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  1. Guys, Thank you so much! Sounds like the consensus is that it is connected to the leg time for the ADF. I am not sure I would have ever figured it out myself. Thanks for the help! I will be flying tomorrow so I will check it out with the Flight Time function. Cheers, Todd
  2. Hi fellow aviators. I need some help. What is/was the function of this red button seen just above the airspeed indicator in my 1980 M20J. Can't find anything in the POH or the maintenance manual so I assume that it served an aftermarket purpose. The placard next to it says F/T . It does not appear to have ever had a fuel flow meter or totalizer. Thanks, Todd
  3. GeeBee, Great to say a former pro in the forum. I am also a new owner having purchased a 1980 Mooney M20J a couple of months ago. I retired from the airlines off a B767 after 26 years of professional flying and went 7 years without climbing in a cockpit. My wife and I started a new business and that took all our time for a while. Now I am having the time of my life. When our business does much better I will enjoy an Ovation but for now the J-model is pretty awesome. I was also helped by this group as they recommended Phil Jimenez in Avon Park, FL to do my pre-buy and annual. That was a great recommendation which I greatly appreciate.
  4. Thank Guys, You have been a huge help. I think I have two great options. Todd
  5. Hi Guys, I am ready to buy my first Mooney after 37 years in aviation. Could anybody recommend a good mechanic, or facility for a pre-purchase, on a M20J in the West Palm Beach area of Florida? Thanks is advance folks. Todd