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  1. Just a guess, but are there are any engine or airframe components made of magnesium? If so, once ignited, very difficult to extinguish.
  2. Seeing this aircraft inverted and on fire, it is truly amazing that this hero was even able to get to the pilot to save him! Last summer we had a T28 crash land at ANE just short of runway 18. 2 people driving by witnessed the crash, stopped their vehicles, jumped a 7’ chain link fence and ran about 100 yards to pull that pilot (who was on fire) to safety and put out his burning flight suit. It renews your faith in humanity!
  3. Urea solid, yes, but a solution does have an ammonia odor, just take a look at any DEF msds.
  4. DEF is a solution of urea and water. It does have an ammonia odor.
  5. Once the blue dye has had a chance to penetrate into the coating, you will never be able to remove it with solvent unless you actually dissolve the coating. The best way to control how much coating you want to remove is to use rubbing compound. You can rub a bit, clean and inspect the area and repeat until all of the stain is gone or you notice the paint getting thin.
  6. Well, a polished aluminum Mooney would look awesome!
  7. I have used a bit of polishing or rubbing compound on a rag.
  8. FYI, not sure how you are calculating your weight and balance, but I was constantly running into being to nose heavy in my ‘65C even though I am 6’5” and 180#. I even bought a 50# bag of sand to put in the baggage compartment to help. I use FltPln Go and discovered that the arm it uses for the front seats defaults to 36.5”. I found that most (if not all) of my front seat passengers and I have the seat 1 or 2 holes from the rearmost setting. So, I changed my default arm to a more “real world” 41.5” and viola, no more problems! I can go full fuel, put myself and a 275# passenger up front and a 150# passenger in the back and be within the envelope.
  9. This is what was on my plane when I bought it. Barely noticeable.
  10. The MEK substitute is 100% Ethyl Acetate and the primary ingredient (60-80%) in the 3M product is Methyl Acetate. If the 3M product does do the job, then the MEK substitute should work too, since methyl and ethyl acetate have similar solvent properties. Be careful to eliminate any sources of combustion and use good ventilation since these are both highly flammable. I would pick the cheapest one. For that matter, straight MEK should work too and is typically an even stronger solvent than either of the 2 acetates. It’s just not as friendly from an EHS perspective.
  11. Sounds like there will be a new Avidyne promotion next month that will include the NGT-9000R. I am going wait for it at this point. I guess the remote transponder has not been an option before now because there hadn’t been a way to control it until this latest software update.
  12. So, Paul, the IFD-540 can control the remote version of the NGT-9000?
  13. I do have a GTX-327. That’s why I hesitate to spend a lot to replace it just to get ads-b out without “in”. I wish Avidyne offered a remote ads-b out + in that could display traffic and weather on the IFD-540. I know there is a package deal for the Avidyne + Lynx NGT-9000 but I’m just not sold on the Lynx. Just having ads-b out doesn’t float my boat (or fly my flivver??). I really like seeing traffic on ads-b in and think it would be really helpful to also see it on the Avidyne.
  14. I do want to upgrade to a waas gps to be able to fly LPV approaches. My 27 year old son and I both have our instrument ratings and he is working on his commercial. He is thinking of pursuing a career in flying and I wanted the Mooney to give him a platform to economically build time. So, I’d like it to be capable, but I don’t want to spend a ton to get there. Also, I have to believe that a non-waas Garmin 430 will never be worth more on a trade in than they are right now.
  15. Just trying to connect the dots what from what I had read here on Mooneyspace.