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  1. One word comes to mind . Communism. Only the government is allowed to have such things , you deserve to be punished. We are planning on taking our young kids to Disney. And we are flying from the west coast to Florida . I refuse to give Commifornia and of my money.
  2. That is an awesome airplane. I really love the K model . I just need to get my CPA to stop telling me we will be looking for an E model. I think i need to hire about 3 more employees and get moving. This website is great for motivating me .
  3. I used the Sporty's course , and it was easy to grasp all of the concepts. The price was not to bad . My favorite part was it was all online courses on my iPad, and you can go back and use it over and over again once you buy it . I did that alot, because I had all of it done before my 3rd day in the airplane. Then I would go back and go through each part as we were doing it . I never tried any other brands to be fair so my perspective is limited.
  4. I have been very tempted to go this route and buy a fixer uper. If I had any time to devote to a project I would probably already be there. Not buying a plane because I can afford it has been tough. I will probably still end up with a project , but it will be worked on by the Avionics shop , or the paint shop. I know people who will discourage and criticize any idea you float to them . You could find the best fire sale deal in the world and they would still tell you it's no good . What makes you happy is the best way to go , even it doesn't fit someone else's mold of the proper way to get the best deal. Two thumbs up for saving another M20 .
  5. When I was at about 20 hours I went back home and trained with another CFI. Up to that point my first 20 hrs were In a piper Warrior at 2200 feet in North Dakota . I cut my teeth in the 172 back home at 4700 feet . And got about 12 hours there . Then I went back to work and started flying a 172 in North Dakota with another CFI . The first time I opened the throttle at 2200 feet the plane felt like it jumped off the ground instantly. The difference between 4700 and 2200 was huge . And the temps were similar ,these two flights were about a week apart. And as we worked our way towards winter the preformance increased substantially. It taught me alot about weather conditions and preformance.
  6. This looks amazing. Great pirep.
  7. This is an example of why I love this website and all of the awesome members. It really is a great representation of the aviation community. People willing to help ,no questions asked for people they have never met. I have learned so much since I started living here. The only down side , is now I want a K . And I used to want an E.
  8. I hate it when I drool on my screen . Thank you.
  9. Lol , no we have a rule . If you can't pay cash , you can't have it. Not much fun sometimes.
  10. If I could finance a purchase I would be very interested. Beautiful airplane, I love the colors .
  11. Just reading about the eye witnesses accounts of the latest crash . One sentence caught my attention. It mentioned smoke, loud noises and items coming out such as books and clothes. And that was before the plane hit the ground. That made me think about an explosion and items being sucked out . Just the thought of the nose being pushed over by the computer at low altitude is terrifying . I dont think the airplane should be idiot proof . I think I would have a whole new prospective if one went down in North America .
  12. Best quote of the year for sure . I will be working on building hours , waiting patiently. Thank you
  13. I have , I dream of making it to ,a Rocket level pilot. His airplane is amazing, I can read about stuff like that for hours . I am super excited about getting an E model ,and loging lots of cross country hours commuting. This summer is going to be awesome. I am also very fond of Kit Fox airplanes . I am partial to alot of things from Idaho. I cant wait to see this build progress.
  14. I watched a video where he described getting the plane finished and how salt lake center had to get used to him. He said he would call for his ifr clearance and say climbing through five thousand or whatever altitude. By the time they would respond he was way past that altitude, so they would question it . By the 3rd interaction he was telling them level at 17500 . If memory serves he said greater than 6000 feet per minute in the climb. Got to love power. The Lancair IVP turbine has to be unreal . I need to start begging for a ride from a certain MS member .lol