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  1. Lynn, Nathan, and Tamara at AGL in Morganton. Great Mooney shop and they do all my work.
  2. Thanks Niko! This is great information and can help me plot my path for this install and future upgrades.
  3. The unit has power but will not engage or test. Where would I start on the troubleshooting? Thanks!
  4. I have been a member here and a 1980 J owner for a year now. I have always gotten great advice and insight from this group. Here is my problem. My J has an old (39 years old) single axis Century autopilot that has been to the shop three times in the last three years and once again it is inoperative. I see no reason to send it back for repairs anymore due to its limited capacity and suspect reliability. I have priced from my local Garmin shop here in NC, and from Gulfcoast an upgrade to a GFC 500 two-axis a/p and two G5’s to replace the old vacuum powered DG and ADI. Both of these instruments are old and in need of replacement as well if I do a modern A/P upgrade. That is my opinion based on flying them for the past year. The problem is the cost. I know many of you experience the same challenge. The two quotes for the dual G5’s and GFC 500 installed are $32k and $35k each. There is no way I can swing that without winning the lottery. I think I might be able to invest around $15k-19k if I am lucky. Does anybody have any suggestions on possible options? I guess I could wait two to three years and hope to save the money but I would like to start taking some longer trips with my wife soon. I would like a reliable two axis autopilot that would have GPSS. I like my J model and it only has 200 hours on the engine so I would like to keep her and upgrade what I have but it must be affordable. I currently have a new GNX-375 added in December and a GMA 345 added at the same time, otherwise everything else is original. Any thoughts? Should I just shut up and hand fly for the rest of my life and be grateful I am lucky enough to to own such a great plane to begin with or are there other options I have not thought of. Thanks! Todd
  5. Guys, Thank you so much! Sounds like the consensus is that it is connected to the leg time for the ADF. I am not sure I would have ever figured it out myself. Thanks for the help! I will be flying tomorrow so I will check it out with the Flight Time function. Cheers, Todd
  6. Hi fellow aviators. I need some help. What is/was the function of this red button seen just above the airspeed indicator in my 1980 M20J. Can't find anything in the POH or the maintenance manual so I assume that it served an aftermarket purpose. The placard next to it says F/T . It does not appear to have ever had a fuel flow meter or totalizer. Thanks, Todd
  7. GeeBee, Great to say a former pro in the forum. I am also a new owner having purchased a 1980 Mooney M20J a couple of months ago. I retired from the airlines off a B767 after 26 years of professional flying and went 7 years without climbing in a cockpit. My wife and I started a new business and that took all our time for a while. Now I am having the time of my life. When our business does much better I will enjoy an Ovation but for now the J-model is pretty awesome. I was also helped by this group as they recommended Phil Jimenez in Avon Park, FL to do my pre-buy and annual. That was a great recommendation which I greatly appreciate.
  8. Thank Guys, You have been a huge help. I think I have two great options. Todd
  9. Hi Guys, I am ready to buy my first Mooney after 37 years in aviation. Could anybody recommend a good mechanic, or facility for a pre-purchase, on a M20J in the West Palm Beach area of Florida? Thanks is advance folks. Todd
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