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  1. Pop out the center circle disk, there are 2 screws that hold it to the yoke. You can put a dab of RTV behind the emblem if you can not tighten the screws. Don't get them too tight the plastic is brittle and breaks easily. The disk probably has RTV holding it in place also.
  2. I used a casting kit. Worked really well. I could see lots of possible applications for it. https://www.alumilite.com/resins/super-casting-kit/
  3. Our yoke emblems were broke and missing. I made a cast of one to replace ours. They turned out great! Do does anyone need a replacement? You will have to drill the mounting holes and paint them. A friends wife cut the Mooney logo out in vinyl.
  4. This stuff was something I seen online a while back. You make a mold from an original and "cast" new parts.... But, you have to have an original. You can make pretty much anything, it looks like. https://www.alumilite.com/store/pg/25-Auto-Restoration-Alumilite-Mold-Making-Casting-Materials.aspx#prettyPhoto ???????????
  5. Went flying today... What I found... The blocks that hold the yoke in the panel were a little sticky. I found that what I thought was plenty of trim on final was not enough. I was concerned about putting in too much trim and then having to go around and having too much nose up. Today I got some altitude and practiced a few simulated approaches with plenty more trim and then added full power. Obviously there was a good nose up but not near what I had expected for the amount of trim I "thought" I had. Easy to hold it down and run the trim back down for the go-around. My la
  6. Howdy all! I'm pretty new to the Mooney world. I recently bought into a '75 M20F. I have noticed that this plane is pretty heavy on the elevator. I notice it a lot during final approach and landing. I have to trim it nose up quite a bit on final to try to ease the required control pressure but I still find myself having to use both hands on the yoke to get 'er on the ground. The CFI I have been flying with has Mooney time, he also thinks it seems pretty heavy. Most other planes I have flown I could fly with two fingers and my thumb.... Except for a Bonanza B36 its heavy like this Mooney but it
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