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  1. Ha! Ok, I was wondering. Century 4 was new to me. And no, I have a M20K Rocket... I'm told the Century 41 is "still a great autopilot", but it's given me a LOT of trouble (including yesterday). Also, the approaches won't couple with the G5s and the Century 41 either...fyi. #ReallyReadyForANewAutopilot
  2. Tx_Aggie, To answer your question directly: No, I'm pretty sure it won't. Not sure specifically for the Centruy 4, but I have the Century 41 autopilot, and the G5s do NOT work for the AP. I had 2x G5s installed last year with that exact hope that you're after: rip out the entire vacuum system, and be on my way with a G5 ADI sending inputs to the autopilot. Century unfortunately won't take the G5 source. Thus, I still have to have my vacuum system and old-school ADI for no other reason than source input to my Century 41 AP. My future will be a Century replacement eventually...but
  3. This is probably not as helpful as you want, but this year I had all lights and wires replaced with LED Whelens and it was definitely less weight...not more.
  4. Thanks Jetdriven. I come from a "small business" household, so if it works out, I like supporting new businesses.
  5. Hahahaha! Yea, it's good to be back, Carusoam. Been a hectic summer with military move and daughter getting covid (she's fine now). But I have been neglecting my mooney family, but I know family forgives.
  6. Ok, thanks smut. Makes sense. Always an interesting adventure finding a new mechanic. appreciate the insight. Check 6 and thanks!
  7. So I'm sure this has been discussed, but I don't see it in any string... Thoughts: Mooney Service Center...all it's cracked up to be or "just find a good mechanic"? My plane came from a non-center, and it needed some specific Mooney love. Used a great mechanic and nice guy in Minnesota, but unfortunately that's a REALLY long stretch from here (for now). So thoughts about service centers?
  8. Thanks, Amelia! Never had the bird on the east coast before. Much busier, and I swear, can we not deconflict CTAFs??? Everyone has the same freq! EDE is definitely closer. MRN service center sounds pretty good as well, but you're right, it is a hike.
  9. Thanks, Smut. I might just do that exact thing. Not a Mooney Service Center...but sounds like he's pretty knowledgeable about them huh?
  10. It's definitely tucked away in and around the DC area, I appreciate the response but might try these others that are a bit closer. thank you!
  11. I had my 231 Top overhaul done last year, with new nickel cylinders put in...I couldn't imagine doing that myself. #YouDaMan! Good luck!!
  12. So, just moved to Yorktown, Virgina, and wondering any recommended mechanics in the area? I'm leaning toward standard Mooney Service Center, but I trust you guys more... My rockets isn't due for the annual until May, but I wanna get on he mechanics list. Any recommendations in the greater Virginia area?
  13. Agreed...Trigger pulled. I have to have one. So I got two.
  14. I hope so. Because of my background and flying 20+ years with an HSI, I canNOT handle the compass card anymore!!!! Yea...there are lots of other ways to "do that", but my T crosscheck is in my old-dog-brain. It's the easiest money I've ever spent.
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