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  1. Skyview 7” is $7,400 including the D10A for equipment only, including ADAHRS, magnetometer, backup battery and wiring harness.
  2. I know of one install shop that is open to owner-assist.
  3. $16,790 for the basic system. $4,160 for a 2-servo auto pilot. You can trim a little off of this if you don't want a Knob Panel or new Panel Overlay. $1,200 to add ADS-B In.
  4. It all depends on what options you want. A full-in price for a single 10" system in a 172 with Engine, ADS-B and auto pilot is $27,838. The $40-50,000 number is with new IFD navigator, Audio Panel, etc. The price will be similar for the Mooney as it is for the 172 once the Auto pilot is available. Without the auto pilot it's $23,678.When you add a Navigator and harnesses and installation, you can add $12-15,000 or more to the price. Add an Audio Panel and backup COM or Dynon COM and you add another $4,000 or more with harnesses and installation. Those that already have adequate radio stacks are in the 20's. Those that already have an engine monitor and ADS-B, they'll be under right around or under $20,000. You can get the basic 7" system, installed, for under $16,000, 10" for under $17,000.
  5. I understand the frustration, Bob. The nice thing is that you are frustrated about the best way to upgrade your panel to synthetic vision, moving map, weather, traffic, engine monitor and auto pilot, and not on whether it is worth putting in an HSI or a new CDI. If you continue to wait a little bit, then you could possibly get everything at once. If you trust the history of a company of making good on their promises (yet possibly not quite hitting the estimated release date), then you can start to build a system with plans to add the rest later. This is basically the Auto Pilot at this point. The TruTrak will get some data from the Dynon, but it isn't available quite yet for your Mooney. It will probably be the next one released, however. The are a lot of differences and very few differences, depending on how you look at it. They both offer 10" and 7" displays, while Garmin's 7" is portrait and Dynon's is landscape. As for features, they both offer ADS-B in and out, both offer engine monitor, both offer auto pilot on some but not all airplane models, both have synthetic vision and moving map. They are both excellent systems. I have yet to hear of someone installing either and not being happy with it. The Garmin is a little bit more expensive with some options, and similar in price with other options. Their wiring philosophy is substantially different, but both work well and are robust and have certain redundancies built into the wiring architecture. In short, the G3X is made by Garmin and the HDX is made by Dynon. The fact that there are 2 systems like these available for our certified singles is a win for airplane owners.
  6. The Mooney is close to the top of the Auto Pilot list, but as we have seen with the TruTrak, it never happens as fast as we would like it to. There is a LOT of engineering that goes into an STC for an Auto Pilot. Dynon has talked about working out an interface for legacy auto pilots, but there is no information on if or when that will happen. I wouldn't count on it. I plan to talk to Dynon at Oshkosh. If they have done any preliminary evaluation of different planes for the auto pilot, there is no reason that the wires for the auto pilot couldn't be routed and tied up for future auto pilot servos. That would save time and money when the time comes to install the auto pilot.
  7. Dynon Avionics just announced this morning that their SkyView HDX AML has been expanded to include 592 different single engine airplanes, from a Luscombe to a Cessna Caravan, including Beechcraft, Mooney, Piper, Cessna, Maule, etc. single engine models. The STC price is a flat $2,000 per airplane. The equipment cost is unchanged from their experimental prices. The auto pilot will be added to more models as they do the engineering for them, but everything except the auto pilot is available now for all of these models. For those going to Oshkosh, stop by the Dynon booth to see, and touch these great systems, or go to for more details. The basic system starts at $9,630 with the STC plus installation. With installation at our shop (a Dynon authorized installation center), a 7” single system starts at $15,500 with installation or $16,800 for a 10” basic system. These are basically out-the-door prices. You can add engine monitor, ads-b out, ads-b in, Com radio and a second or third screen. An auto pilot can be added as it is developed for your model. Drop me an email at for a price sheet. The STC fee is a one-time charge per airplane for whatever options you decide to install, both now and add-ons down the road. The STC has been issued, and the PMA should come in the next few days. Another affordable glass panel option is now available for your single engine plane.
  8. I don’t know that it’s a 2-day job usually, but we have done it in 2 days before. We usually plan a week. We have done 40 or more by now I think. It is a great system. For the price, it’s unbeatable.
  9. I have had the same experience. It only works if you call them.
  10. Until you’ve flown an efis with an IFR gps and an auto pilot, you may say this. Once you have, I think you will change your mind. Can’t wait to be installing the Dynon SkyView in Mooney’s.
  11. I hate to say his, but Garmin has been known to say they’ve never heard of this problem before while they are working on a fix from other reports of the same problem.
  12. I agree with this completely. The IFD makes an excellent MFD, especially if it is the big screen 540 or 550.
  13. I’m selling the IFD540 right now for $12,500, and it does include an AXP322 ads-b out transponder and gps antenna. The Skytrax 100B is $2,000 added to that. If budget is really tight, I have a used 540 newly updated by Avidyne for $9,000 with antenna, but no AXP322. I could throw in a new lynx with he used IFD for $4,000. A G5 HSI would also be a winner option, especially since you need an indicator anyway.
  14. Might need to make it a Diet Coke. I’m a teetotaler.
  15. The paperwork for the Mooney’s is very close to being ready to submit, so still hopeful for an Oshkosh release.