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  1. Thank you. It certainly has all the best glass avionics. Gonna do a few things as per Mr. Elliott's suggestions. Yes Florida is nice & all but home is up in NH. The old folks here don't even use the air conditioning & that's a no go for a Northerner like me.
  2. From other threads here consensus see.s to be a Phoenix seeing how often Mooney has returned from the
  3. Currently in Fort Pierce but on the road to Islamorada by Wednesday.
  4. Hello all, Alex here with the latest happenings. So I'm in Florida & completed training with Mike Elliott. A truly great experience with a top notch instructor & very fine human being. I can not say enough good things about Mike & his style of instructing. His schedule is quite busy but well worth the wait. We spent 3 days transitioning into the plane about 13-15 hours plus 20 plus t/o & landings. I as a low time pilot gained valuable skills/knowledge from Mike. A heart felt thank you Sir. Currently the plane is in the talented hands of Phil J at PJ Aviation for a good once over & fix minor squawks discovered. I've been in Florida since 29th of Jan. & since the NH weather is arctic like will hang here till March being I'm newly retired! Awesome feeling I might add. I'd also like to say thanks to all on MooneySpace that advised me to seek out Mike & Phil. Here some pics of the last few weeks. 20190205_091616.mp4
  5. Ah yes, a fellow Porschephile & Mooney Pilot. Looks to be I am in very good company. I have RUF wheels on mine now also. Check Pelican for updates on Turbopalooza. Cheers.
  6. Hello & Happy 2019 to all. Another update, training with Mike Elliot beginning of Feb. Heading down 29 Jan & will be sitting in the plane with an aux power unit to familiarize myself with every aspect of the aircraft. To say I am excited would be an understatement. Thanks for the kind words Carusoam. Yes it is an interesting story, mostly due to hard work, living within my means when I was younger, starting a 401K in my 20's (Thanks Dad) for the advice. Not getting married or more importantly divorced etc. Cheers.
  7. Quick update all. I am OFFICIALLY the new owner of N201DY. It is a dream come true for me. Next step is 39 days till I retire on my 55 Birthday. Then spend a whole bunch of time flying this pretty bird & learning from the best. Found a hanger at 5M3 about 5 miles from the new retirement compound so when I am ready I will do a great cross country south to north.
  8. Thank you Mike. Excited for all the new things to come.
  9. The plane sold for 120K. In my opinion a fair price. The owner is taking a beating as his investment in that ac topped 250K. I see your title GSXR refers to a certain Suzuki race machine. I have some experience in that world.
  10. Hello all. A little update on this post. Looks like I will be closing this Monday on N201DY. You will have seen this ac in the classifieds & I am fortunate to be the new owner. The deal was arduous at best & mentally exhausting for reasons that I may explain another day. The great news is I will be handing it over to Phil Jimenez for a thorough shakedown & annual. Also I have talked with Mike Elliot for transition training. I wish to thank all that have assisted with advice regarding my questions. I am very happy & look forward to becoming a part of the Mooney community. Cheers & best to all. Here are some pics.
  11. I will keep this thread going with the transition.
  12. I will defiantly be doing 5-10 hours of transition training. My plan is to do that in sunny Fla. then cross country it to N.H. If anyone can recommend a top guy please do.
  13. Just a quick update regarding my prospective purchase. I have been in contact with Phil Jimenez & he will be doing my PPI essentially an annual for me. As the deal goes on I will be posting pics of the aircraft. Thank you all again.