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  1. How many gallons per mile does an AN-2 get?
  2. Well you obviously haven’t met my wife!
  3. Turbine flow meters are generally recommended to have 10 - 25 pipe diameters (depending on the type of flow disturbing fitting, 90deg elbow, t-fitting) of a straight length of pipe upstream and 5 pipe diameters downstream to smooth flow.
  4. Silence. After attempting to explain the realities of weather forecasting the first half dozen times, I’ve “thrown in the towel”. She also believes that “future radar” setting in the Storm app.
  5. I tell my wife that, looking at the long range forecast there’s likely going to be rain next weekend when we have a trip planned and she will ask “what time”.
  6. If I remember correctly, it was going to cost about $7000 to reseal both of the tanks on my 65C when I checked with Paul Beck in Wilmer, MN about a year ago, just before I purchased my plane. Although that would not have included the cost to move the plane, sales tax, etc.
  7. Yesterday’s weather was 35F with winds at the ground <5kt. They were almost 25kt at 5000’ but smooth! It gave me a chance to play with the new Avidyne as well. Really like the IFD100 app running on the iPad mini.
  8. With a Capital “U”! What’s with that dorsal fin?
  9. I too installed this one on the O-360 in my ‘65 C. Only challenge was getting a wrench on the nut that goes on the stud. A&P bent and ground a small wrench to make it fit. Do you really have an IO360 in your C?
  10. I have a ‘65C (N5901Q) and just flew today. It was about 20F outside but toasty warm inside. I had to check with my passenger to make sure he wasn’t too warm. I had the vent control about 1/2 open and the heat control about 1/3 open. Are you getting good airflow from your ventilation outlets in flight?
  11. Me too. When I bought my plane I was having trouble with the uplock. I lubricated the J-bar and haven’t had a problem since.
  12. I got back into flying about 4 years ago after a 16 year hiatus. I had sold my ‘53 Bonanza in 1998. Now, my oldest was out of college and wanted to learn how to fly. We started by joining a local flying club. After 2 years, I bought a Cessna 140 to fly for fun and to have my son and I get our tail wheel endorsements. When the opportunity to purchase a really nice C Mooney popped up about a year ago, I jumped at the chance. I have since sold the 140 and now my son has a great economical plane to get his Commercial rating and build time in. The C is a great 2 person airplane and moves along nicely for the horsepower. It’s faster than my former 225hp Bonanza was. I did not find it any more challenging to fly, just somewhat different. The best advice that I can pass on from lurking here on Mooneyspace for the past year is to take your time before buying any plane. There is a definite learning curve when it comes to Mooneys versus other planes and you can make a big mi$take if you don’t know what to look for. I love mine and it will be my forever plane. Good luck.
  13. Congratulations Parker and Hope. Pleased to do business with you.
  14. The Uavionix Tailbeacon STC Installation manual does say that you need to comply with AC43-13.2B and refer to the Mfg. Service manual if installing on a moving control surface. I would definitely balance the rudder if I installed a Tailbeacon in it.
  15. My SOP GUMPS check always includes grabbing the J-bar and pulling to verify that the down-lock pin has engaged so I don’t have an inadvertent retraction after landing. My plane has a newer Lasar downlock that was installed a while ago after a gear problem/prop strike in 2001.