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  1. Absolutly great points and info. Update. Did a really great prepurchase on this plane and feel super confident in my purchase. I flew out and saw it in person along with the prepurchase. Landed a mechanic that is well versed in Mooneys and actually learned a lot of things about them that I didn't know, or even think about from all my research. I think I found a plane that fits my needs at a decent price and with very minimal issue. So that being said...I'm now officially a Mooney M20E owner (hope this goes well). Thanks to this site for the info and help. Next is some interior work and adsb compliance.
  2. Awesome replies everybody. I think I have it figured out but your advice has been amazing. Hopefully it all works out. Can't wait to see where my potentially new plane takes me. Atleast I know what plane I want. Just have to nab the right one.
  3. Thanks for the info, and information from all others as well. I have done a ton of research. Have extra cash for a couple upgrades I know I need to do, and potential problem annual. I know last annual was 3400. And is due again in 4 months. Problem with dealers is that they sell planes, so they need to sell as man thg as possible. As a buyer. I'm in the business of buying and only need one good one.
  4. I'm going to give them a ring. Problem with nailing an annual is that everyone is super booked from what I have seen. I know the plane has at least been flying, but that corrosion potential is no joke
  5. This one is at a dealer in Kokomo Aircraft Owner Solutions. I will drop him an email
  6. I would rather do that, but I live in CA, so slightly harder than a quick trip to the shop.
  7. I've seen those types of situations, hence the concern. Lol I have a mechanic that is supposedly well versed in Mooneys going to do a prebuy. I might still op for the annual route to be sure. Corrosion is the real big issue that I worry about.
  8. Hi everybody. New to to the site but finally trying to grab a Mooney(and first plane). I have found one and price is right, just need a pro to take a look at it. Was recommended a mechanic, but I would like to try and find my own so they are unbiased of course. Plane is north of Inidanapolis 60mi. 1965 M20e. Want to make sure everything is complied with and up to date, and the corrosion horror stories, don't want that. Please let me know asap if someone is willing and able to help out. Thanks again, Dallas.