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  1. I spotted this beauty parked at million air FBO today. The photo doesn't do it justice, gorgeous! If the owners is on here my apologies for the drool I may have left on your wing.
  2. @N201MKTurbo looks like we are neighbors! I sent a message with my contact info. @JRam I need to do more research on the K as turbo was not a requirement on my list. thanks!
  3. It was 1991 when my flight instructor looked up at the airplane coming in for landing and said, that’s a Mooney, those are a really nice, clean birds. The seed was planted… I have just come back from 17 years off from flying. Medical, flight review, and now working on instrument. I plan to wrap up instrument rating early next year, get out of Phoenix for a good chunk of the summer, then maybe be ready to purchase a Mooney next fall. Most likely M20C but occasionally I start looking at E, F, J, then Ovation… it is a slippery slope. Probably a C. To that end, I would love to see some different models. Let me know if you can sympathize with my addiction and have time to show me yours. I am in Tempe, AZ. Thanks!
  4. Thanks @carusoam! 1340 hours on a 28 year old engine... I wonder if a borescope would give you good internal spalling or are there more pressing concerns.
  5. I was out there looking at an M20C they have for sale and looked the Brovo over. It is a very sharp plane! Come on out to AZ the weather is good! Let me know if I can help.