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  1. I had the gear fail in the up position a few years ago. A limit switch was bad leading the system to believe that the gear were down.
  2. The efficiency of the electric motor vs the ICE helps a bit but without an order of magnitude increase in battery energy density the electric Mooney is a pipedream.
  3. Any pilot reports regarding maintenance performed by Command Aviation, Bellingham, Wa?
  4. Any pilot reports regarding maintenance performed by Command Aviation, Bellingham, Wa?
  5. I am based in the Seattle area. Ten miles or so east of KSEA is Tiger Mt, a 3000 foot peak with numerous very high power commercial transmitters. Since purchasing my 1970 C model some 15 years ago I have been experiencing significant radio interference when flying within 5 miles of Tiger Mt. I experimented with placing ferrite beads on the outside of the cosxial cables connecting the radios to the antennas and heard some reduction in interference. During the recent annual my A and P and I measured the resistance between the antennas and the fuselage skin and found them to be within spec. We decided to replace the 50 year old coaxial cables with new RG400 shielded coax. Wow! The interference is gone. For those owners out there who are having interference with high power transmitters, I suggest swapping out the old cables for new ones. You will not be sorry.
  6. I tell my newbie co-pilots that getting out of the airplane will be the hardest thing they do all day. The technique I suggest for the co-pilot is to move the seat full aft, remove headset, rotate upper torso to right, place right hand on wing walk aft of door fingers facing aft, slowly stand up while rotating lower body to right and basically walk out of the airplane.
  7. Where are you located? I am in the Seattle area, am a retired Boeing antenna engineer, and have a piece of test equipment called a network analyzer that can be used to determine the health of cables, power splitters, diplexers and antennas. I would be happy to make the measurements if you were in the local area. My Mooney is currently in for it’s annual inspection so I am essentially grounded for another week or two.
  8. For 50% of the price of a J, you can have a C. The C will be 10% slower and burn 10% less fuel. The O-360 in the C is bullet-proof. If your mission is for a pilot and a passenger the C offers some significant advantages.
  9. Hear in the Pacific Northwest, the icing capitol of the world, I started experiencing carb ice as soon as I purchased my M20C. I installed a carb temperature probe that drives my EI engine monitor. I have found that once at altitude, setting the carb temp to 50 deg F, and leaning the mixture appropriately, makes for a smoother running engine and the EGTs are more balanced.
  10. I made aluminum overlays for my 1970 M20C. I wrote an article that described in some detail the process. It appears in the July 2016 issue of The Mooney Flyer. Here is a photo of my panel.