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  1. The Cherokee that I did my flight training in was painfully slow . I never wanted anything to do with a brand P after that 25 hour treat.
  2. Very sad to read this . Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends. This is a horrific accident , this outcome is probably a blessing considering how it could of turned out . Thank God for the witness who helped him out of the plane .
  3. That's just it , that E turns into a Forever plane after you dump 60 into the panel. My airplane addiction is terrible.
  4. Thanks for all of the information. I start adding up all of the upgrades I will want in an E , and then I look at the cost of a K . Or even the FIKI Bravo that All American has right now . I could end up with 150 K in a short body really quick . Decisions, decisions. But that is a whole other topic.
  5. The 337 is an interesting twin. It just seems like alot of 414 's and piston twins down latley. My CFI started out in a 414 at his day job. He was happy when they upgraded. He now flies a very late model king air and a CJ4 . I am always begging for rides in both of those . At least in the 337 with an engine out it would still want to go straight ahead. I really hate reading about GA fatalities.
  6. The display that Garmin had to show off the G3X touch was really cool. It is hard not wanting that panel. GFC 500 for short body planes is unavailable correct? Is there a garmin unit that is available now?
  7. Wow , I thought Garmin would be the big number . I was reading about the GFC 500 here , it sounds amazing.
  8. I have been looking at airplanes and alot of the ones I like do not have an autopilot system. I am looking for ballpark numbers for what would be available for an E . What can a guy get done with out waiting forever waiting for the Tru Track stc? Would it be better to do it with a panel all at once ? My primary mission will be commuting 450 miles on a regular basis . I know I don't want to hand fly it over and over . What would the GFC 500 cost if they get it approved for the short bodies ? S Tec options ? Thanks
  9. Very sad sad situation. The Duke video was enough to keep me from wanting a ride in a piston twin . King Air , sure. Piston twin , not so much. Be safe out there Aviators.
  10. Weather is one of my favorite parts of Aviation. It reminds me I will always be a student.
  11. Yes , bottom of footing to grade 32'' minimum. I always just go 36 '' . Slab thickness is 6'' as far as I know , but that is just because 3/4 inch pex in a 4 inch slab is to close for comfort. I will look into that . I dont even think a concrete floor would be " required" unless the airport had specific requirements. A 12 " thick floor is insane, wow. Now I am going to start calling around . Am I going about this wrong wanting a hangar before buying a plane ? The rent is outrageous where I need to be , if even available.
  12. All excellent questions. Being in the land development business I could never buy with out being involved in the construction. I have been talking with my framer about building one. In Idaho 32 inches is code . We usually like 3 ' minimum. Now you got me thinking, let me get my concrete calculator.
  13. I was just looking at a new 46×56 with a heated floor and steel sheated walls and ceiling. Same metal as the outside . Wood framed insulated walls and ceiling. Sweet lights , nice 40 foot door . 185,000 no water or sewer connections. I think the restroom is a deal breaker for me .
  14. One word comes to mind . Communism. Only the government is allowed to have such things , you deserve to be punished. We are planning on taking our young kids to Disney. And we are flying from the west coast to Florida . I refuse to give Commifornia any of my money.