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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Regarding the premature OH on Continentals.... For background I have owned a NA 210, Turbo 210 and P210, a Cessna 414 and now a 421B. All Continentals, all operated LOP with good engine monitoring. (I have been operating LOP for 15 years) and have done the APS course many moons ago..... Bottom line: The Continentals seem to always need cylinder work. My lowly C Model's Lycoming on the other hand just keeps chugging along.... I think the IO550 might be an exception but even on them I have seen Ovations advertised with a top OH midlife. Hilgard
  2. In my search for an Ovation I have started expanding my search to include the "fire breathing dragons" as well. I would think it is fair to say that at OH the turbo will generally cost double to replace compared to NA. However many references are made to the "Super Expensive Lycoming" engine on the Bravo, but the cost for a factory reman on the Bravo is less than the TSIO-550 according to Airpower's website. Ovation Factory reman IO 550 $48000 Likely to make TBO. Bravo Factory reman TIO540 $68000 Likely to make TBO but might need Turbo and exhaust work midlife Acclaim F
  3. Thanks for all the replies. This underscores the advantage of non-G1000 Mooneys that can be upgraded to the same capacity as a NXi without the ha$$le. I would really like Flightstream and a Flightpathmarker, only available with NXi.
  4. According to this article the cost is around $29K US. However I have heard some say its much more, anybody have any actual quotes? I am considering an Acclaim with a G1000 and GFC700 Thanks Hilgard
  5. According to this thread looks like it's about 80lbs.... Answered my own question, Just had to polish my search skills
  6. 2 questions for the group as I continue searching for an Ovation. Generally what is the weight penalty for factory air? Secondly on the Non-FIKI Ovations is there still a spray-bar for the Window? (I have read here that non-FIKI's don't have the back up alternator and pump/s, however I have seen conflicting info about the windshield spray-bar.) Thanks
  7. Interesting, hope it works out for the potential new owner.
  8. I agree with the above, I spoke with the broker as well on Monday, he did explain some of the background and the low use and I do not think he was trying to hide anything. I still think this might end up a good buy, as long as you fully know what you are getting into and budget or get a reduction for an engine OH. However I am going to pass on this one. As Steve said there is better Ovations out there. A very funny part of the psychology of airplane purchase (and I include myself in this) is how we end up looking for "a deal" and can haggle over the price. Only to end up spendin
  9. From the looks of it, not sure the seller has heard of this "internet thing"
  10. V1VRV2 When did you buy yours?
  11. There is also this non FIKI model, Don Maxwell maintained. Fresh field Overhaul, early accident history but was repaired by the factory.
  12. Thanks Steve, that is very helpful. 17 hours in 8 years is a HUGE problem, I agree that engine is run-out...
  13. I will need to overhaul the prop to get it into Canada (10 year mandatory overhaul for us). Not sure what TopProp is will read up on it, is that a different prop? My limited understanding is that the 310hp STC needs a STC, governor adjustment to 2700 rpm and ?compatible prop, this one has the McCauley 2A34C241.
  14. Whilst looking at the Ovation in Canada, this FIKI model was listed yesterday. My thoughts: Looking at the logs, it has not flown in ?3 years, last annual seems 2017 low total time which is a bit of a negative. So it will need a pre-purchase/annual done with a microscope by an expert shop. Thanks for the AGL recommendation I will phone them tomorrow. The current owner is a A&P and did the maintenance... Non WAAS GPS, not the biggest deal as I would likely get a 750txi installed. ?$15K after 530 rebate. ADSB required. ?$7k if the 430 is replaced with a GNX 375. 280h
  15. Thanks guys, that was lightning fast!!! This site is a tremendous resource.
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