network splitter before the Cat5 network days.
  3. Not the best picture I’ve ever taken, but a view with everything powered in the hangar. Ready to fly.
  4. No recent word on autopilot approvals.
  5. I have a Mooney in the shop right now getting the HDX system installed. Hope to finish it next week.
  6. I asked Garmin at Oshkosh last year about this. The guy said there is a free version of the app that you can use for the Database Concierge. Not true. I’m so glad to have an Avidyne box now. I update with a thumb drive (yes, ANY thumb drive) every 28 days.
  7. The STC never goes through that guy’s desk. The installation is approved via STC, and that paperwork goes straight to OKC.
  8. It uses ARINC 429 for any approach with vertical guidance.
  9. I’ve had better experiences with the Trig. It’s a solid radio. The A210 was a design disaster with the need to remove the faceplate to access the tray removal screw. I think the 220 fixed that. The SL40 should be the same height as well. Although it’s not made any more, I think it’s one of the best radios ever made.
  10. Radiorax are very nice, but pricey. I haven’t used them in many years. Aluminum angle and screws are my preference due to price.
  11. I’ve installed several of them. Easy to install. Only for experimental planes.