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  1. Splitting a 1.5” X 3’ PVC pipe works perfectly. I can insert it far enough to be completely under the filter to catch the stream of oil once I loosen it a few turns. It angles down at a reasonable angle to convey the old oil at a decent speed. I loosen the filter and let it drain overnight. Come back the next day and remove the old filter without spilling a drop. Anything larger would not fit into the tight space behind the engine.
  2. I too switched my aircraft and now my hangar insurance to Parker. He has been great to work with!
  3. Deb, did you stay in town while the annual was happening? I live less than 100 miles away but can’t imagine commuting back and forth daily. My A&P is right on my home field and let me do almost all of the grunt work. He does have experience maintaining Mooney’s, but I wouldn’t mind having a new set of experienced eyes taking a look.
  4. Actually, the OSHA PEL for CO is 50 ppm for 8 hr time weighted average. However, the ACGIH TWA is 25 ppm TWA, so I would consider 80 ppm a problem that needs correcting ASAP. I would not be surprised if 80 ppm exposure for an hour or so would cause a bad headache.
  5. Yes it is. I’m a member of EAA Chapter 237. Our chapter has gone on lots of work parties to Oshkosh over the past few years primarily to help restore the B25 Berline Express. I’ve been lucky enough to work on/in the B17 and the B25. Last year 3 of us masked off most of the B17 so they could repaint some of the silver on the top of the wings and the nacelles. What a job!
  6. Hey Bob, I wondered if you were talking to me. I will give you a call sometime anyways. I’ve only had mine for a year and have an A&P/IA That lets me do most of the work. thanks
  7. That paint scheme looks familiar! Love it. Your tail number is 103 before my ‘65C. Enjoy!
  8. How many gallons per mile does an AN-2 get?
  9. Well you obviously haven’t met my wife!
  10. Turbine flow meters are generally recommended to have 10 - 25 pipe diameters (depending on the type of flow disturbing fitting, 90deg elbow, t-fitting) of a straight length of pipe upstream and 5 pipe diameters downstream to smooth flow.
  11. Silence. After attempting to explain the realities of weather forecasting the first half dozen times, I’ve “thrown in the towel”. She also believes that “future radar” setting in the Storm app.
  12. I tell my wife that, looking at the long range forecast there’s likely going to be rain next weekend when we have a trip planned and she will ask “what time”.
  13. If I remember correctly, it was going to cost about $7000 to reseal both of the tanks on my 65C when I checked with Paul Beck in Wilmer, MN about a year ago, just before I purchased my plane. Although that would not have included the cost to move the plane, sales tax, etc.
  14. Yesterday’s weather was 35F with winds at the ground <5kt. They were almost 25kt at 5000’ but smooth! It gave me a chance to play with the new Avidyne as well. Really like the IFD100 app running on the iPad mini.
  15. With a Capital “U”! What’s with that dorsal fin?
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