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  1. I seem to have fixed the problem. Flew 1.4 hours today and altitude hold was perfect. I’m not sure if it was the hoses or running the servo but hopefully things remain fixed. Thanks again for all the suggestions! Peter
  2. Thanks for all the replies. The tubing to the pressure transducer was quite brittle with numerous small cracks...but, I don't think it was actually leaking. In any case the tubes are now replaced and I've exercised the pitch servo. I'm flying today and will report any results. Peter
  3. A new problem surfaced yesterday with my S-TEC 60-2 which has been super reliable for many years. I'm sure I will need to take this to a shop but I'm curious if anyone might guess what is going on? Tracking works as expected. Vertical hold seems to work fine for a few minutes but then commands a very sudden and rapid pitch down (and less frequently a sudden pitch up). Today I flew again and these failures did not happen but altitude hold was accompanied by a lot of porpoising. Thanks, Peter
  4. Maybe I'm blind but I cannot see how to delete track history. I can see how to turn it on or off but not how to delete it entirely. Thanks in advance! Peter
  5. Thanks all for the replies! I've sent a message to Trek and hopefully he might provide input. I can understand that mapMX is the desired format. What I don't understand is why aviation out from the GTN will not work at all and why it throws the "route memory full" error. It would be nice to be able to operate both pieces of equipment (Shadin + aera760) until I can get to a shop. Where I live in Australia this is a 1 hour flight each way + landing fee at Bankstown and I guarantee this will be more than 1 hour of labor! A pity because it wasn't 3 weeks ago that I did the same for my F
  6. Some progress! I switched the GTN to mapMX and set the aera to mapMX and all seems good! It sure would be nice if Garmin clarified the user manual on this point! The manual states only that mapMX is preferred. It certainly doesn't say that aviation out will not work. I find this rather strange given that the aera has a setting for aviation in. Is the implication that it will only work with Garmin navigators that only have aviation out? I tried Aviation out from my Garmin 300XL; it also would not work with the aera but works fine with my GPSmap695. I don't think the 300XL can output mapMX.
  7. Hello Browncbr1, Thanks so much for the information! Just to clarify, are you saying that Aviation out from the GTN will not work even if Aviation In is selected on the aera? or are you saying that if Aviation Out is set on the GTN then selecting mapMX on the aera will not work (which I have confirmed to be true). At the moment I have the wire from the GTN connected to the purple serial #2. I don't believe I am required to connect the orange TX2, correct? The aera indicates connected. I will try configuring the GTN to output mapMX. Thanks! Aera Wiring.pdf
  8. Hi Don, Sure I can do that, but I really prefer the actual manual. The aera actually has the user manual in pdf form on the device, but navigating to a particular page seems quite difficult. Anyway... I did my best with the bare wire kit. The GDL works fine on serial port 1. I selected "aviation in" on serial port 2 and it shows connected to my GTN... However, no flight plan is displayed on the aera 760 and I get a message "Route Memory Full." I have no clue what to do about this. The unit is brand new and has no stored plans or routes. The GPS is working and shows correct position
  9. I have a GTN650 and GDL-39 that previously were hard wired to a GPS695. The 695 stopped showing approaches reliably so I've decided to replace it with the aera 760. The instructions for the bare wire installation are not completely clear. 1. With the GPS695 I used "Aviation In" from my GTN (and 300XL). The aera recommends mapMX. Will I be able to use the same connection from the GTN that I previously used? Do I need to reconfigure the GTN to send mapMX data? 2. The GPS695 used a pass through feature where data from the GTN first went to the GDL and then to the 695. I'm pretty sure th
  10. I found a pretty nice (used) leather 3 ring (1.5") binder on ebay and had it shipped to Tucson where I will be at the end of February. Thanks all for the very helpful comments! Peter
  11. Thank you all for your responses and ideas. I will look for something when I'm next in the USA. Getting anything to fit in Australia is quite hopeless (as are shipping rates from the USA). Peter
  12. Is there a good way to replace the original POH Binder? My '78 J manual is in terrible shape having split front and back covers. And, the content is now larger than the original binder can hold. I probably could just buy a replacement binder at an office supply store but it won't have the look or feel of the original. I'm sure this must come up now and again. Thanks, Peter N201CM Start new topic rom
  13. Thanks Andy and Marauder. I will fetch the GDL from the plane and report back. Peter
  14. Yesterday I took my '78 J to an Avionics shop in Sydney, Australia with an intermittent encoder to my GTN650. On the flight to the shop my GDL-39/Garmin 695 showed traffic as it has for a few years. After 6 hours labor to replace a faulty CB and ca AU$900 poorer I flew home with the GDL not functioning at all. Not happy! The "pass through" function works as I can still display flight plans from the GTN650 on the 695. This leads me to believe that the data pin is working fine, and the 695 software indicates "connected" to the GDL-39. Traffic data is enabled on the 695. I pulled all the wiring b
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