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  1. MinneMooney

    Update Nav. Data GNS430W

    I guess didn’t say that very well. What I meant was that you can write either Jeppesen’s or Garmin’s data to the same card.
  2. MinneMooney

    Update Nav. Data GNS430W

    Well, of course I just had to buy the Jeppesen card reader from them or I would have offered to buy yours. I’ve seen several for sale on eBay. From what I’ve read, the cards are not Jeppesen/Garmin specific but the readers are. I also think that you can download the Jeppesen updates at home and then take it to your airplane (without an internet connection) and (using your laptop) write the downloaded data to your card. So that might be convenient for planes with multiple pilots. I don’t think you can do that with Garmin. You need to download and update the card in a single operation. I would have opted for Garmin if I could have just to get the full US for less $. However, I will likely be calling Chase for an IFD440 one of these days and Jeppesen is the only option for those. At least Avidyne uses ordinary SD cards.
  3. MinneMooney

    Update Nav. Data GNS430W

    I use FltPlan Go on my iPad for enroute charts and procedures. It’s free (for now). Garmin recently acquired them.
  4. MinneMooney

    Update Nav. Data GNS430W

    Since you have the Garmin 430W, you have the choice of getting your nav data subscription from either Jeppesen or Garmin. Garmin is currently $299/yr for the entire USA (lower 48 I think) while Jeppesen charges $410/yr. Jeppesen also offers Eastern USA or Western USA nav data for $340/yr. I have a Garmin 430 non-waas and Jeppesen is my only option for nav data. Each provider requires the use of their own proprietary card readers to update the cards. I’m in the annoying position of having to get my nav data from Jeppesen but my obstruction data from Garmin.
  5. MinneMooney

    Fluorosilicone Fuel Cap O-ring Kits

    Just placed my order for 2 of the Shaw 431 kits. Thank you.
  6. MinneMooney

    O rings for Scott 4200 parking brake valve

    I just took this picture of the back side of my parking brake valve and (although it’s blurry), now I’m wondering if I have a Scott 4500? Or Mfg. XYZ 4500? Every picture of a Scott 4500 I have seen look like they were machined from aluminum flat stock. Mine obviously started from a casting.
  7. MinneMooney

    O rings for Scott 4200 parking brake valve

    I just found this image of a Scott 4200. Looks like this might be it. If so, the identifying markings would be on the back side.
  8. MinneMooney

    My new 1965 Mooney M20C

    Agreed. The first thing I did was make new keys and put the originals in a safe spot. I wondered how many people still have them?
  9. MinneMooney


    You know, back in the good old days of teletype machines or dial-up modems to deliver information, I could understand the need to abbreviate everything. Now days, however, it makes no sense! Why aren’t notams (or for that matter METARs, TAF’s, etc.) written out in complete sentences?
  10. MinneMooney

    Teflon flaps indicator

    HDPE typically heat welded. You will not be able to solvent bond, in fact, I don’t know of any adhesives that will bond HDPE, it’s too flexible. Normally you only want to solvent bond when joining 2 pieces of the same material. Lexan and Plexiglass can be solvent welded.
  11. MinneMooney

    Landing gear problem

    No sign of dirt or any foreign objects. I believe my plane must have had a gear collapse incident in 2001. The downlock block, the Johnson bar, and the handle were all replaced with new or refurb ones from Lasar. Also, the nosegear truss was overhauled/repaired by Lasar. So, all of those items look pretty new. I did spray some Tri-Flow into said “hole”.
  12. FWIW, EPA air permitting can be a very lengthy and expensive process. If the previous permit lapsed during the plant shutdown, the whole process may have had to be repeated. You may NOT begin a process that requires permitting until you have the permit in hand. It may have been a factor in outsourcing the painting. I’m so glad I retired!
  13. MinneMooney

    Attitude Indicator

  14. MinneMooney

    Sticky Blue Goop

    I would recommend using mineral spirits versus 100LL. It is much safer to work with from a flammability and skin exposure standpoint. It should do an equally good job of dissolving tar-like deposits, but it will still take some elbow grease.
  15. MinneMooney

    My new 1965 Mooney M20C

    Looks like N7123U is still registered in North Carolina.