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  1. Highly recommend the wrench rbridges posted. Makes it a 15-30 min job.
  2. Hmm that's probably why it's almost worn-through in a few places from rubbing. Thanks will take a look at some diagrams and get it right. I do have a seemingly rare/unpopular remote screen filter mounted on the firewall in that area. Possibly previous owner moved things around because of that. Now I gotta get to the bottom of this.
  3. I know that's the general consensus and it makes sense that students should learn on a slower/more simple platform. I choose not to listen to that advice and am glad I did. It made me take everything extremely seriously and really respect the plane. It did not hinder my training pace and my dedication and intensity to learning motivated my CFI which in turn makes me better - faster. So as long as the OP understands why his Mooney is known as a bad training platform and is the type that will "rise to the challenge" I think he will be fine. Insurance is less about luck and more about compromise. I initially was insured Liability only/State minimums @ $1700 a year as a 0 hour student pilot. Fully aware of the financial risk I was taking which made me take everything that much more seriously.
  4. Just got my Halos and gave them a go on a 3 hour flight. Besides the obvious benefit of having something ultra light weight on my head I noticed no post flight fatigue, head pressure/tension, or any signs of a headache. I need to go for a longer flight but so far I think a headset clamping my head was causing a lot of my discomfort without even realizing it. I have also read ANR technology can cause all kinds of discomfort including headaches for some people. I feel like any pilot who frequently experiences post-flight fatigue and headaches should give something like this a try.
  5. That would make them worth their weight in gold alone. I will report back as my headaches are pretty consistent right now.
  6. I've only used a set of Bose X's that my CFI lets me borrow and this is my first headset purchase. I really do not have much to compare with but was getting headaches, sweaty ears, and sunglasses were making things worse. As I need to start a headset collection for passengers I think these will stay barring some major incompatibility with my head. I will keep in mind the tips (pardon the pun) and look forward to checking these out. Thanks guys
  7. They are back in stock (yellow only). Just ordered a set based upon this thread and hope they are good. Was about to click checkout on some Zulu 3's but randomly checked on the Halos and luckily stars aligned.
  8. Same thing happened to me from Lasar and flap pump rebuild kit. I will from now on use the parts manual and order exactly the things needed. I had to combine two rebuild kits (flap pump and brake cylinder) to just get my flap pump back together with only the essential o-rings replaced. I will end up doing it again as I know I did not replace all that is needed.
  9. Also for others trying to diagnose their issues. My MAP gauge stopped working and froze in position mid flight. The small 1/8 line was loose in the fitting due to the flare breaking and it caused movement in the line. That movement chaffed until it caused a leak.
  10. This is an old thread but came across it searching about a pinhole in the MAP line I found trying to diagnose a MAP gauge not working. Sounds like it's a weep hole as described here. Here is a pic of it on my 62 C
  11. 1 of many from when I was competing. Power to weight of around 17:1.
  12. I use corrosionx to waterproof high performance quadcopters that can see 200amp/3000+ watts. I literally submerge the electrical components in corrosionx. Silicone conformal coating is also amazing for that purpose.
  13. ...and another one yesterday at Henderson Nevada.
  14. Forgive my rookie-ness, but has anyone tried using a cell booster with (most importantly) a directional antenna such as a Yagi angled toward the ground? I just recently moved to a rural area and I am getting amazing results with a similar booster setup for my house. Between the low power requirements, light weight, and clear LOS of being in an aircraft I cannot see why it would not solve cellphone issues even at high altitudes.